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Movie Night

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The story submitted by Mike, about sharing his room with his sister and masturbating together, reminded me of my brother and I.

One night, I came home late from being at a high school basketball game. I noticed that the TV was on in the living room. For some reason, I walked up to the window, to see who was still up watching TV. I thought it was my mom or dad, waiting up for me. But, what I saw was my older brother, with the most beautiful cock I had ever seen in his hands. He was laying back on the sofa, masturbating to some porn on the TV. At first, I thought about scaring the hell out of him, by tapping on the window. But then, I realized how turned on I was by watching him. My brother had the largest penis I have ever seen. I thought my boy friend had a large penis, but his was just long and skinny. My brothers was fat and long. I couldn't stop myself from rubbing by myself. The sight of my brother masturbating and the porn on the TV had made me so wet that my panties were soaked.

As I watch my brother continue to rub his penis, I got weaker in the knees as I came closer to an orgasm. It wasn't long before he shot his load and wow did he shoot it. It landed on his chest and neck. That was too much for me, and then I came also. Those weak knees I was telling you about, they gave way, and I rubbed up against the house, making a noise my brother heard. The TV turned off and then the outside lights came on. I waited for sometime before I came into the house, only to find my brothers bedroom door closed and the lights off.

The next night my parents had gone out with friends, so we had the house to ourselves. We were watching a hockey game, when I got the nerve to ask. So what movie were you watching last night? What movie are you talking about? You know, the one that you had on about 11pm last night. Oh, you should have seen the shades of red come to his face. You looked, like you were enjoying it and yourself. I saw what you were doing, and I am not going to tell.

He told me it was a porn movie that one of his friends gave him. Let's see it, I want to see it. So off to his room he went. When the movie started, I was like, this is it. I had seen better on the internet. But then it changed and so did I. I was getting wet, watching porn with my brother. As I looked over at my brother sitting on the other end of the couch, I could see he was enjoying the movie also. My brother caught me looking at his bulge, I was busted. All I could get out of my mouth was, wow. Like little kids, he said you show me yours and I will show you mine. I only had a pair of shorts and a tee shirt on and no underwear, since I had just got out of the shower. I stood up, turned my butt towards him, pulled down my shorts and sat down. My brother said come on, I have seen that at the pool, let's see what is up front. Okay, I stood up and turned round for him to see me. I had just shaved my pussy in the shower before coming out to watch the game. It was still kind of bright pink from shaving, as I always am. That's when my brother said you are smooth down there and shiny.

Okay, its your turn lets see it. He stood up and dropped his basketball shorts, it was huge. It was like two coke cans stacked end to end. It was bigger than I thought it was, looking at this through the window. The tip of his penis was bright pink, with a little bit of moisture on the end. What I didn't know was that my brother also shaves. He was as smooth as me. We looked like we did as kids, only grown up. He sat back down and stated that he was not going to let this go to waste.

He started rubbing his cock with both hands as if he was holding a baseball bat. I couldn't help but not join in. When I touched my clit it sent shock waves through me, and the juices started to flow. I was rubbing myself and sitting in a pool of wet me. As I watched the porn and my brother, I keep getting wetter and wetter. Then the orgasms started, not one, not two but three. I couldn't stop. I was so turned on. I then looked over to see my brother lift his butt off the cushion and the cum hit his chin. Oh my god, that was so hot. I could not believe what I just saw. My brother looked at me and said that was fun. That was an understatement. I had no idea this would be that much fun. I had no idea that my brother had this huge penis. I had no idea, that any man could shoot cum so far or the amount of cum, it was like a fire hose.

That was not the last time that my brother and I masturbated together. We started in High School and went through College. We never touched each other during our masturbation sessions. It was our release time together. I learned a lot about how men masturbate watching him. I have dated my share of men and have never found a man as large as he is. I did find a man that likes to watch porn and masturbate together. So life is good! And he has the perfect size penis.



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