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Movie Afternoon With My Best Friend

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I had known her for quite some time. She was my best of friends, and I had never thought of Sarah as anything more. We hung out after school and on weekends, talking about everything and anything we could think of in our imaginations. The fateful turning point came on that afternoon.

We were eighteen, and we had both skipped school from our lunch break on. We met up at a wonderful ice cream shop in our hometown. We decided to head back to my house for an afternoon movie. We weren't wild kids, we we're just kids, who enjoyed good movies.

After about a half hour over debating what to watch, we decided on a particularly cute romantic comedy (much against my wishes). We laid down parallel to one another on my queen size bed as our eyes tuned to the TV across the room. The movie didn't keep my attention long. Like I said, I wasn't much for Romantic comedies.

I kept thinking of things to ask Sarah about, bugging her over and over again throughout the first half hour of the flick. I could tell she was beginning to get annoyed. 'So, if you could be any animal what would it be?' I received no answer. 'Hello' I bugged some more.

'Michael!' She finally replied in a stern voice, 'I want to watch this movie. If you don't stop talking I'm gonna have to do something very unpleasant to you.' 'Like what?' I teased back.

'Like this!' She immediately went for the jugular, which for me meant tickling any area of the abdomen. I immediately grabbed her arms in defense, and we wrestled a bit laughing hysterically. This was not uncommon for us; we were both extremely touchy feely people. Her tickling finally succeeded, and I gave in. 'What do you want from me to get you to stop?' I begged for her mercy. 'Ummm, you have to shut up so I can watch this movie.' She replied happily. 'Is that all?' She thought for a moment.

'That and you have to give me a back massage.' She replied with the twinkle of a bright idea in her eye. 'Do I have to?' I whined. I knew quite well that one of my patented back rubs was a coveted item. At this point, it was given that I was gonna give her a back massage but, I thought I would put up a little fight anyway. 'Yes, or else I will have to tickle you!' She screeched with intensity as her fingers went back to work on my abdomen.

'Okay! Okay! You got it!' I began to instruct her to roll over on her stomach, as she always had when I gave her a back rub, but before I could get the first syllable out of my mouth, she had already assumed the position. She was wearing her white button up blouse, which had to be her favorite of shirts. It seemed like she wore it every day, hot or cold outside, or at least one like it. She must have had multiple blouses. She had on her khaki shorts, which came about a third of the way down her thighs. They were loose on her, leaving lots of breathing room between her thighs and the cloth.

I began with her feet. I think this took her by surprise, because I had never started there before. After a few jerks from tickles, she started to enjoy it. I could see a smile form, on her face, which was half smushed against the pillow, since she was lying face down. I slowly began on her legs, stroking her calf muscles, alternating between sides. I tickled her a little bit in the pit of the back of her knees. 'Quit!' She instructed sternly, with a bit of a chuckle. I went back to rubbing the back of her thighs. I was careful not to sneak up too high though. This was the girl I had grown up with you know, I didn't want anything to be weird.

I instinctively skipped to her back, I lifted up the back of her shirt, and ran one hand up her back, firmly squeezing her skin from top to bottom. I knew from previous back rubs, that this was her favorite, and I could tell she was enjoying it. I continued this manoeuver a dozen more times. 'This is why I need you to be my slave!' she joked. 'Hang on a second.' She sat up ever so slightly, and reached up the back of her shirt herself. She fidgeted around a little bit, and unbuttoned her bra. I was a little surprised, but it seemed like no big deal. 'There, that was getting on my nerves, I don't really care, do you?' she queried.

'No, no big deal.' I answered. I proceeded with my famous manoeuver, as I could see she was enjoying it. It was a lot easier with the bra out of the way. I alternated with the manoeuver, slow and that faster, but never quite too slow, or quite too fast. I went on for a few minutes, almost getting lost in it myself. Then I had a strange idea. It was like no idea I had ever had before. I found myself staring at her buttocks. They were perfect, nice and round, smooth, covered by the khaki cloth of her shorts. I had the sudden urge to rub them. I thought about it for a while.

'Nah, it would be too weird.' I told myself. But then I remembered how she had just unbuttoned her bra. It didn't bother her! We were best friends. If we could trust anyone, we could trust each other. We knew each others deepest darkest secrets, what was it gonna hurt if I gave her a little butt massage. Besides, she seemed to like it.

I went for it, I drew both hands out of her shirt and placed them square on her butt cheeks, one on each hand, and squeezed. It took her by surprise, and pushed her torso upwards off the bed a bit, revealing the surprised expression on her face. For a moment I hesitated, but I kept going, as she relaxed back down again, and her facial expression turned from surprise to satisfaction.

'That's kind of nice!' she said in surprise. 'You don't mind?' I asked curiously, 'Naw!' She exclaimed back. 'I mean, you are Michael! What do I care?' I through myself full force into her butt massage, and she seemed to enjoy it. I went back into her thigh, and then up her loose shorts a bit, to that spot where her green Victoria Secret panties began to cover her ass. You know, that very spot where the butt meets the thigh. I squeezed there a few times, and she seemed to wince a bit every time I did. I continued this for a few minutes. By now she was laying with her face flat into the pillow. I stopped for a second, and she rolled to her side.

Her face was different, her brown hair was hanging down into her face, all messed up, and, she seemed to be squinting a bit. It looked like she was in a daze. 'Will you massage me this way?' She said in a bit of a moan, as she rolled over on her back. I wasn't quite sure what exactly she was asking for, but I agreed. I just kinda started rubbing her stomach. It was an area I was familiar with, because we constantly engaged in tickle fights, sometimes more like tickle wars, and as mine was; her abdomen was the target area.

This time however I wasn't tickling, I was gentle rubbing, and massaging her tender abs, as I went back to sorta watching the movie. Her abs were rock hard, from where her physical routine was paying off. I had never really thought of Sarah in that way, but as I was laying there, I began to think of how gorgeous she actually looked in a bathing suit. It was never anything I had thought about before. I just kept massaging away, as she layed there with her head cocked back. Eyes half closed, not really paying attention to the movie, or anything for that matter.

I apparently wasn't really paying attention to much of anything either, as my hand, which had moved higher up her abs, brushed up against something soft and round. The feeling surprised me, but felt surprisingly pleasant. I had completely forgotten about her unbuttoned bra, and had accidentally brushed up against her free breast. I quickly yanked my hand away a little bit, as Sarah looked down at me with a blank look on her face, she said nothing and did nothing, and just went back having her head cocked back, with her eyes closed. I went back to rubbing her stomach. I got the urge to brush my hand up there again, partly out of curiousity of what she would say. I bit my lip and jumped right in, and pushed my hand high up her chest, stroking my fingers between her cleavage, against her breast, and then slowly to the left side, where I found her nipple. It was puffy, but as my fingers brushed against it I felt it stiffen up a bit. I looked at her, and she made no moves, just a slight moan.

I gripped her breast and massaged gently, squeezing the soft tissue ever so slightly. It felt so good. For the first time I could feel myself getting aroused. I really didn't know how to react, as my erection started to build. 'Do you mind..?' I asked nervously. 'No,' she whispered softly, she reached out her hands and began to unbutton the top of her blouse. When I saw this, I immediately started to unbutton the bottom. We met halfway, and her shirt fell open, exposing her beautiful perky breasts, about a small C cup. I sat up and began to stroke them both, one in each and as she started to tug at my shirt. 'I want to rub your stomach...' she whispered. She looked flustered, and turned on a bit. I reached my hands above my head and pulled my shirt off, and tossed it to the floor. We found ourselves topless as I stroked her breasts and she massaged my abdomen. We lay there side by side for a few moments staring at each others bare skin, when I detected some hesitation. I looked up and I saw her face staring at me.

'What are we doing?' she questioned me in a whiny kind of voice, while she continued to stroke my stomach. It was like she couldn't stop, but her mind was telling her to think first. I could not for the life of me think of an answer, so I leaned in and kissed her. It was a ridiculous kiss. It was an over kiss. We had discussed the subject of kissing many times before, but never engaging in the act. But this kiss was rough and powerful. We shoved our tongues down each others throats. In all honesty, at first, it was a bit disgusting, but we softened up a bit, and started kissing gently.

Before I knew it her hand had traveled down to the outside of my shorts, where she began to stroke my erect penis through the athletic mesh cloth. We knew each others sexual histories quite well. I had never received a hand job, although I had given a girl an orgasm. She had been 'fingered' before, but it didn't amount to anything, and she had never given a hand job. Though I had given one girl an orgasm before, neither of us had ever experienced one with another person doing the work, though on our own, we enjoyed them frequently, and had even talked about it before.

As she stroked my penis through the mesh, I instinctively went for her crotch, I unbuttoned her pants, and pulled them off, and headed for her panties in a frenzy, when I felt her hand stop me. 'I don't know if I want to go there,' she said. 'I mean I want to, but not yet... I don't know.' I slowed down a bit and left her green panties on. I began to massage her tenderly through her panties anyway. The urge was too strong. She pulled off my shorts. We were down to our boxers and panties. I teased her through her panties some more, as her legs bent at the knees, spread out a little more, I went around and massaged that same spot where the back of the thighs meet her butt. She laid there on her back, with her hands over her face, amazed at what was happening.

I teased her a bit more, and then shifted one finger in underneath her panties and ran it along the panty line, feeling the texture of her pubic hair, and eventually the wetness of her wonderful vulva. I tugged a bit on her underwear, now wet with juice, and pulled them down a bit, exposing the top of the neat pubic hair. I looked at her as she nodded, and said ok, giving her approval for what she was hesitant for previously. I pulled the panties down to around her ankles, where she kicked them off onto the floor. With that, I pulled my boxers off, letting my throbbing member fly free. She pulled her arm around my neck and pulled me close to her. 'I've never been naked with someone before...' She whispered. 'Neither have I...' I explained back, and we embraced our nude bodies there for a few moments. For the first time we had bared all to someone, and we shared the most intimate moment one could share with another person.

I reached down and went back to her vagina, searching for her clitoris. I was still a bit uneducated, but I had found the magic spot once before on a girl, and I could do it again, I felt around a bit until finally I heard Sarah say something. 'There it is...' She said with a moan, I concentrated hard on that spot right away, as Sarah began to shake with pleasure. I stopped for a second. I sat up a bit, spreading my legs out on the bed, as I instructed her to sit between them. She positioned herself with her back against my abdomen, and her lower back against my penis, and leaned back against me. I wrapped my arms around her, with one gripping her right breast, and the other down between her legs pleasing her.

She began to rock back and forth moaning, as I worked away on her clit, and her back rubbed up against my erect penis, pleasing me as well. I humped a bit as I rubbed away. She reached for my hand, and guided me a bit, in a circular motion around her clitoris. 'Do it like that...' she explained. I proceed with the method, as I asked her to press her back a little harder against my erect penis. She did, sending a shot of pleasure up my body. I could feel every twitch and squirm her body made to the pleasure, she leaned her head toward me as we kissed while we were pleasing each other. Until finally she whispered to me something I couldn't hear. 'What??' I asked

'I'mmmm clooossssseee' she answered me... I went back to kissing her until she pulled away. 'Now!' she whispered with fervor. With that she began to twitch like crazy, from her head down to her hips, like a wave was coming over her, she let out a moan of pleasure, as I could feel her entire body tighten up on me. I kept rubbing hard, with two fingers, in a circular motion as she sighed again and again. She was breathing incredibly hard. It was an incredible orgasm. As she reached the end, I slid out from under her, and let her body lie limp on the bed, as I rolled on top of her. I placed my erect penis flat against her leg right where it meets the pelvis, and started humping. I humped hard, as she wrapped her other leg around my bobbing waist. I felt it built up as I kissed her hard, and finally I went over the top.

I let out a moan like I had never let out before, It felt as if all my feelings had left other regions of my body and made it's way right to my genitals. I had never felt anything like it. I shot white cum all up her abdomen, and all over mine as well. I had never shot so much in my life. It just kept coming. It was the most incredible orgasm I have ever had. I laid there on her for a few minutes exhausted from what we had just done, before I reached for a paper towel to clean up the mess I had made on both of our stomachs. I began to clean up when I heard the unexpected sound of a door open.

'Michael! I'm home.' The familiar voice of my mother screamed from the front door downstairs. She had come home early. We scrambled to get dressed, as I hopped up to close the door. We struggled to make ourselves look presentable as we could hear my mother's steps up the stairs. Sarah had all but the belt of her shorts back on when my mom came in. 'What are you kids doing...' She said a little suspicious. I was flustered. I couldn't come up with a lie worth telling I didn't know what to say. Just then Sarah spoke up. 'Watching this movie...' She explained to my mom. I had completely forgotten about the awful movie we were supposed to be watching. Laura had saved the day.

'Well, I don't like you to be up here in your bedroom like this when there isn't anyone here.' Mom said to us with a stern look. There was a long awkward pause. Neither of us knew what to say. 'Who am I kidding. It's just the two of ya'll. Nothings gonna happen.' We both chuckled as my mom left the room. From that day forth, Sarah was no longer just my best friend, but my lover as well, and I can tell you from first hand knowledge, best friends make the best lovers.



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