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More Fun With a Hotel Maid

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Are there any hotel maids out there with similar stories?


On a recent business trip, I had another opportunity to be in my hotel room during the morning when the maids do their cleaning. I've posted before about my desire to be caught in the act by a maid, and this day, I once again devised a plot to try to make that happen.

My plan this time was not to answer her knock on my door until it started to swing open. Then, when it was too late to stop it from swinging wide open, I would answer with, 'Just a minute!'

I couldn't wait to see her reaction as I stood naked in front of her, my hard cock bobbing in front of me and a 'shocked' look on my face. I would vainly attempt to cover myself with my hand so it would seem accidental to her. I decided I would have my cock drenched with lotion so she would instantly know exactly what I was doing. With any luck, she would keep looking for a while and I would then resume my stroking for her.

I started getting hard just thinking about standing naked in front of a fully dressed maid, hoping she'd watch me masturbate for her. I wanted to watch her face as I shot my load for her. Then I heard the maid a couple doors down, knock and call out that familiar 'housekeeping!'

By then, my cock was hard as a rock and I was fully lubricated and stroking very slowly. I could hardly wait to cum! It seemed like an eternity passed before I finally heard her move her cart next to my door.

When she finally knocked on my door, I was already standing right next to it (I had moved closer so I could hear how far away she was.) I started to panic! I guess I just lost my courage because I said, 'Just a minute!' way too soon. So I reached over and opened the door about a foot - just enough to stick my head out. There she stood. She was Mexican and had a big butt and big tits, but she was fairly young (maybe 25). There I stood, totally naked and hard, with just a door between us.

Before I could say anything, she said, 'Sorry, I'll come back later.' I quickly explained that I would be checking out shortly, and that I was almost finished packing. I also said that I was just about to take a shower, and that it would only take me a few minutes. Her eyes opened a bit wider when she heard I was about to get in the shower! Trying to keep the conversation going I told her that I would probably be out of the room in about a half hour if she wanted to come back then.

We then just stood there for a few moments. Since she didn't immediately turn and walk away, I started discreetly stroking my cock again. Thinking fast, I then asked her if I could get another hand towel (mine was soon to be stained with cum!). She grabbed one and as she moved to hand it to me, I stepped to the side and opened the door a little wider so she could see my hip and see that I was definitely naked. I saw her eyes look down as I took the towel from her.

We stood there for a few seconds more, and I was stroking faster now. I wondered if she could hear my cock squishing in my hand. We just looked at each other, and I'm sure I had a look on my face that showed my complete lust. I could see on her face that she knew I was naked and that I knew she knew I was naked. There was such incredible tension! I really wanted to open the door and show her my hard cock, but I knew that could get me in trouble. I think she wanted to see my cock, but she knew that opening the door could cost her her job.

After looking at each other's faces for what seemed like a minute she said, 'OK, I'll come back later,' and turned away to the next room. I continued to hold the door open with one hand and stroked even faster with the other, but I finally had to let the door close. I decided that if she wasn't going to watch me cum, I at least wanted her to hear me cum. So I grabbed by balls with one hand and stroked hard and fast with the other. It only took another 10 or 20 seconds until I was grunting and shooting cum all over the door in a powerful orgasm. Oh man, did that feel good!

I thought she was still there, since I hadn't heard her knock on the next door yet. So after I recovered a bit, I opened the door a crack to check, and there she was! She was still standing only a few feet away and she was looking right at me. I just smiled at her, she smiled back, and I let the door close again. I guess she enjoyed hearing me cum as much as I enjoyed cumming for her! I hope she didn't mind cleaning the last of my cum off the door and carpet!

I can't wait until I can write about actually having a maid watch me cum for her - I just hope I don't end up in jail!



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