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Mom's Show

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While growing up, I lived in a small house with my mom, dad, and sister, and as a result there was little privacy. My parents, especially mom seemed quite uptight about sexual matters, so they did not provide anything in the way of sex ed. Being a healthy young boy, I was very curious, not only about the female body, but about my own also. From an early age, I handled my penis whenever I had the chance, trying to recreate the amazing feeling I got in my groin when I would 'shinny' up a tree. At about the age of 13, I discovered masturbation, but had never heard the word before, and had no idea tha's what ai was doing while 'playing with myself'(my mother's term).
It was my habit at times, when in the bathroom sitting on the toilet, to squeeze my penis between my legs, and then alternately move them up and down until I got a hard on. At this point, I would usually stop, and just enjoy the feeling of the hard on. On one day, it felt so good, I just kept moving my legs, even stuffing my penis back between my legs when it popped up as a result of being so erect. Eventually, I had a real intense feeling came over me, and this white stuff came shooting outof my penis. It was a marvelous feeling, I didn't know what had happened, but I knew I liked it. For some time before this, I had been waking up with a wet spot on my pajama bottoms, but didn't know what it was; I was sure that I couldn't ask my parents about it so I didn't.After that experience, I masturbated at least once a day, if not more, whenever I could find any privacy. Living in a small home, my bedroom during this time, was a corner of the livingroom, so I had to wait for everyone else to go to bed before I would masturbate in bed. Sometimes my mom would get up for a drink or a smoke after going to bed, and to do so, she had to go through the livingroom.
If she detected any movement from me, she would ask what I was doing, and just from her demeanor, I got the idea that she didn't approve of me 'playing with myself'.Because of the closeness of living in the small house, I had opportunities to kind of spy on my mom and sister, mostly mom, though, as I was growing up, catching fleeting glimpses of the 'good' parts of her body; breasts and hairy crotch area.One time when I was in high school, mom and I were at home alone in the evening, dad being out of town for a few days, and my sister being on a late date. I was watching TV, when mom got up and went into her bedroom from the livingroom. The doorway to her bedroom was across from the couch I was sitting on and had only a curtain, not a door to close. I saw, but didn't take note right away, that she didn't pull the curtain, which was more than half open. She then turned on the overhead light, and began to undress; this really caught my attention, although she had her back to me. After taking off the last piece of clothing, her underwear, she turned around, facing me, and fiddled with something on the bed beside her.
In the process of straightening up she appeared to look right at me watching her, she then paused, giving me a real good look at her naked body from a distanse of about 15 feet, at the most. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. For the next approximately 10 minutes, she walked in and out of my clear vision area of the bedroom, still completely naked. During this time she stood in front of her mirror (in profile to me),and cupped her breasts in her hands and looked at them in the mirror, bouncing them a little. She also kind of fluffed up her pubic har with her fingers a couple of times, once while facing me. She finally grabbed her nightgown from a hook, and lowered it over her head while facing toward me. She then went into the bathroom, which was off her bedroom.I was so turned on, I stripped off my clothes without really thinking about it, then laid back on the couch, just looking at my raging erection. About that time mom stepped back into the room.
I didn't notice her until she asked rather angrily what I was doing. I told her that it my turn to put on a show for her after the one she had given me. She got a little red-faced but denied knowing what I was talking about, until I mentioned the curtain, the light, the length of time it took her to get dressed , and the fact that she'd looked right at me at least half a dozen times.This got her a bit flustered and she stammered a bit, and after sitting in a chair less than 3 feet from where I was still stark naked and in a very excited condition, mom confirmed that, yes it was no accident that I'd seen her naked. It was surprising, to me that she had knowingly exposed her naked body to me. She muttered some explanation about me being an age when I should know what a woman's body was like, so that I wouldn't be getting myself in trouble with trying to exercise my curiosity on my own. At this point, I was still naked on the couch, and she was sitting there facing me.
She hadn't mentioned my nakedness since she'd walked into the room.I make a quick decision and decided to press her to show me again. I told mom that I hadn't gotten a good look, because of the distance, and the light was behind her casting shadows(actually I'd gotten some real good looks, except at her crotch, which had a very lush covering of hair). At first, she that the show was over and that there would be no more. I knew my mom well enough that when she said no, she meant no. I had pretty much given up that idea, when all of a sudden, with no more hesitation or stammering asked me what part I'd like to see again. Later, after thinking about it, I kicked myself for not saying all parts. Being caught so unaware, and not believing my luck, I just pointed to her lap and said that. If the question surprised me, I was blown away by what she did next.
Without hesitation, mom reached down, grabbed the hem of her nightgown, and pulled it up to her waist. At the same time, she scooted ahead to the front of the chair seat, leaning back and spreading her legs at the same time. I was suddenly in heaven, there was a real live pussy right in front of my face. It was very beautiful, the paired, slightly parted puffed up lips below all that dark curly pussy hair. I then completely lost control, and took a hold of my rigid penis, which I'd absentmindedly rubbed a few times while having the above conversation with mom. With my eyes fixed on that beautiful hairy pussy less than 3 feet from my face, I just went wild, pumping my hand up and down the shaft of my rock hard penis, quickly bringing myself to orgasm. That was without a doubt, the most exciting climax I'd ever had. The first spasm shot a big wad of cum almost to my chin, at least 3 more spasms of diminishing strength pumped more squirts of cum onto my belly.
As I started to relax, coming down from the excitement of masturbating in front of my mom, I just laid there and looked at her exposed hairy crotch area. Finally, mom stood up and handed me some kleenex telling me to get cleaned up. As I was doing that, she got out my pajamas, and told me it was time to get dressed.After I got dressed, she again sat down in the chair, this time being all covered over. She was once again confident and in control. She told me that she'd hoped I'd learned something, and that this was would not happen again. Mom also said that we wouldn't discuss it or tell anyone about it; that being unnecessary, I knew that I couldn't tell anyone,I didn't want to tell anyone. I just wanted to savor the memories for myself. I then started to apologize for 'playing with myself' in front of her. She told me I didn't need to apologize, that she understood why I was so excited, and that in fact she had caused me to be excited. She then floored me when she said it really didn't bother her, because she had seen me do it before. I started to question her, but she cut me off. In the last part of the conversation on the subject, she told me that she still didn't approve of masturbation, but understood my urges.
With that in mind, mom told me she would rather I 'play with myself' than get a girl pregnant. She also told me to make that I did it in private.True to her word, mom's show was never repeated, nor was the subject ever brought up. However, about twenty years later, in the early 80's, shortly after my father passed away, I was having a conversation with my mother over a cup of coffee. Out of the blue mom told me that it had been all my dad's idea, that she didn't want to do it, but he had forced her. She then mentioned something about how her opinion had changed. Probably because she mentioned my dad, I was at a loss to understand what she was talking about, and said so. She just said with a quick little grin, that she couldn't believe I didn't remember. She then dropped it, and I knew better than try to pursue it. It didn't dawn on me until a couple of hours later, when I'd returned to my own home, that she was refeing to her little show.Contrary to her impression, I have never forgotten that night. In fact, those images etched in my brain have given me many hours of masturbatory fantasy, even though it has been at least 40 years since 'mom's show'.



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