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Mouth Masturbation

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Mouth Masturbation?
Hey, what‚??s up everybody. I‚??m a 16 yr old guy, and have been coming to this site for quite a while now! I must say, it always gets me cumming back. I love reading everyone else‚??s experiences, and finally, I have some worthy of contributing.
Couple of nights ago my girlfriend and i had been in a fight (she‚??s 17, very nice body. not ridiculously skinny, and definetly not fat in the least bit, with big tits) and I was afraid things were taking a turn for the worst in our relationship at one point. I finally broke down and asked her why she never let me get her off in any way. I‚??d been trying for the longest time to eat her out or finger fuck her but she‚??d never let me. So I asked, and she finally told me after much hesitating that she wanted to wait, and didnt feel ready for me to do that stuff. I totally respected that, but at the same time I was kind of scared that we wouldn‚??t ever do anything. But I was about to be proven wrong.
She had said that she wasnt really ready top have things done to her, but the reverse turned out to be fine by her. After we laid together awhile, we started making out. It was very slow at first, I would tease her lips with the tip of my tongue, and she would answer back with little licks of her own. Then things started to get a little heavier. I was on top of her, and I was very hard. Gradually I began noticing that her hands were down by my throbbing dick, and she began to stick her hands down my pants, and started rubbing my cockover my boxers. She started rubbing my dick very slowly, and I began moaning in response. After a minute she asked if I was okay (i guess my moaning can be mistaken as pain, when in fact it is anything but)and i said yes, everythings cool, and then she began to slide her hand down my boxers and began stroking my eager prick. After a couple of minutes of this I still hadnt came, it takes me quite a while, and we sort of cooled off a bit. i was a little dissapointed becuase I thought it was over, but it was far from a conclusion.
We were now kind of laying next to each other, and sure enough we started making out again, and this time around she ended up on top of me. After a minute or two of dry contact and much moaning and groaning from both of us, she started progressing down my body with kisses. she started on my neck, and i didnt think too much of it. then she pulled my shirt up and moved from my chest to my stomach with very light wet kisses. Eventually, she pulled down my pants and boxers (neither had been undone, and she didnt undo them at that point, she just pulled them down a little) and began kissing my lower abdomen. this was really nice, and i didnt think it could get any better. it felt so good i actually started to laugh a little and she came back up and accused me in a joking fashion of laughing at her, but i told her i was just happy becuase it felt really good. and i asked her to please do it more. she finally said okay, and she went down again, and truthfully, all i was expecting was more of the same, but then she began to undo my pants... "so alright, i thought to myself, she‚??s just undoing my pants so she can kiss me more in that area. I still have my underwear on, this is no big deal, dont get your hopes up" but after some more light kissing, my underwear came down too, and she began teasing my prick ever so slightly with her hands. it felt so damn good. she‚??d slide the head and shaft between her fingers, and she‚??d alternate her grip a lot. " well, alright, i thought to myself, this is cool, but she‚??s done this before, there‚??s no way she‚??ll----"
my thoughts were interupted by the inevitable. very slowly, she began to kiss the head of my dick very lightly, and she‚??d sort of tease it with her tongue. this got me really hot, nad just wheh i thought it couldnt get any better, she slid the whole thing in. now, it took me a second to realize this was happening. everything felt so good down there, i couldnt really tell what was going on becuase i had my eyes closed, but i could tell from the sucking sounds and the sudden warmth around my throbbing penis that she was definetly giving me my long awaited blow job. she would slide her head up and down on the shaft. and i would buck my hips to meet her advances, and she would stop every couple of seconds to jack me off just for good measure, then it was right back in her mouth where she licked and sucked. I was barely ready for it when it approached, but my orgasm was definetly there. i yelled just in time, "i‚??m gonna come, babe" actually it was more of a groan, i couldnt really talk. i was in heaven. i felt the come erupt from my dick, but i didnt see what happened since i still had me eyes closed. i could feel her clean it off with her tongue and catch every little bit of it, so i guess she swallowed it. i just sort of layed there thining about what ahd just happened, and she came up to kiss me. it was quite a night. happy masturbating to all of you. -Jake
thanks for reading!



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