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Mutual Love

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Longtime reader, first time contributor! I hope you enjoy it.


A few years ago, I dated a girl named Leah I met in class at college. We struck up a conversation while working on a group project in a composition class. It was the typical dialogue you'd hear between classmates: how long have you been going here, what's your major, all that. I learned that she and I were both attending school for an English degree, though she was a few years younger than I at the time; she was 18, I was 21. We hit it off really well and shared the same dark sense of humor, so I got to see her deep, green eyes and glittering smile light up with laughter. Our instructor glanced over at us with a stern look, but that only made us laugh even more. We worked together a couple more times after that, and I finally worked up the nerve to ask her out after class. My heart skipped a beat when she said yes! So we started dating.

A few weeks into the relationship, a friend of Leah invited us to go bowling on a Saturday. The bowling alley had a bunch of blacklights on that evening, making the place swell with a purple glow and illuminating the brightly colored balls and pins as they spilled down the gutters and crashed at the end of each lane. Leah wore a yellow t-shirt and white capri pants that clashed so boldly against the darkness, my eyes couldn't help but trace her slim, curving body as I sat behind her and watched her take her turn. Whenever she'd strike, she'd jump up and down and do a funny victory dance with a little shake of her hips. She was so gorgeous and sexy, I almost forgot to grab my ball and take my turn a couple times! It was a great night out, and when I took Leah back home, we were both beat from all the fun we'd had.

I felt I should take my leave then, as it was getting late, but Leah convinced me to stay a little while longer and watch some TV on the couch with her. Her folks were already in bed, so I agreed, but only for a little while because I didn't want to be rude and wake anyone. I sat down on the right side of the couch while Leah went to her room to change quickly. I thought about the night and the fun we had, as well as how sexy Leah looked. I imagined her peeling off her outfit, exposing her fair skin and curvy body, and couldn't help getting aroused. Every second she was gone felt like hours, and I smiled when she came back dressed in her favorite pink pajama bottoms and a comfortable white t-shirt. She grabbed the remote, switched on the TV, and curled up next to me, her head resting on my shoulder as I held her close. The warmth between us fought passionately against the chilly autumn evening air. We couldn't find a whole lot on TV aside from reruns of decades-old dramas and boring infomercials. Leah shut off the TV and we started talking instead. At one point I was stroking my fingers through her auburn-red hair and kissed her on top of her head. She slowly turned her head up to face me and met my lips with hers.

Tongues and skin soon joined and swapped partners afterward as I kissed my way down Leah's neck and to her shoulder. Our hands migrated from on top of each other's shirt to beneath them. The soft, supple skin of her C-cup breasts quivered beneath my palm as she exhaled a light sigh of arousal. I lifted her shirt to kiss, lick, and gently bite her small yet incredibly firm pink nipples, and the sighs turned to moans. Leah squirmed and ran her fingers through my hair as I kissed past her ribs and to her navel. Once I kissed my way back up to her neck, I let my hands explore as much as the could beneath those pink pajama pants.

Hot, shuddering breath erupted in my ear as I plunged my fingers past the waistline of Leah's pants and beneath her dampened silk panties and gently raked my hand over her soft, neatly-trimmed pussy. Her labia swelled with the moist, musky heat of pleasure as my index finger parted the lips and danced along her clit before reaching further to explore her tight, smooth vagina. I may have changed speed, pressure, the number of fingers I used, but the passion and intensity never waivered. Leah's moans grew louder, so I locked lips with her to help stifle the noise and prevent waking her family. She still breathed faster and more heavily as I stroked her until suddenly, with breath held, frozen in a climactic moment, Leah had an orgasm and gently slumped down into the couch. To this day, I still remember how beautiful and strangely radiant she looked as her body thrust and wriggled in a surrender to pleasure. The moment was so passionate that I cursed myself in my mind for not having any protection at the time as I lay next to her and kissed her forehead.

Eventually, Leah found the energy to slide up to kiss me on the lips as her hands began to trace their way to the bottom hem of my shirt and pull it off. I sat up, removed my shirt, and laid back down. Leah immediately crawled on top of me and began kissing my bare skin and licking me from navel to nipples to neck. As she kissed my chest, her hands busily unbuckled my belt and unzipped my blue jeans. I had to lift up my hips so she could pull my pants and boxers down just enough so that my throbbing, erect cock could spring free and lie on my stomach, twitching with my increasing pulse and aching for attention. Leah crawled back up next to me and began to kiss me as the soft skin of her hand teased my scrotum and stroked my penis deftly. Lustful electricity surged from my groin through the rest of my body with every stroke, causing my nipples to harden and my hair to stand on end. I groaned ecstatically but with muffled restraint, because I didn't want anyone or anything to ruin this moment. I reached back into Leah's pants and began to finger her again; the pleasure made her moan and stroke me even harder. Her steamy breath hit my neck and face again, and I was ready to explode. I began thrusting my hips with her every stroke and shot four hot, sticky ropes of cum on my stomach and her hand. Leah licked her fingers and continued to moan and gasp for air as I made her orgasm for a second time. When she recovered, she kissed my cheek and quietly padded her way to the bathroom to get something so we could both wipe up.

That was but the first of many times we would masturbate each other. Something about mutual masturbation was just so hot and intimate for the both of us that we kept doing it, and often. We eventually grew apart and broke up a couple years later, but I'll always remember the good times and the amazing pleasure we shared together.



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