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Mom's Toys

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I just recently found this site.


Hello. I am 20 years old, but I want to share something that happened to me about six years ago.

I remember that I was in the eighth grade, and I had just met this girl named Jenny, who had just moved from a different state. We hung out together and became friends. I had been masturbating since I was 13, as well as Jenny. We discussed the topic one day and she told me how and when she learned how.

A few months later, I invited her over after school so we could hang out and work on our homework together. She thought it was a good idea, so one day after school she rode the bus home with me. My mom was single, and she worked longer hours than most, so she was not home a lot of times, but she was okay with Jenny coming over to our house.

When we arrived at my house, we chatted for a while and then began working on our homework. There was a specific question that we did not know the answer to, so we decided that we would see if we could find the answer on the internet. We put in a question on a search engine that read something like What are the vibrations of a sound wave or something like that. We hit the search button and there were many different links, but one of them read 'girls gets orgasm with vibrations.' I was curious, and Jenny saw it too, so I clicked on it.

I was surprised with what came up, it was several pictures of this attractive woman using a vibrator to masturbate. I quickly closed it out because I did not want my mother to find out or anything. I knew what a vibrator was, but I never had the opportunity to use or see one.

Jenny said that her mom keeps a secret box of some of those in there. I was slightly puzzled and excited at the same time. I did not think that many people used vibrators. She also said that my mom probably has some hidden in her room as well. I said that that was rubbish and my mom did not use those kind of things. She suggested that we should look anyway, and I agreed. I really never went into my mom's room because she never allowed me in there for various reasons. Probably because she was masturbating.

Anyway, we slowly opened her door, and started to search in places that looked like a good hiding place. At first it was the dresser, but nothing. The same with the closet and under the bed. We could not find anything, but then I saw that there was a cabinet under the sink in her bathroom. I found this small shoe box. We opened it and to my surprise there was five different types of toys. Two were just dildos shaped like penises and did not vibrate. The other three were vibrators that were actually very strong.

I was surprised and Jenny was laughing. I suggested that we should try them out, so we took them back to my room. I had never masturbated with Jenny before, nor had I even seen her nude. At first I did not want to get naked in front of her, but then I was getting more and more horny and I thought what the hell, I'll go with it.

She took off her clothes first, and she was gorgeous. She had a great hourglass figure, blonde hair to her shoulders, still developing breast, and a nice ass. She also had a mound of black pubic hair on her vagina. She laid her panties on the floor and I made the joke that she was really wet because the wet spot was about the size of a tennis ball. She giggled and told me that it was my turn to take off my clothes.

So I sighed, took off my clothes, and watched her stare at me. I was brunette, with skinny body and breast that were slightly smaller than her's, but not much. I also had a smaller ass and a little less public hair than her. (It was not until later that we realized it was so much nicer if you shaved your vagina.) She was just a bit more developed than me. I laid my panties down and I was even wetter than her, which I was not aware of, but it made me even more horny.

So we each took one of the toys that vibrated, and inserted it into our vagina's, to me, it felt great to have something besides my fingers inside of me. I began to move it in and out faster and faster. Jenny was doing the same, only she seemed more experienced at it. We both continued to do this until I was anticipating an orgasm that hit me like a wave of water when it arrived. Jenny did the same soon after me. I loved the feeling so we continued to do this until both of us had three orgasms, then we stopped. I had a small wet spot on the bed, but Jenny had more.

This was a first time for me, but as we went along our high school career, we did this often when my mother was gone, and sometimes at her house when her parents are gone. We are both married now, she has kids, but I don't. We are good friends and every once in a while we will relive our childhood experiences.

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