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Multiple Personality Disorder a Blessing

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I have multiple personality disorder and I think you will be very interested in how it effects me in masturbation.


My name is Timothy, I'm seventeen years old, live in New York City, and have multiple personality disorder. My cock is cut, being six and a half inches when erect.

My disorder first 'appeared' as I entered puberty at the age of 10. Since then I have found myself to have three personalities. The first one I found was when I was ten. I had been hearing voices for some time, but was never really concerned. I woke up one morning in a hospital and was told by the doctor that I had multiple personality disorder. This personality named himself Zack and I've never had any interaction from him since then.

A much more familiar personality was the second one I encountered when I was 12. I was depressed and had just started masturbating. As I reached my first climax, something in my brain went off and caused me to lose control of myself. It seems that having an orgasm triggers a personality switch in my brain. This personality named himself (or is named I suppose) Tod. He took my depressed feelings and ran with them, cutting himself and going gothic for the two days he had control of me.

My parents took a while to figure out that I had switched into a different personality and were really worried. Throughout this time I witnessed everything he did, which only happens when I switch out during orgasms. Tod is gothic to this day and bisexual also. Its been somewhat weird to wake up with a man and to hear Tod screaming obscenities. It's very embarrassing.

The third personality has never taken on a name, so I've only referred to him as He or Him. He seems normal, although he is a bit mad and I sometimes wake up to find my house trashed.

So just to re-cap: I sometimes switch personalities in my sleep, or when I orgasm. I also see what happens when I switch out through orgasm. Why am I telling you this? Because it makes it very interesting for me to masturbate with my disorder.

Usually when I get out of the shower I go to my room and lock my door, ready for a good jerk session. I get out my bottle of lube (which my parents were kind enough to get me, since they found out that I switch personalities through orgasm.) and start stroking my cut dick slowly. Sometimes I get out one of the porn mags my friends have given me over the years and look at them as I jack off.

I like to edge and sometimes I can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to have an orgasm. When I do reach climax though, the real fun begins.

He or Tod will take over and I'll be shoved into the back of my own brain, still in bliss from the orgasm. If He takes over he'll usually get right back to it and Tod or I will end up back in control.

If Tod cums out I usually black out and don't know what it is he does. I've witnessed him at times and he goes on the computer and looks at gay porn sometimes, while paying just enough attention to our cock that he really enjoys it. Sometimes he will lube up his fingers and finger himself in the ass, which I've tried a few times and enjoyed.

He will get bored eventually and turn away from the computer, paying full attention to his dick. It is really amazing how he edges, almost going to climax and being able to stop himself. After doing this five or six times he usually can't stop and blows another load.

Now if I come back into reality, I have to give myself a minute to think about what has happened. Soon enough though, Tod will be in the back of my head screaming at me to keep going, so I'll start stroking, using the cum and lube. It won't be long until I cum again and the cycle continues.

Sometimes Mom or Dad will knock on the door and ask if things are alright, because this kind of thing goes on for so long!

The only problem I've ever had is that sometimes He or Tod won't bring me back in and I'm stuck observing as I call it, but that's just how life is for me.

I hope you enjoyed my story and next time you meet someone with MPD who is able to live normally (I almost had to go into an institution because Tod has tried to kill himself a few times) maybe you will remember me!



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