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Most Intense Non-prostate Orgasm... Ever

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A must try for anyone experienced in anal stimulation!


I'll start off by saying I'm a 19 year old black male with an 8.5 inch friend.

Well, as I sit here basking in the glow of what was simply the most intense penile orgasm I've ever had (which turned out to affect my entire body), measuring up there with the intensity of prostate orgasms, I write to you what a man experienced in anal play does when he's bored.

Tired of the same ol' same ol' and unwilling to waste another 1-2 hours before going to bed just to watch hentai and have 3-4 mediocre orgasms (really, with practice it becomes a norm) I wanted to do something new. A tad bit too tired to even be thinking about masturbating, though, I leaned back in my chair to spot a lone baoding ball (2-3 inch in diameter, steel, smooth sphere ball used for increasing hand dexterity), and that's when I said but three words... 'oh my god!!'

I immediately ran to the bathroom, washed off whatever invisible germs may have dwelled on the ball with my trusty antibacterial soap, and ran back in my room, finding myself naked before I could even reach for the vaseline. Excited beyond belief, I grabbed a sheet from my bed and laid it across the floor and lathered up with my favorite lubricant (mostly because you can use the 'my skin is very dry' excuse if someone sees it).

Though experienced in anal play I'd never inserted something quite as thick or hard as this (I usually stay with things about 1-1.5 inches and have never had sex with a man who had a relatively large member [bisexual]), and it was this experience in anal play that made me decide to take it slowly.

Sitting with my lower back on the sheet, I first stuck a finger in to loosen myself up a bit, then tried the baoding ball, very slowly. While the first half went in, it simply wouldn't go all the way. Taking it out now, I stuck my finger back in, circling around and moving in and out a bit. Another finger in and my breathing rate started to increase more than it already was. I tried again, still... didn't budge. Sticking three fingers in now, I began pulsing in and out, faster and faster until not only was the action loud enough, my voice probably woke my roommate. This time I knew it would work out.

I gathered some more vaseline and rubbed my bottom with it, then bent over as if taking it 'doggy-style' and slowly circled the ball inside of myself. It was a tight fit, but, pop! It was all the way inside, and I immediately felt the presense of another ball within the baoding ball bouncing around inside of it, sending tiny vibrations throughout my body. The sudden, intense pleasure made me fall down on my stomach as I began wiggling my ass a bit, in pure ecstasy.

I then sat up, grinding my bottom against the sheet while pumping my meat furiously. (Honestly enough, just thinking about this again is getting me hot... but I dare not rub this one off, you'll see soon why)

A genius idea then crossed my mind. Just before I was about to blow my load I bent forward and began forcing the ball out of myself, then, just before it came out, I sat back down, straddling the ground and this time choking my chicken with both hands. This repeated at least five times until I began to get extremely hot, screaming loudly and pinching my nipples to the point it felt like alligator clamps were on them.

Once I finally decided that I had enough, I simply popped the ball out (much easier going out than in I must say!) and continued pumping at mach speeds. I was so hot and horny, but because of the prolonged anal play, I simply couldn't orgasm! My hand began cramping, so I used both again...

And that's when it happened... I'd never had a penile orgasm like this before. My legs began convulsing, my thighs shaking furiously, and my hips humping the air. My stomach continuously flexed and relaxed, and with a final scream, I found myself in lubricated, sticky mess.

Sitting back and dazed for what seemed hours, I tried standing up... a sudden pleasure bolted through my body and I immediately sat back down after letting out an 'Ah!' And it was at that moment I reached for my laptop and began typing this up.

Though not as powerful as previous orgasms as mine, this was an experience simply too great not to share. Even at this moment I can feel waves of pleasure coursing through my legs...

Now if you'll excuse me it's 2:14 AM. Goodnight. =)

-Oh, and so I couldn't resist. Just now I did decide to have just one more orgasm.

So this time I'm going to bed for real. It's 2:25 and I have Calculus at 9:00 AM to... day. =)



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