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My Aunt Watches Me

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I have been a life long masturbator. I love doing it to hot fantasies and I love to be watched. I've also had the hots for my aunt since I was a little kid. She is gorgeous and we have always had a wonderfully warm relationship.

One day about four years ago she and I were talking and the topic of sex came up. I am divorced and I stay so busy with my job I don't have lots of time for dating, although I do date. Anyway, being so open with her I just came out and told her I stayed fairly horny. She asked me what I did about it and I smiled and said 'what do you think?' She smiled and said she understood because she herself enjoyed it when her husband was away on business. Hearing this I felt a twitch in my pants as I started getting hard. I'm sure I was blushing too.

I can't express enough how comfortable I am around her. So much so, that I just came out and asked her if I could do it right then and there! She asked me if that would make me feel good and I replied that it would make me feel very good indeed! She gave me some dribble about it not really being right, but I could see the interest in her face. By now I was raging hard. I laid my hand on my bulge and just said 'please?'

I didn't even ask her again or wait for a reply. I sat down on the couch and slid out of my pants and underwear. I was so extremely hard. Seeing her look at my dick even made it harder! I took my hand and caressed my dick and stared jacking myself while she watched. She didn't say a word. She just sat down in a chair in front of me with her eyes glued to my dick.

Jacking off in front of my aunt was the most thrilling thing I had ever done in my life, and I have had plenty of hot experiences. She finally said 'damn you have a nice dick!' I told her I had jacked off thinking about her since I was 13 years old and this was soemthing I had always dreamed of doing. She would ask me if it felt good and I would tell her how good it felt. Then she asked me what I was thinking about while I was doing it. I told her I was imaginging her sitting in front of me naked and I was imagining what her body looked like.

At that, she asked me, 'would you like to see it?' I leapt at the chance and said 'YES!' I was about 38 and she was about 53 at that time. Nevertheless, when she stood and undressed I almost came on myself. Her breasts were full but not baggy. Her nipples were luscious lickable suckable disks about two inches in diameter with perky tips. Her pussy had a thick mat of curly dark hair surrounding her glimmering lips. Yes! She was already wet from watching me!

She sat back down and she had her legs somewhat close together. I guess she was compromising. She was naked only not getting overly graphic in her position. Pre-cum was drooling down my dick like a water faucet on a slow drip. I said ... 'Karen (not her real name of course) for Pete's sake, let me see your pussy!' She sighed and hesitated then opened her legs up fairly wide. I was looking at her lips and exposed clit. I asked her what SHE was thinking as she sat there naked watching me stroke my dick. She said 'well, truthfully, it is really turning me on!' I had to beg again ... I said 'Karen, please touch yourself ... make yourself cum with me.' That was all it took. She leaned back in the chair and raised her legs back and started rubbing her clit in circles, and over and over it, then she fingered herself a while, then she went back to rubbing her clit.

Readers ... this was the ultimate thrill of my lifetime. I was talking dirty to her telling her how badly I wanted to fuck her pussy and she would then say 'yeah, oh yeah, I'd love you to fuck me hard!' The only thing was we both really knew we weren't going to do that. It was just nasty talk to heighten the experience of the moment. I said 'Oh fuck ... I'm gonna cum ...' and she said 'cum on me ...' so I quickly got up and took a few steps to her chair and I started shooting ropes of cum onto her stomach and tits. It was almost the necessary catalyst she needed. At that she started cumming. She lurched and tightened everywhere, and quivered and moaned as she came. When she finished I leaned over and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked it as she put a hand behind my head and held me to her breast.

After some talk we dressed and I told her what had just happened was the MOST EXCITING thing that had ever happened in my life, and that I loved her dearly. She told me she loved me too.

Over the past four years or so we did it again but maybe only three times. I know she feels it isn't right and we may have done it the last time about nine months ago. I really hope not.

I love this site and I felt I had to share this personal account with all of you.



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