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My 16th Bday Sleepover

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Ok.. recently (about 2 wks ago) I had my 16th bday party, which was a party with my friends and a sleepover after. My mom said i could only have the girls sleepover, but it was fine with me! Ok, so at the party I was having a great time... first of all, my crush (my best guy friend) asked me out and second, it was my bday so i got presents... ok on to the story..
Around 11 was when everyone who wasnt sleeping over went home.. and we got into our PJs and went down my basment. It was the usualy small talk when the subject of sex and masturbation came up.. we all went around and said that we do masturbate and how far weve gone... then my bff said why dont we play truth or dare! Thats when the fun begins...
ok the first couple of minutes were boring so i decied to spice it up when it was my turn to ask.. my friend chose dare so i said i dare u to masturbate, completing naked, for us. with sum hesitation, she did.. boy did that get me horny (i think it got everyone horny cuz i could see people slipping their fingers down their pjs... after she was done, another friend said, ok enough i am soo horny. can we jus all get naked and masturbate? as soon as she said that, we were all naked in a flash.. one by one each of us orgasmed. i was the alst to go, and when i opend my eyes, after i finished, my bff was right in front of me. she all of a sudden kissed me. boy did that feel good. our hands felt up each others bodys and found our pussies and we fingered each other while makin out. then she broke the kiss and licked her way down to my pussy where she began to touge fuck me. omg that was GREAT i was in HEAVEN! i had been eaten out by my ex b/f but a girl suckin u is soo much better! i had a giant orgasm and cumed all over her mouth. then i returned the favor. i cannot tell u how great a girls cum is! after that, everyone touged me and i did them since i was the bday girl. we continued way into the night. by 5, we were beat so we all fell asleep naked (in our sleepin bags cuz i didnt want my mom to come in to wake us and find 10 girls naked!) it was the best night. Me and my bff have masturbated 2x since that night and i think we will cont it! I'm not a lesbian cuz i love my b/f,,, but nothign beats a girl sucking u!



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