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Monster Cousin

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Me(22) and Thomas(18) on an unusual road-trip. Please comment!


Hi. This happened just a couple of weeks ago when me, John, and my cousin, Thomas, were on a road-trip in Europe. We are both straight.

I did not afford a proper holiday this year and thought a road trip would be fun. My cousin, Thomas who is 18, came along since he neither could afford any holiday.

So, we went off, in my car, on a really hot day and I could barely stand the heat. When we had driven a little out of town Thomas had already taken his shirt off, and said 'you mind if I take off my shorts?' I didn't so I told him sure. So he sat there next to me only in his briefs. Thomas is really fit, does a lot of lifting and sports, the sight of him kind of turned me on!

Me and Thomas had spoken about jerking off and showed each other our cocks when we were younger, so we knew how we looked like down there. Well so I thought, I could clearly see through his briefs that little Thomas was definately not so 'little' anymore! It had been a good five years since I saw his cock last time and it was really the size of my little finger back then. Now it looked like he was packing a good one under there!

Anyway, we drove for about two hours when I was soaking in sweat, the car had no air-conditioning, it was broken, and only one window could be open. It was a really bad car. I pulled over along the road, in the middle of nowhere, and I just had to strip. getting back in the car in only my boxers. Thomas did not mind, after all he was in his boxers too.

Getting back on the road, we started talking about girls and sex and stuff, really going in to detail aboud our sex with our girls. Thomas had just broke up with his girlfriend and he confessed to me that he had not gotten any action in a while since the relationship was really tense the last weeks. 'I see that' I said nodding to his growing cock. He got a little embarrassed and said he was sorry. 'No worries dude, it's OK, it's been a while with me too, as you can see', he had not seen my semi hard. 'by the way, it looks like you have grown a bit since we showed off our cocks last time' yeah, he said, I guess so, have you grown at all?' I said that I could not remember how long I was when I was 17, but I didn't think so. 'then maybe I have passed you then' he said with this cocky grin on his face. 'Oh I don't think so dude, that little pinky-finger you had couldn't possibly grow that much!' I said. Then he got a little quiet a while, and I thought maybe I had offended him or something. What I didn't notice was that he had been rubbing a while and suddenly he said, 'I think I out-grew you John...' he had pulled down his briefs and showed me the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life! It was huge, both long and thick! and with a big head on it, it looked like an Anaconda or something!

Dude, thats huge! I said and almost drove off the road staring at his cock. 'Maybe we should stop, so I can see yours too' he proposed, and I was really getting a boner so I thought 'fuck it'. I found a hidden place off the main road by a lake and pulled over. I pulled down my boxers and showed it to Thomas. 'Good one, he said. But just not good enough'. My younger cousin had outgrown me, and when I was looking at his cock now, it had gone soft and was still bigger than mine!

How big is it really? I asked, and got to know that it was full 9'! My 6' were babies compared to him. I had gotten really horny after this, and Thomas asked if I wondered why he wanted to see my cock. I hadn't really thought about it, but yeah, I did. 'because I always wanted to do this' he said and reached over and grabbed my cock with his hand. I was stunned, my cousin was jerking me off in my car! I did not know what to do, but did not stop him. I was so turned on by this situation I almost came at once. I started grunting and Thomas slowed down almost stopping his hand. 'why don't you find out how it is to jerk off a 9' cock then' he asked. and I did. As I grabbed his cock he let out a soft moan, and I discovered that I could not get my hand all the way around his cock.

Thomas was jerking me to the edge and stopping all the time, while I struggled to understand how a cock could get this big in five years. After maybe 20 minutes of jerking, Thomas got close to cumming, and said he wanted to blow his load himself, OK I said and he grabbed his own cock with his other hand, jerking us both at the same time. He blew his load on his chest and stomach, and what a load it was! 'wow I said, must be a long time since last time!' He just smiled and took his load and put it on my cock using it as lube. If I wasn't turned on already this was like going to heaven, I never felt such a sensation before! getting straight to the edge at once he did it. Thomas saw I was about to cum and started jerking my cock furiously! I blew my load right on his face and all over myself and him, now we were both covered in cum.

We had to get cleaned up and jumped in the lake, skinny dipping. I got hard again and so did Thomas. Round two was beginning....



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