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More Than Friends!

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Sometimes your friends are more than friends!


I was on top of the world! I had just turned sixteen and got my driver's license. My girlfriend's parents were out of town for the weekend. She invited me over to spend the night and told me to bring condoms!! My best buddy Mikey told me to tell my parents I was staying at his house and that it would be easy for him to cover for me if need be because his parents were out of town too! He also gave me a key to his house, just in case I needed it. I was very nervous since I was still a virgin, but I was very excited at the same time. Finally Friday night arrived. I showered, shaved and dressed. Hopped in my car and I was off to become a 'man'. Like I said life was good, at least for the moment.

I arrived at her house and rang the doorbell. She answered the door wearing only a black lace teddy. She pulled me into the house and immediately started making out with me while pulling off my shirt! Nothing was happening to me, if you get my drift. We proceeded to her bedroom and clothes were flying everywhere. Still nothing. We lay there naked in each other's arms making out. Still nothing. She wanted it bad and tried everything to get me hard. After about two hours of stroking and grinding with no results, she started to cry and told me to get out! I pulled on my shorts and headed for the door. As I was leaving I noticed my underwear on the floor. I grabbed it, stuffed them in my pocket, and headed out the door to my car. So much for becoming a man this night! I was very upset and with nowhere else to go I headed to Mikey's house. He was my best buddy and I knew he would be supportive!

I pulled into his driveway and noticed the house was dark. I was glad I had a key to his house so I could just go in without waking him. I went into the house, climbed the stairs, and noticed his light was on as I walked down the hallway. I said nothing because I wanted to burst in and surprise him. Little did I know I was the one in for a big surprise!

I threw the door open and was speechless! There was Mikey lying on his bed stark naked with the biggest hardon I had ever seen. (actually the only hardon I had ever seen besides my own)!! 'Sorry dude' was all I could say. I could feel something starting to stir in my groin. Mikey half-heartedly tried to cover himself and said 'Hey dude, got to do what I got to do. Not all of us were lucky enough to get laid tonight!' As I explained to him what had happened I could not take my eyes off his beautiful lean body. I could feel myself really starting to get hard and he must have noticed because he moved his hand away from his crotch once again exposing his luscious dick.

Mikey got up from the bed and walked over to me. It was such a turn-on to watch as he stood up and approached me. His dick was half hard so it just kind of bounced against his low hanging ballsack. All this was framed by a real nice thick brown bush! Oh my God I was getting so hard!! He grabbed my hard dick through my shorts (remember I am not wearing any underwear so there is a tent in my shorts!) and says 'Maybe you were just with the wrong person.' All I could stutter was 'Maybe'. Next Mikey pulls down my shorts freeing my stiff dick from the confines of my shorts. He starts gently stroking my cock. It felt soooo good especially when he just ran his fingers over the head. I honestly thought I was going to cum right then. I reached over and started stroking his dick which was now fully hard again. As we slowly stroked each other we gazed into each other's eyes like never before and made a connection. He suggested that we move over to the bed and I agreed. He took my shirt off and started to caress my armpit hair and softly pinch my nipples! With both of our boners bouncing in the air, we walked over to the bed.

I was so nervous. I had NEVER fooled around with a guy before, but I must admit I had thought about being with Mikey a few times while jacking off. Just as we got to the edge of the bed Mikey grabbed me and turned us both to our sides so we were facing each other. He pulls me in real close and starts passionately kissing me while our dicks rubbed together. He purrs 'I have wanted to be with you for so long and I have to tell you I was jealous thinking of you with her!' 'I had no idea man. I've thought of being with you too!' I whisper back. 'Let's get busy' He whispers back.

We crawl into bed in a 69 position so we can watch up close while we stroked each other. It was amazing seeing my best buddy up close naked with a hardon. I started stroking his stiff dick slowly enjoying all the sights and smells. He was doing the same to me and I was feeling pleasure like I had never experienced before. Everything from the tip of my dick to the hairy base was tingling. Knowing I was making him feel the same way got me even more worked up. After about five minutes Mikey asked 'Dude, wanna lube each other up?' Of course I said 'Yes' He reaches into the drawer of his nightstand and brings out a bottle. We lube each other real well and then the fun begins. At first we are just loosely stroking and teasing each others dicks. I start working his glans with my fingers and palm. By the way he is panting and moaning I know this is getting him off. He starts doing the same to me and I too start moaning and panting! Then he moves down my stiff shaft and begins massaging the base of my dick and petting my ballsack. He was really going crazy on my cum tube and I almost blew a load. I start doing the same to him. After playing for a while Mikey stops and gets out of bed only saying 'Be right back'. I was wondering what was going on but not for long because I was enjoying the site of my buddy walking around the room naked with a hardon too much.

Just to fill you in. Mikey and I were both skater dudes. Me with longish bleach blonde hair, slim build, curly blonde hair on my legs, and about a six and a half inch dick with a nice thick bush and low hanging balls. Mikey has brown spikey hair, is not as skinny as me, curly brown hair on his legs, and a sexy line of hair from his belly button to his thick brown bush which frames his six and a half inch dick and hairy low hanging balls perfectly!

After about five minutes Mikey returns and explains he had to take a break because he did not want to cum too fast. We start up again agreeing that this time we would not stop until we came. Things got serious now. Back in our 69 position, we began to stroke each other again. Soon we had the perfect rhythm going. Slowly but firmly, we worked each others cocks. Changing up every now and then just to stimulate other parts of each other's penis, we pumped each other into an absolute state of bliss. This went on for about fifteen minutes until neither of us could take it anymore. I could tell by the heavy breathing, the moaning, and the bucking of our hips that we were both ready to explode! Mikey starting cumming, the first time I had seen another guy cum and I was making him do it! That was too much for me and my dick started to explode! We were both wildly thrashing about moaning loudly! Cum was flying everywhere! The feeling of the orgasm was incredible and seemed to last for ever. We continued to stroke each other until we were both limp. Then Mikey switched around so we were once again facing each other. We kissed passionately and talked for a long time before going into the shower to clean up and get ready for the next round.

I ended up staying at Mikey's all weekend and we had a sex-a-thon! We became 'lovers' and since we had always been best friends no one suspected us of being more than friends. But we were!!!



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