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More Car Jackin'

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There's nothing better than riding around in the car and stroking the meat. Just wearing a tee shirt and shoes, no pants, long rock-hard dick in hand.

Not long ago on a Friday night I was cruising, big boner in hand, lubed up and hot to shoot a load, when I pulled into the local supermarket parking lot and decided to park and jack. I backed into a space, rolled down the windows and sat there a while enjoying the feeling and getting hotter all the while. I got a cock just over 8 inches long and quite thick, nice round head, it looked great in the low parking lot lighting. I can't yank it enough.

So, I'm jackin' away, checking out the very fine women going in and out of the store, when I see these two hot babes. Oh, they were hot! Both blonde, beautiful, built to bang, dressed up like they were going to a disco or someplace. I mean short, short skirts, low cut blouses, high heels,...damn, I'm getting hard just thinking about those two. So I'm beating off a little faster as they come up the row (great legs)....man, I'm about to loose it....great tits on the one, and a really smoking ass on the other. I keep stroking as they get near the front of my car, they smile as they pass and I hear one say to the other, 'I think he's beatin' off.' Giggles follow as they keep on walking and the one with the great titties looks back and smiles again. They both stop and then something amazing happens.

One goes on into the store and Miss Tits starts walking toward me. Oh crap, busted I'm thinking, so I place my shorts over my boner to cover up. Blondie with the amazing rack walks right up to the driver's side window, leans over (my God, what big tits, and says 'Hey, what ya doin'?'

Knowing I'm caught I figured what the hell, may as well be honest, so I say, 'You know what I'm doing... I'm jacking off... I'm really, really horny... I got no woman and well, what's a guy to do?'

Then the babe says, 'You poor thing... I bet your dick is really hard isn't it?... Come on, show me.' I nearly came right then and there! Are you kidding me, this gorgeous honey wants to see my cock!

I say, 'You're fooling, right?'

She says, 'No, I want to see it.' So, I throw off the shorts and my cock springs to attention. Eight inches of raging hard dick. Seeing my huge cock made Miss Tits jump back, her mouth dropped open, then she says, 'Oh my God! That's huge! I've never seen one that big before.' A moment of silence that seemed like a week follows and then she says, 'Let's see you play with it... go on... pull it... I want to see.' Man, I was nervous but highly aroused by her eagerness to watch me jack off... so, I started to slowly pump it up and down, this hot babe's eyes glued to my every movement. As I started to jack a little faster, her friend comes out of the store and Miss Tits says 'Gina, get over here, you won't believe this.' So, here comes Gina with the great ass. Now both of them are standing next to the car watching me beat my meat. Wow! this was heaven... so, I jacked my big cock for all it was worth. I mean I beat it hard and fast. They were getting turned on too, because now they are urging me on, saying stuff like, 'Yeah, go on big boy whack that dick,' 'What a cock, I bet it really feels good inside,' and, 'Come on baby, shoot a big load for us.'

I feel the cum rising as I gasp and moan, 'Here it comes baby,' and shoot a rope clear up onto the speedometer, then four or five more long shots of cum, then even more trickles down the shaft of my raging hard dick.

The look on their faces was incredible, they were truly impressed, and Miss Ass goes, 'Wow, that was hot.' Miss Tits says, 'I'm so horny right now... we gotta go.' As they started to walk away, they both turned, Miss Ass smiled and waved, Miss Tits smiled and blew me a kiss, turned and walked away.

Wow! What a night!

Telling this story is making me hard right now... Think I'll grab the car keys and go for a drive... But, that would be another story, wouldn't it?



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