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Mother-in-Law's Underwear

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Story of an unplanned masturbation session at my mother-in-laws house


A quick story about an encounter with my mother-in-law. She is 63 years old and recently divorced after 29 years of marriage (her husband was cheating on her). She is a very proper lady with great taste and a wardrobe to match. While by no means 'sexy', she has held herself together fairly well and looks good for her age. She has nice blue eyes,(much like my wife's), gray hair and a noticeable bust (I found out a 36C - more of how I know that later).

'Maureen' lives in the same town as my wife and I in a condo about four miles away. Since she moved in I have been called over frequently to help her with some general household stuff (connecting the cable TV, fixing light switches, etc.). I see her on a regular basis, and on occasion will stop in on my way home from work (it's right on the way). We have a great relationship and she's a great gal.

One night a few months ago I got a voicemail at work from Maureen saying her VCR wasn't working and would I mind stopping by on my way home to look at it. She wasn't sure if she would be home from work yet (she works as a part-time secretary) but if she wasn't to just let myself in (I have a key). So about 5:30 I drove in, parked, and not seeing her car in the driveway let myself in. Unbeknown to me she had parked in the garage (she sometimes does and sometimes doesn't - no rhyme nor reason). As I opened the front door I was greeted with Maureen standing at the kitchen table, which was just off the main foyer, looking through her mail. What was unusual, however, was the fact that she was partially undressed. She had on a pink half-slip (silky and lacy) with no shoes or pantyhose. Her dress blouse was completely unbuttoned and open, revealing her lacy white bra. As she turned to face me she saw my eyes open wide in surprise and embarrassment. Her reaction astonished me; instead of moving quickly to cover herself up or leave the room, she very coyly pulled her blouse together, not all the way, said hi and told me that she didn't think I would be there so soon.

I must have turned 3 shades of red, and nervously diverted my eyes, and she said, 'Ted honey, don't worry, I'm sure you've seen much more and much better than an old lady like me in my undies.' and she laughed, which made me laugh. She simply put down the mail and told me she was going to finish getting changed and casually walked past me to her bedroom and closed the door. I caught my breath and realized that I had a RAGING erection from seeing Maureen in her 'lingerie'. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a soda and a few minutes later she emerged from her bedroom dressed in a jogging suit. I proceeded to fix her VCR, we chit-chatted for a few minutes, and I was on my way. As I was leaving she reminded me that she would be going out of town the next day for a week (to visit friends) and asked me to stop by and pick up her mail and 'check on things'. I assured her I would and left.

That night I had an intense masturbatory session in which I fantasized about Maureen and what could have happened. I imagined her taking off her clothes and telling me that since she had been divorced she had been so lonely and missed having a man. We proceed to make love (me taking her from behind as she leans over the kitchen table) and I ejaculated all over her ass. It was pure bliss, and I came very hard and very long as I fantasized.

A few evenings later I stopped by her place on the way home to grab the mail. I went inside with no 'bad intentions', just to put the mail on the table, make sure no one broke in, etc., and then was planning on leaving. As I entered, however, I recalled the encounter from a few nights before and next thing I knew I was in Maureen's bedroom, opening her dresser drawer and inspecting her panties, bras and slips. I instantly became rock hard and knowing I was alone and would not be interrupted, I decided to masturbate. I stripped off ALL my clothes, and simply standing their naked in her room was an incredible turn-on. I selected a pair of pink silky panties, full-size (briefs) that had an enticing string of lace along the waistband. I also pulled out a bra similar to the one I had seen her in earlier in the week (and checked the size - 36C!) and a silky slip. She had an amazing array of lingerie.

I lay back on her bed and first put her panties up to my face. They smelled of perfume mostly, and it was intoxicating. I lowered them to my stiff cock and began to slowly slide them up and down. I continued doing this slowly for about five minutes, thinking about how her mature body must look naked. I imagined she has large nipples (as my wife does) and that she more than likely had a thick pubic bush. I intermittently played with her bra, rubbing the cups under and around my testicles. I then took her slip and rubbed it all over my torso and then my cock, and then I was inspired to actually put it on! I lay back again, with the slip on but hiked up and I really went to town with her silky panties moving rapidly up and down my cock (I had never worn women's clothes before and found it unbelievably erotic). I couldn't hold back any longer and with several loud grunts and 'Oh my gods!' I came harder and in more volume than I had in years. I didn't care if any neighbors overheard my fun. My chest and stomach were coated with semen, and I noticed I had not been able to avoid getting a bit on her panties. I gingerly got up and went to the bathroom where it took close to a dozen tissues to clean myself up (which I of course flushed to get rid of the evidence). I returned to her room, got dressed, and carefully put her underthings away, making sure the panties I had used were put on the bottom.

It was a great experience, although in hindsight I know it was more than a tad perverted. However I can't wait until she goes away again so I can stop by and 'check on things!'



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