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Murder in the Dark

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Here's something for you all to try! I just wish you better luck than I had.


Several years ago, my best friend David and I went to his friend Alexandria's house for her birthday. She had a bunch of her friends coming over. David was the only one there I knew. However, David and Alexandria both told me about one of their friends named Christina. She had a slight build, small breasts and red hair. Alexandria assured me that I would love Christina. Indeed, with a description like that, how could I not? They weren't trying to set us up or anything because Christina was married, but David had regaled me with tales of Christina letting him feel her up...

Anyway, the highlight of the party was a game called murder in the dark. Everyone had to draw a slip of paper from a hat. One slip said murderer, another said detective, and the rest said victim. After everyone had drawn, the lights would be turned out throughout the house and everyone would mingle in the dark. The victims could try to hide, if they could manage it, a task made difficult by there being a tremendous number of people in the house. The living room was so crowded it was near impossible just to take a step in any direction. Meanwhile, the murderer would take as much or as little time as they wished to select one or more victims. Then they would whisper to their victim that they were dead. The victim would then have to give the murderer time to get away before announcing to everyone that they'd been killed. The lights would then be switched back on and the detective would have to try to figure out who the murderer was without help from the dead victims.

The object of the game, of course, was to fondle and/or make out with anyone who was willing while the lights were out!

Believe it or not, the group primarily consisted of people in their twenties, and there were more couples than singles. Matters of orientation weren't of great concern as there was at least one guy who was openly gay, and Alexandria, who was bi, quite vocally announced her desire to make out with Christina at some point during the evening. More than once several people ended up on Alexandria and her husband's bed, and at least a couple of people closed themselves up in their closet...

Why am I describing all of this? Because the idea made me horny before, during and after the party. I got off more than once imagining what might happen at the party.

The party itself was nothing like I expected. For one thing, I didn't have any idea how many people would be there. I didn't realize it might be so crowded I'd be unable to leave my chair the first couple of times we played the game. And I didn't realize how my conservative nature would inhibit my actions. I'm very liberal in my thinking, yet when it came to trying to reach out and touch someone I didn't even know, regardless of the darkness masking me from my 'victim,' I couldn't do it. Not right away, at least.

I'm afraid I waited too long to make my move. A lot of people left. Then, after Christina arrived, an older man passed out in the front yard. That shook things up as the ambulance came and took him away. While that was dealt with, the rest of us sat in the living room and talked. I managed to sit near Christina where I'd have ready access to her in the dark. Indeed, she was attractive to me, and her voice...wow! However, she and her husband ended up leaving before we played another round of the game. Damn! If I was going to take the chance of fondling someone in the dark, she would have been the one, but it wasn't to be.

By the time we were ready to play again, nearly everyone had left. This was good for mobility in the house, but bad because Alexandria was the only woman left. While there was a sort of joking air about catching her, I'm not sure how serious anyone was about that. I felt awkward as well because of she and her husband being the hosts and she being David's friend and sometime lover on top of that. But, finally, I arranged to be near her as she turned the lights out and tracked her into the kitchen. There I very clumsily grabbed her right breast and gave it a squeeze...and she KILLED me for it. You just never know who might turn out to be a murderer!

Well, that's my story. I masturbated to it and variations on it many times. By the end of the evening I think I was really ready to participate along with everyone else, but by then it was too late. I was desperate to attend another party SOON where murder in the dark was to be played. I pestered David continuously about it, but there has never been another party that I know of. Since then, Alexandria has divorced her husband, flirted with David while in a relationship with someone else, become David's roommate, driven him away without losing his friendship and been remarried. She's been busy. Meanwhile, David has found himself a girlfriend, a life mate, a soul mate whom he would marry if it were financially feasible, and she has recently found a girlfriend for herself who will be moving in with them in the spring. And I'm still holding my own, a single man's answer if someone asks how his sex life is. I did have a girlfriend briefly last year, and there will be stories about that someday, but in the mean time, it doesn't look as if I'll be playing murder in the dark again anytime soon. I wish!

Thanks for reading! Please leave comments in the Specific Contributions section.

Happy jacking and jilling!

And as always, be CAREFUL!

PS: I never saw Christina again, though I masturbated over her memory many times, and I heard she was divorced and got together with someone else (guy or girl?). Is this what it's like being a swinger? I've always wondered about that crowd at Alexandria's party. While nothing really hard core happened there, that I know of, it didn't seem as if anyone would have really cared if it had or with whom.



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