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Mooning With My Belly!

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A somewhat lengthy follow-up to my story posted July 1


In my previous story, I indicated in the PS that I was looking forward to being shaved in preparation for surgery on July 10. I had hoped this would be a Male-Female story, but it's not. Here's the follow-up. Fortunately, the 'growth' I had detected was not cancerous, but only an inguinal hernia, which means that it was not an abdominal tear, but rather a typical condition for males when a bit of the floor of the abdomen bulges through the opening down low where the testicles descend soon after birth. That bulge was putting pressure on all the tubes going to and from the testicle, namely the blood vessels going both ways as well as the nerves going both ways and the sperm tube, which was making my testicle painful for a number of months, feeling as though it had been sat on. It was just a low-grade pain, but nonetheless fairly constant at least 60 percent of the time. So my condition was nowhere near as serious as I had feared.

In preparation for being shaved before surgery, I followed a recommended procedure I read about 30 years ago in a book titled Any Man Can. The main theme of the book was that 'any man can' experience multiple orgasms, much like women. I found the book disappointing because it primarily emphasized stimulation on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being ejaculation, stimulating a number of times to a point of about 7 to 9, and stopping just before the point when ejaculation would be inevitable. For me, such stimulation a number of times to just before the point of no return made the final effort to achieve orgasm a disappointment because somehow both my mind and body were anticipating an intense orgasm as the book described, but it/they were not. So I gave up way back then after a number of tries when I was younger.

Now I simply applaud females who are able to achieve multiple orgasms, like the story 'Riding the Benny Train,' posted anonymoNovember 18, 2003 as story #3945. I could be jealous, but because of their beauty, I do not begrudge them all the excitement they are able to enjoy! After all, I can enjoy their beauty, so what's to begrudge. Our Creator created females beautiful so as to attract males and perpetuate the race and made males strong and handsome to attract females. A friend of mine says, 'Females want security and males want sex.'

Back to my story, stimulation a number of times and stopping repeatedly before orgasm was not my focus in preparation for surgery. The book also recommended squeezing one's PC (pubococcus muscle-spelling uncertain) which is the same for males as for females in stopping the flow of urine to maintain bladder control. As females age and because they have a shorter urethra, it is very important for them to squeeze the PC muscle frequently as they approach their senior years. The author recommended starting slowly so as not to cause discomfort, perhaps 10 squeezes 3 times per day and working up to 300 squeezes at a time. When driving for hours at a time, counting squeezes helps the miles pass more quickly and I have been able to attain 1,500 squeezes without discomfort. Am I physically fit, or what! Also, counting squeezes when unable to fall asleep helps the night pass more quickly, even though I may likely yawn the next afternoon.

For males, squeezing the PC muscle is also intended to strengthen weak erections. In fact, the author related how one client asked the author what to do as he was getting married and going on a honeymoon in a week, but could not maintain an erection which would be a disappointment to his new bride. Following the author's advice, he was able to make love to his new bride on their honeymoon! So I squeezed my PC muscle hundreds of times during the two weeks before being shaved for surgery, anticipating putting on quite a show for the nurse doing my prep. I consider every tingle, every erection, and every orgasm as exquisite gifts from our Creator and am always thankful. You may recall from my last story that I consider our Creator involved in transferring the tingles internally from our genitals to our brain and then radiating the tingles throughout our bodies every time we stimulate the external favorite parts of our bodies to orgasm.

I was quite disappointed, however, by the fact that I was not shaved before being anesthetized because I had anticipated that to be the most fun part of the procedure while awake. Awakening after surgery, I discovered my abdomen had indeed been shaved in much the shape of a serving platter about 7 inches across and 10 inches vertically, from about 3 inches above my navel to just right at the base of my Statue of Liberty. I had hoped to be wide awake and fully attentive while a pretty nurse would be shaving all around my genitals, holding my balls gently while intently scraping my hair from them and leaning my love wand from side to side while shaving around the base of my flag pole. I knew I would be sporting a full erection and enjoying every minute of the procedure and enjoying her delicate touch while she moved me around and around and scraped up and down repeatedly. I even hoped for a smile from her and a teasing squeeze and might have even asked her to stroke a few more times to make my volcano erupt! But, sigh, it was not meant to be. Evidently young female nurses have been embarrassed so many times by excited males that the surgical community has decided to wait with shaving until after the patient is anesthetized.

Having read some Solo stories how nurses have pumped male patients to ejaculation in the privacy of their rooms, she simply may not have the time nor privacy to do so while prepping for surgery. It could be the last, most important thing they could do for the patient before being anesthetized for the heavy procedure. Keeping in mind that some patients never awaken from the anesthesia after surgery, pumping the male patients to orgasm could be the last thrill the patient experiences. I was apprehensive whether I would awaken, but this ditty is evidence that I did.

It was not all disappointment, however, because when I awakened and needed to use the restroom later, I was pleased to note that my manhood was not all shriveled and wrinkled. Instead I was pleased to hold quite a hunk of meat to control the direction of my flow of urine! Granted that it was not a rigid erection, but pleasantly enough engorged to make me proud of it and think that just possibly it had put on an exciting show for the attendants as the nurse was shaving me and inserting a catheter, even though I was already unconscious.

To explain what I found after awakening from surgery, erections while sleeping are not at all uncommon for males. In fact, I have awakened as many as 3 and 4 times a night to find what is called 'nocturnal tumescence,' in other words, night-time erections! In some 'junk mail' some years ago, an article stated that our bodies function on a 'circadian cycle' which recurs throughout the night about every 90 minutes. I've checked the clock when I awaken and sure enough, night time erections do occur about every hour and a half. I don't begrudge my erections awakening me at all. I usually play with my most precious toy, gently teasing it with feather-light strokes for half an hour or more to let it know I really love and appreciate all it has done for me the last 50 some years! Furthermore, if/when I take a Sunday afternoon nap, it is not uncommon to awaken with an erection!

I sport a nice chestful of hair, not a thick fur, but attractive enough that reaches down to my pubic area. Now with my belly being shaved, it does look unique! I could moon anyone with my belly! Granted my belly bulges a bit, but not as much as a pregnant female in her last trimester, so it does resemble a full moon now that it is shaved as smooth as a baby's bottom! When wearing low-rise shorts so as not to reveal my privates, I could show you my moon by unbuttoning my shirt and unzipping my jeans. We'd all get a great big laugh! All I need yet is to have painted a big smile on my abdomen and my navel would make my smooth abdomen look like the one-eyed Cyclops from ancient literature! Oh, if the smile were painted low enough, my love wand would look like the Cyclop's tongue hanging out, desperately in need of attention!

Oh, yes, one more detail, so that the doctor would be certain to operate on the correct side, an attendant had me initial with a black felt-tipped pen the side which was scheduled for surgery! It must have been indelible ink because it survived the 'scrub' and shave job. My belly moon in the shape of a serving platter is nicely framed by a light coat of hair around it! In summary, in an attempt to forget my pain, my moon remains the most humorous part of my surgery. I can't make up my mind whether to go back to the wellness center for exercise after which while showering the other males might snicker and make me embarrassed or whether to go and enjoy the laughter. Any advice will be welcome. Thanks in advance!

Although this ditty is overly long already as a way of passing time while recuperating and coping with my low-grade pain, I was pleased to note that after my morning nap a bit ago, less than 48 hours after awakening from surgery, that I was sporting an erection. I had been hesitant to work up an orgasm, fearing that, because coughing hurts, the tension might be uncomfortable where there is already quite a bit of pressure from the mesh being sewed in place to keep my abdomen floor up, but was considering giving it a try to see if it really feels as good as I remember. So I started pumping slowly and gently and was pleasantly surprised to feel how good my love wand felt internally-but stopped because I was expecting a phone call. I'm about ready to go for it now after typing this!

Keep tickling everybody! Life is too short and too full of disappointments not to enjoy life when we can. I enjoy your stories, especially those written by females. The one posted July 4 titled 'Chasing Waterfalls' is my most recent favorite! Those of us who have read it could have lots of internal fun about discussing 'going to the falls' without anyone else listening in on the conversation knowing at all what we are talking about! We could ask each other 'Have been to the falls recently?' The responses could vary from, 'Oh, yes! I went last night and it was great!' or 'No, I have not been there recently, but am planning to go after work today!' Other responses could go like this, 'I most enjoy the falls when they are running full!' and 'The entire setting is so unique, I could spend a lot of time there just enjoying being surrounded by the scenery, the sounds, and the water!' and 'Meet you at the falls!' RC



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