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Mutual Masturbation

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I'm not sure 'Techniques' is the proper place for this but here goes.

I have been wanting for awhile to get my lady to masturbate in front of me and for her to let me do it in front of her. Because I'm a basic chicken, I've never suggested it to her for fear of getting a 'NO' which would put the kibosh on it for ever and ever. She was raised in a strict environment where anything but the so-called 'missionary position' was taboo (Although, I think she has secretly masturbated as a teen. What girl hasn't?)

So, I gave it a lot of thought and came up with the following, which I'm in the process of implementing. When my lady and I are making out, me on top, she tells me 'rub me.' This means she's not getting enough stimulation with my cock in her pussy. So, I have to reach down between out bodies and tweak her clit. This means I have to raise up some to get my hand down there. So, one night, instead of me doing it, I suggested 'you do it while I raise up.' I pull out some to allow room. She reached down and starts to rub her clit. I pull out more and let her continue to rub. Then a little more until I'm totally out. By now she is getting into it and keeps rubbing herself. She goes to complete climax. There, she did it in front of me... Sort of. But I want to see it from start to finish. In front of her. My next step is to move off completely and put my hand on hers. Mind you, this is under bed covers in total darkness. I'm shooting for sitting in front of each other with the lights up.

Now, for me masturbating in front of her... When we are making out I will, on occasion crawl up and straddle her torso, laying my hard cock on her tummy. In that position I will do a little bit of rocking back and forth to let my hard cock rub her. Next I will take my cock in my hand and play with it. Not so much as to make it appear like masturbation. I hope eventually to turn the lights on and have her watch me. This all takes time. Small and easy steps.

I know the above 'games' sound a bit odd. But readers don't know my lady. She has a very strict and narrow idea about what sex should be and it's hard to get her to even consider something unconventional. Wish me luck. And if readers have suggestions please post.



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