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Mutual Masturbation in the Late Teens

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Mutual Masturbation in the Late Teens
I was 18, and Sheldon was 19, when we became involved in mutual jacking. One afternoon at his home, we stripped down to show and tell. We'd previously seen each other naked in the school locker room, but this time we'd decided to experiment with masturbation.
Sheldon's cock was heavily pigmented, almost black, with a large and dark glans that seemed squarish, contrasting with my softly rounded contours. His cock was circumcised, like mine, but not tightly. He had a lot of slack bunching up in thick wrinkles behind his rim, and underneath was his intact frenulum, the center of his sensations. He showed me how he masturbated - gently and lightly stroking the frenulum under the glans, with a tissue in his other hand to blot the drops of pre-coital fluid that kept appearing at his meatus. He said that wet friction would make him come too quickly, which is why he always wiped off the drops that emerged from his slit.
Before this, I'd always masturbated to reach orgasm quickly, but Sheldon taught me that the ride can be fun too. He said he regularly took an hour or longer to get there, and I lubricated my tightly-circumcised prick and accompanied him. Sheldon told me he liked my prick, which he felt was a lot more handsome than his. Mine was the same color was the skin on my body, with a straight shaft, and a large rounded glans. My high, flaring rim was set off by my tight cut, which left me nothing behind the head except a deep groove. Another difference between his prick and mine was that my slit pouted, forming a tear-drop, with erection.
Sheldon kept stroking and wiping, touching himself lightly to avoid becoming over-stimulated. The lips of his long slit parted again and again as more clear drops squeezed out, but I did not secrete much, and was forced to use artificial lubricant. That day, I think he let me have some cooking oil.
We continued, and eventually Sheldon said he was ready to come. I saw his body tense, and his lips drew back from his teeth as he climbed to the pinnacle. He'd stopped wiping the pre-cum, and now the clear drops flowed down the groove to lubricate his frenulum as he worked himself up to the explosion. He was operating on auto-pilot now, his slippery finger stroking the tender, sensitive spot under the glans faster and faster, his breathing becoming deeper as his biological storm approached.
His legs shot straight out, and his prick erupted in white spouts as Sheldon groaned in ecstasy. His thick white jets arced over his prick and hand to land on his stomach as his hips thrust involuntarily. His eyes were tightly shut as the spasms wracked his chunky body, but eventually the squirts weakened and he became still. He opened his eyes, looking at me, as the odor of Clorox filled the space between us.
This was the first time I'd experienced spunk with such a heavy chlorine smell, and it surprised me. Mine was relatively odor-free, and I had to really inhale hard to detect any chlorine odor.
However, it was now my turn, and I was very close, after having watched Sheldon bringing his thick prick to climax. I stroked mine, twisting my fist over the slippery shaft and glans, watching the head darken and the rim swell. I tightened my crotch muscles hard, anticipating the release, building tension to make it come faster, until the tickling feeling in my glans turned into a hot tingle that shot down to the root of my cock.
I was sitting up when the spasms hit, and had prepared a towel in my lap to catch the hot white jets that burned their way up my urethra. Each jet felt like hot lava, scorching its way up my tube, as I writhed in agonized ecstasy. My cock throbbed between my trembling, encircling fingers, and I continued to stroke as I watched the jets surge out of my opening.
The jets slowed to dribbles, as the spasms weakened, and I slowly came out of it. Then I became aware that Sheldon had been filming me with his 16mm camera during my orgasm. He had told me he was a photo hobbyist, but had told me he intended to capture my climax on film. Days later, I realized he'd been truthful when he said he had aimed the camera only at my crotch, avoiding showing my face. Other times, he had me film his orgasms, and he filmed a couple more of mine, changing the camera angle, as he wanted a view from each side, and top and bottom.
I learned more from Sheldon. He introduced me to intra-crural intercourse, known popularly as the "Princeton Fuck.," slipping the prick between your partner's thighs. For this, we used condoms, but not for the reasons most people do; pregnancy or disease. Using a condom caught the sticky juice, which otherwise would have been difficult to clean out of our perineal hair. Also, we did not want hair burns, which would have occurred even with heavy lubrication. This would have been painful, even with tips desensitized by circumcision.
We tried it standing and reclining, playing both active and passive roles, always using condoms. The first time, Sheldon stood behind me, and I felt the thrust of his prick between my thighs as his arm circled my body and his fingers wrapped around my condom-wrapped cock. These sessions never lasted long, because Sheldon could not hold back with the prick inside a lubricated condom. It didn't take many thrusts for him to arrive at his orgasmic frenzy, grunting and gasping, his thighs slapping against mine as he shot jet after jet into the wet latex. Meanwhile, his hot fingers would be stroking my engorged prick, the thin latex simulating the foreskin I lacked, and bringing on my release.
His arms would tighten around me as he came, and my prick felt as if it were sticking out a mile in front of me as he brought me to climax. Each thud of my cock-root sent a burning jet up my tube, and I felt my hot juice, trapped by the rubber, swirl around my head.
Trying it the other way, I found thrusting my engorged prick between his thighs a novel sensation, and I eagerly stroked his prick in time to my thrusts so that we could share the magic moment. I felt the tingling begin in my glans, and could tell by Sheldon's heavy breathing that he was as close as I was. My prick-tip thrust against his balls as my movements became frenzied, and I felt his cock begin to throb in my hand as the sensations in my glans exploded. We both saw stars as our bodies poured forth their hot jets, and we shared the intimacy of orgasm.
I hugged him tightly as my hand worked on his prick, feeling every throb of his engorged glans as it spit its white surges. His body strained against mine as we writhed in ecstasy. My thighs slammed against his body as the joyful agony gripped me, and my glans was awash in hot spunk.
We descended off the plateau of sensation as our orgasms faded, and it was a very tender moment as we caught our breaths and came back to the real world. I held on to him, and felt his hands clasping my wrists, as our heart-beats slowed to normal. Both our pricks were very sensitive at this moment, and we had to wait just to remove the condoms and wash off the sperm. We both enjoyed the closeness, the animal contact, the oneness, and the wrold seemed like a very beautiful place for a while.



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