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I never thought this would happen. I'm pleased that it did.


I recently submitted a story about my friend making a surprise visit to me and interrupting a masturbation session one Sunday afternoon. This led to us having a session together that same afternoon and another one together the end of that week. Well my friend called me after that and said that she told a female friend from her gym about our experiences together. They started on the topic of sex and masturbation because her friend was recently seperated. So she was offering her advice and told her that she had a friend (me) who had seperated and for my birthday she had bought me a vibrator and told me to use it often. She jokingly said she would buy her one. Well her friend took her up on it. So they went to an adult shop. My friend went in alone, her gym friend was too shy, she waited in her own car. Well, my friend came out of the store and handed her gym friend a bag and said I think you will enjoy this, have fun. Her friend admitted she'd never used a vibrator before though she did masturbate with her hands. Well my friend offered her gym friend a lesson. So she called me and said she wanted to come by for a coffee clotch and could she bring her gym fiend. I said sure.
I put up the coffee and just as it finished perking there was the doorbell. I answered and in they walked and the introductions were made. I offered coffee and we sat at the kitchen table. My kids were spending a few days with father and stepmother so my home was childless.
As I sipped my coffee my friend announced - I just purchased a pink vibe for so and so and we have to show her how to use it. I was a bit stunned at first. This was a complete stranger. I didn't know I'd be giving masturbation lessons and was not exactly prepared. At first I rejected the idea.
My friend started her preaching telling me how her gym friend needed my help as she is recently seperated and very upset over it and she went on and on about the whole situation.
This started a conversation on the lack of sex once you become seperated and we discussed my increased masturbation at that time which continues to this day. I told her friend how I really researched and learned about myself, what makes me tick and how I feel I blossomed which helps me when I'm with a partner. All the talk started making us very excited.
My friend insisted I show her gym friend the solo site and said it would benefit her immensly. So, I agreed and we had some classes. My friend announced this was making her horny. Her friend said she was getting excited too. So was I. So my friend asked if we wanted to play. Her gym friend looked a bit shaken. So my friend told her to just watch. My friend pulled down her sweats and again had no underwear on. She scooted down in her chair and began to finger her clit. We both just sat and watched her. Both of us had our eyes glued to her fingers circling her clit. I noticed she was getting wetter and wetter and as she stimulated herself it started to make a squishing noise. This turned me on. I started to rub myself over my jeans. My friend had taken her bag with her and had placed it next to her chair when we all sat near the computer. We didn't think anything of it, until I saw her reach in and pull out her own vibe. I couldn't take it. I went to my room and got my vibe and some vaseline. When I came back to the computer my friend was holding her vibe to her clit, her friend still just watching her intently. I had removed my jeans in my room. I sat in the chair and placed my vibe on my clit over my panties. Her friend sat there watching the two of us - her eyes darting from one to the other. Finally my friend said to her, do you care to join in. She hesitated but got up and went to the kitchen then and grabbed her vibe. My friend told her to remove her pants. She did. She told her to get comfortable in the chair. She did. We had both stopped playing while she got settled. My friend turned to me and said to take off my panties. I did as she asked. Then my friend stood up and removed her top and her bra. She was now completely naked. She told me to do the same. I did. We both looked at her gym friend. She slowly did the same. The 3 of us sat in a circle. My friend said, turn your vibe on low and place it on your clit. The 3 of us did so. Her gym friend jumped. She had not felt anything like that before she said and it was very intense. My friend instructed her to move it to the side of her clit which she did. My friend then instructed the two of us to do exactly as she did. We agreed. She started off rubbing the vibe over her clit slowly, then placed it to the side of her clit. We followed. She then slid the vibe up and down the slit then reached down and held her lips open wide and moved the vibe all over inside her lips in a cicular motion. We followed. I wanted to plunge it into me but I continued to follow her. She instructed us to put remove the vibe and take a dap of vaseline and put it on the tip which we all did. Then she told us to insert it only at the opening of our vagina as we were going to tease ourselves silly. We all held it at the opening and fingered our clits as instructed. Oh, I was dying to insert it but she said no. Finally she slid hers into herself and I did the same. Her friend hesitated. We talked her into it and she gasped as she shoved it into herself. My friend then said to do what we wanted to finish off. She bagan to pump her vibe into herself and wiggle her clit with 3 fingers. I pumped mine fast and flicked my clit with one finger. Her friend held her vibe still but had turned it up full blast and was making circles with her thumb and squeezing her lips together with her other fingers. I had never seen this before and it intrigued me to watch her work her pussy. I could tell she was skilled by the way her thumb was moving and she squeezed and then parted the lips w/ two fingers, opening and closing them in a ryhthm with her thumb. My friend gasped and started grunting and bucking and she exploded in orgasm. Seeing this sent me over the edge. Even with my vibe on low I pumped it in me and flicked my clit and came hard moaning loudly. Her friend came with me, her eyes closed. She was quiet. She seemed to be in her own world. I watched her as I pressed down on my whole area and enjoyed the aftershock tingling. She was still opening and closing her lips though her thumb had stopped and was still. We all still had our vibes in us and just sat there catching our breath. To ad a little humor my friend counted one, two, three and we all slid them out. We asked her gym friend what she thought and she said she loved it. She thanked us and said we made her day. I look forward to more play with both of them. So far no one has touched another just ourselves. But one never knows what the future holds.



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