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Most Embarrassing Moment

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I wanted to share with the readers the most embarrassing moment in my life. Just two years ago, late one afternoon, I was feeling extremely horny. My wife had called from work and said she had extra paperwork she needed to finish and she was going to be home about an hour later than usual. I decided to have some alone time with myself and I laid on the couch, head swirling with erotic fantasies, and began stroking myself. I enjoy bringing myself to the edge and can do this for hours without really cumming, especially if I feel I will have sex later that night with my wife. I want to save that goo for her! So, here I was laying on the couch naked with my big hard rod in my hand slowly stroking and enjoying every second of it.

My wife has a good friend who comes by now and then to visit. She feels so much at home with us that she usually gives the door two quick knocks and just walks in. Here I lay, stroking away totally naked and really hard, when 'knock knock!' the door opened and in came my wife's friend. The door opens right into our living room. I frantically grabbed for my undershorts but it was too late. I had been caught fully naked in the act of jacking myself. I was SO EMBARRASSED! She was shocked and said 'Randy!' kind of loudly. As I fumbled for my clothes and apologised profusely, she said 'Wait ... it's OK. Please keep going!'

I was so darn embarrassed. Here was this really good looking woman staring at me as I was naked and hard, and she is my wife's best friend. She asked where my wife was and I told her she was going to be an hour late, and she again asked me to keep going. I asked her if she was going to say anything about this and she laughed and said 'Of course not!'

I dropped my undershorts and laid back down on the couch. She came over and kneeled on the floor right at about my waistline and stared at my extremely hard dick. That really had me turned on. I started slowly jacking myself and asked her if watching me turned her on. She said it really did. She made some comments about my look and size and that made me feel good. As I was jacking she asked me how often I did it and what I thought about. I told her that often I fantasised I was jacking off with HER watching me, because I had always thought she was very sexy and hot.

She said, 'So this is your dream come true then, huh?' ... and she smiled beautifully at me. By now I was almost over the top and with a few more dedicated strokes I shot load after load of cum into the air and it splattered all over my stomach. She told me she really enjoyed the show and promised she would never tell my wife.

That was such a hot experience for me I've jacked off many times since then to the memory of that day. My most embarrassing moment ever ended wonderfully! I never did it again in front of her and we have never talked about it, but she gives me that same wonderful smile now and then and it gives me a sudden twinge in the crotch every time!



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