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Moving Out

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I was 25 when I moved out of my parents house. I had a one bedroom apartment with a galley kitchen and a big living room. My friends were all jealous since they still lived at home. About a year after I moved in Allison moved in across the hall. Allison was 33 and a real good looking women. She was very into sports and we usually ended up in one of the apartments watching the football, basketball or hockey games. Allison would get tickets to some games from work and started to take me. Even though I was younger than her she never treated me like this way.

One Saturday I was at her place and we were watching a blow out. We started talking about things and sex came up. Allison said she hasn't seen any female visitors in a while. I laughed and said the same can go for you. Allison said she has her toys and at this point doesn't need a man. I said the same and showed her my hands. This started off a discussion of how many times we do it and who we think about. I tell her sometimes if I am in a rush it will be in the shower, sometimes in front of the toilet and others in my bedroom. Allison tells me the same places and sometimes on the couch or in the kitchen. We were both getting turned on and she asked if I ever did it in front of someone. I said yes, but I didn't know the person was in the room. Allison said she never has but would like to.

I looked at Allison and she was looking at my crotch. I knew I was hard but looked down and my tent was clear as day. I said sorry and Allison asked how turned on was I. I looked at her and could see her nipples and said as hard as your nipples are. Allison asked if she could watch me masturbate. I almost lost it there. I said as long as I could watch you. She smiled and asked me to go into the bedroom. I followed her to her room and she turned and kissed me. We kissed for a few minutes and I said how I have wanted to do that for so long. Allison laughed and said her too. I stripped first and once I was naked Allison said I have a nice looking body. I am about six inches but have big balls. Allison then stripped and she had a very athletic body. Her breasts weren't big, but she had a very lean body and great legs and ass. She was totally shaved and from what I could tell was very wet. I laid on the bed and asked her to stand in front of me. I slowly started to masturbate and Allison's eyes got wide. I looked at her breasts and pussy and her curves. I told her how beautiful she looks and how I have been thinking about her while masturbating. Allison said she has been thinking of me while she plays with herself. I speed up my stroking and soon say I'm going to cum and squirt out a nice load that lands on my stomach. Allison watches and tell me how cool that was. She leaves the room and gets a damp towel and cleans me up. She handles my dick like a pro.

Allison lays down and looks at me as she starts to rub her breasts and pinch her nipples. She takes her time and slowly goes down to her pussy. She uses both index fingers and rub up and down her lips in opposite directions. She then still rubs with one finger while inserting the other inside herself. She moans and tells me how wet she is and is thinking her finger is my hard dick. I am again hard as a rock. She then switches hands and while the other slowly fucks herself she uses the other to rub her clit. She moans and says my name and how good I am fucking her. Soon both fingers are on her clit and she is rubbing faster and faster. Her hips are coming off the bed and she is throwing her head back telling me to fuck her and then she moans very loud and fuck me and stops completely. Her fingers are covered with her juices and her eyes are closed and she she whispers if I enjoyed that. I tell her I almost cummed just from watching her. I go into her bathroom and wet a towel and cum in and before I use the towel I take her hands and put both index fingers in my mouth and suck her fingers. I then dry them off and tell her how nice she tasted. I dry her off and we lay in bed and cuddle.

Allison has her head on my chest and says that was the most erotic thing she has ever done. I tell her the same and watching her was amazing and much better than porn. She laughs and says that is true. We shower together and clean up and go out to dinner.

Over the course of the next several months we are sleeping more and more at each others place. Allison decides we should move in together and we find a bigger place. We move in and have a nice big king size bed. We introduce each other to our friends and become a couple. One person asks about the age difference and Allison says she doesn't mind dating a younger man. Within two years we marry and start looking for a house. After finding a nice one we try to get pregnant and in a few months Allison is pregnant. We have boy and six months later she is pregnant again and we soon have a girl. We decide to stop and both get taken care of.

I am now almost 40 and Allison is 48 and still looks 33. Being a mom and running around has kept her young. She is a mom, wife and business manager at work. Our sex life is still the same with us having it 2 to 4 times a week. The best thing I ever did was move out of my parents house.



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