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Mother-in-law Story

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A long story about obsession and masturbation


Mother In-Law Story

I married my girlfriend in February of 2004. We have a decent sex life when we are together. She works in an advertising agency which means she travels...a lot. Soon after we got married we moved back in with her mother (we'll call her Sandy) after Sandy's husband died. It was pretty convenient since Sandy has a large house and she doesn't even come close to resembling the typical mother-in-law stereotype. In fact, Sandy is very friendly, has a great personality and never tries to snoop into my relationship with my wife.

Another nice thing about Sandy is her looks. She is about 5'7', 180 lbs., with nice large breasts and a nice large ass. She has blonde hair that is slowly greying now that she just turned 60 years old. I have always been a little sexually attracted to her since I met her over seven years ago, but I never acted or fantasized about it until about three months ago. It was late one night and my wife was on one of her trips. I was working late and when I got home I took a quick shower before getting ready for bed. I usually sleep in the nude, so after I dried off from my shower I went back to the room my wife and I stay in. I didn't close the door right away since it was after midnight and my mother-in-law goes to bed around 9:00pm every night. A couple of minutes later I was sitting on the bed nude looking over a report I had to present the next day at work when I looked up and saw Sandy coming into the room to talk to me about something. Before I had a chance to cover up she looked at me, turned around as quickly as she could and started apologizing like it was the end of the world. Before I had a chance to tell her it was okay, she raced back to her room and shut the door. At first I just shrugged it off and prepared to go back to bed. When I turned the lights out and tried to get to sleep I started thinking about what had happened and it became really arousing. It got to the point where I quickly jerked off and came all over myself.

After this event things continued like normal for a while. Neither Sandy or I mentioned the night she walked in on me. The only difference was now I found myself fantasizing more and more about Sandy...about her big tits and her nice ass. She was becoming a central component of my masturbation ritual. I normally jack off two or three times a week when my wife is around and once or twice per day when she is away on business. One month after our little incident I was thinking about Sandy at least 75% of the time when I was cumming.

Despite all these sudden fantasies I still didn't act on them for some time. Finally, about two months after the first episode, I came home late again (around 1:00am) and wanted to go to bed as soon as I opened the door, especially since my wife was gone and there was nothing to do. While I was walking to my bedroom I noticed the door to Sandy's room was closed but there was some light coming through the bottom of the door meaning that Sandy was awake. As soon as I got to the door of my bedroom Sandy came out and we chatted for a couple of minutes about mundane things. While we were talking I developed a huge hard-on thinking about cumming on her tits or getting a handjob from her. I was fighting the urge to just take it out right there and cum all over the place. As soon as Sandy left I pulled down my pants and stroked my cock furiously, cumming in less than a minute with the door wide open, half hoping that she would turn round and see me.

The next night I came home late again and noticed that Sandy was still awake in her room. I suddenly decided to implement an idea that I had been thinking/fantasizing about for a few weeks. As soon as I got to my bedroom I closed the door part-way and left the light on. I pulled down my pants and started stroking, hoping that Sandy would come to talk to me like she had been for the past couple of nights. At first I was disappointed; however, after fifteen minutes I heard her door open and I knew she would be in front of my door in a matter of seconds. My dick was half-hard when I heard her bedroom door open; however, in the five or ten seconds that it took her to reach my door I was hard as a rock and ready to squirt. I lightly closed my eyes but I could still see out of the corner of my eyes. I looked over toward the door and noticed a shadow in the doorway. I couldn't see Sandy's face or make out many details (after all I was pretending my eyes were closed); however, I noticed that she wasn't moving and she was trying to be very quiet. I slowly stroked my dick and reached down to fondle my balls. A couple of seconds later I started cumming and shot one of my biggest loads in years. There was cum on my hands, stomach, chest and sheets. When I turned my head slightly I saw that Sandy had left and gone back to her room. I was so horny that I had to jerk off again before going to sleep that night.

My wife returned the next day and I felt guilty and anxious that there might be some fallout from the previous evening. I acted normally around Sandy and she acted normally around me for the next couple of weeks.

When my wife left for another business trip later next month, I planned on proceeding to see just how far I could take this. A few nights went by and I decided to try and repeat the previous event with some new modifications. I came home around 9:00pm and went straight to my room. I left the door open a little more this time and turned the light completely on (as opposed to dimmed like last time). I started masturbating right away stroking my lubed cock so hard that I almost ejaculated before I could test my plan. After about thirty agonizing minutes (in which I almost came about six different times) I heard Sandy's door open and waited for her to get closer to my room. My heart was pounding, my cock was throbbing and as soon as I heard her get within a few steps of the door I started moaning in a low voice to let her know what I was doing. I heard her stop just shy of the door and after a few seconds of moaning I began mixing up the moans with phrases like 'it feels so good' and 'I can't wait to cum'. I stroked my cock lightly trying to control my orgasm. After a minute I noticed that she still hadn't moved so I became a little bolder and started mixing up the moans with phrases like 'Oh Sandy', 'I love your big boobs', 'I want to cum on your ass'. Even though my dick was on the verge of exploding I was intently concentrating on listening to Sandy's movements. It was hard to tell but I knew she was still there and couldn't really tell what to do next. Then, all of a sudden she appeared in the doorway and looked straight at me. I turned my head and gazed at her not slowing the movement of my hand over my cock. She started to stammer and stutter for a second before regaining her composure and saying 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. Good night.'

While she was turning round I quickly fired back 'Don't worry, it's OK if you want to watch'. She stopped walking away, paused for a second before saying 'I really shouldn't.' I replied that she would be doing me a favor by watching and asked her to return again. She paused, trying to make up her mind and about ten seconds later turned around, returned to the room and started to watch me pleasure my penis. Her eyes went back and forth between my crotch, my eyes and the ground. Eventually, right before I started cumming, she asked if I was having fun. I told her I would have more fun if she would let me see her tits. She stepped into the room and pulled her night dress down a little revealing her size 40C breasts. The timing was perfect, as soon as I saw her large perky nipples I shot a load of cum that almost made me pass out (I saw three streams of cum erupt from my dick but I was focusing on Sandy's tits, not my own cock). When I looked at her face I saw that Sandy was staring at my dick and breathing hard. As soon as I shot my load she pulled her shirt up and practically ran out of the room.

I felt satisfied immediately after cumming and to be honest I blew my load twice more that night within a couple of hours. Although, as the evening went on I felt extremely guilty and angry with myself for what I had done. This was just a couple of days ago and Sandy and I have not seen or spoken since (we have been avoiding each other recently). My wife comes home early next week and I am afraid she will find out. However, at the same time I am also tempted to tell her the whole story, not only about the incident of cumming in front of her mother but also about the fantasizes that have consumed my life for the past few months. In the back of my mind I had hoped that the experience of masturbating in front of Sandy would be enough; but now I feel an intense desire to take it further and have actual physical contact with her. This whole situation has me a bit disturbed to say the least.

To be continued...possibly



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