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Morning Ecstasy

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This is my first contribution after many years of reading the excellent stories on this site. I do have other stories to tell, but I thought I'd share what happened to me this morning.


4:25 am and I still couldn't sleep. Despite it being mid-October and cold as hell outside, I was absolutely burning up. I'd been horny all the previous day, but hadn't found the opportunity for release. I had masturbated two or three times during the day, but the constant interruption meant that I had to give up on the orgasm and just leave my aching cock to constantly remind me of what it needed. There was nothing else for it; the only way I was going to get any sleep would be to help myself out. My hard cock was twitching against my stomach and a bead of pre-come was sticking to the head. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and squeezed up underneath the head and more fluid leaked out. I dipped my finger in the small pool on my stomach and then sucked the sweet liquid from my finger. My cock twitched hungrily in response, so I used some of my juice to lubricate the head and slowly started teasing my foreskin back and forth over my bulging head. I knew I wouldn't last long before I got what I so desired, but I couldn't just go for it as that would wake my wife who was soundly asleep next to me. With one hand I held my shaft even tighter, pulling my foreskin taught and then pushing my fist up over the head whilst I squeezed my balls gently with the other. The feeling was incredible and intoxicating! After a couple of minutes I held my foreskin back so that I could just rub the head with my thumb and forefinger, the intensity of the sensation caused me to draw a sharp breath and I knew it really wouldn't be long. 'Can I help you with that?' came a whisper from my left. I turned to see my wife laying on her side, her eyes glistening in the dark. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.' I replied quietly. 'That's okay, I've been watching you from the start.' she said and moved closer to me. She leaned over and flicked her tongue over my nipple as I started to move my hand over my throbbing cock again. 'Here, let me.', she said as she moved my hand out of the way and tickled the head of my leaking cock, smearing the pre-come over my incredibly sensitive head. As she squeezed my balls, she whispered 'Looks like you're fit to burst, I think we should do something about that.' and slid her hand up my shaft and gripped the head hard. My body shook with pleasure as she again flicked her tongue over my nipple and started to increase the speed of her hand sliding over my head. Resting her head on my chest, her eyes fixed on the magic her hands were performing, she said 'I'm going to count down from 10, and then you can come' then slid her hand down my shaft, pulling the foreskin tight. '10...' She pulled my foreskin back over my head, twisted her hand around the head and then back down. I moaned with the sweet agony. '9...' Repeating the action, a little quicker and a little harder. '8...' A little faster again. I could feel the sensation beginning to build in my balls and drew another deep breath. '7...' This time she held the base of the shaft and held it there, my cock pulsing in her hands. '6...' No change, my cock ached with the pressure of her hand and the building pressure of my imminent release. '5... 4... 3...' Still no movement, just the constant pressure of her hand driving me mad with excitement. 'Please!' I begged, my breathing ragged. '2...' She gave me one hard pump, and I nearly cried out with the sudden movement and the painful pleasure that came with it. '1...' She squeezed my balls as she started to slide her hand up and down my now slick shaft. I couldn't take any more, and as she whispered 'Come for me, baby. Show me what you can do.' My orgasm hit. She sucked hard on my nipple and I came hard, rope after rope of semen covering her head and shoulder, one even hit my chin such was the power of my release. I shuddered uncontrollably as she continued to milk my cock for what seemed like hours, wave after wave of ecstasy pulsed through my body. She kept hold of my now deflating cock, wringing the final drops from it as she squeezed my balls one last time. 'That's far better, they feel much emptier.' 'Go and clean yourself up, and then get your arse back in bed sharpish as I think you owe me one' she said as she dipped her finger into her wet pussy and then tasted her juices. I staggered to the bathroom on rubbery legs to find some tissue, so that I could clean up the mess I was covered in and started to think about how I could repay the incredible gift she had just given me. However, that's another story ....



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