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My Affair

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I have done something that is both awful and wonderful at the same time.


My husband has always had a thing about me being laid by another man. But I know this is only because he wants some justification for the MANY affairs and one-night stands he has had since we married. I had no intention of playing along, particularly as he would then use it to condone his behaviour. It has been a very long time since my husband even bothered to try to turn me on. At best I get a couple of kisses with his fingers inside me and then the main event which is over way before I even got out of the starting blocks. So masturbation is the only way I can get myself off.

So it came as a surprise to find that when I was jilling off I was thinking more and more about a man I work with. Chris is older than me by eight years, and, well, the more I jilled the more I wondered if it would be so terribly wrong to actually do something about it.

One afternoon, I invited him round for coffee.. (yeah, I know,..lame excuse) I had fully intended to make it plain that if he was interested I would fuck him there and then. We had our coffee and I manipulated the conversation onto sex. At first, I thought he wasn't going to bite but then he said 'You know, Karen, I would love to sit here and watch you jill off into your knickers.' Well, just hearing him say that made me flood myself. I have never let anyone see me jill off and the thought of just letting him was really horny.

I lay back in my chair and let my legs open. It felt so safe and natural that before long one hand was in my knickers and the other in my bra. He just sat there and watched. I had two fingers buried deep inside my pussy with the heel of my hand pressing my clit and with the other I was pinching my nipple really hard and twisting it. Almost like a hurricane I suddenly felt the build up start and managed to gasp 'I'm gonna cum' just before I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life. I came long and I came hard.

When, eventually, I pulled myself together, my fingers and knickers were literally soaked. I looked over at Chris. 'Er... what now?' I asked. hoping that he would fuck me there and then. 'For this time, give me your knickers' was all he said. I peeled them off me and flicked them at him. He caught them and held them to his face. 'How do they smell?' I asked. He smiled at me and said 'Well, if you really want to know, I can smell your cunt, your love juices and a faint hint of pee.' He didn't say any more, he just got his cock out and I got to sit and watch him jack off.

When I saw he was getting really close I said 'Do it into my knickers. Cum where my cunt has been.' He speeded up a little and then looked at me. 'Karen, next time I am going to fuck you, but I will want to watch you pee in your knickers for me first.' I nodded (In fact, I LOVE doing that.) He arched his back in his chair and laid my knickers under his cockhead. I then got to watch him spurt all over the crotch of my knickers. DAMN that was so fucking horny. I took them back off him and took him by the hand. I led him upstairs and slipped the knickers back on. Having his warm spunk against me was wonderful. I sat on the edge of the bath and leaned right back. Then I let myself pee really slowly. I had only just started when I felt his fingers rubbing my clit through the material. It brought me off really fast. (The first cum I have had while peeing since I was 15.)

Then, quite simply, he left. I showered, jilled off again and then phoned him. We had terrific phone sex and a week afterwards, well, not for here, but you know what happened. Let's just say that while masturbation played a large part, (he made me cum no less than eight times before he fucked me) no hole was left unexplored.

So, I have had my affair. My one and only affair. It was wrong of me, because two wrongs do not make a right, but I have never felt so alive sexually.



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