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Mom's Rubber Mask

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One day around Halloween I came home from school like I usually did and walked though the kitchen to say 'Hi' to mom on my way upstairs to my room. Only instead of seeing mom, I saw a lady I had never seen before. I was a little nervous and a bit curious. I said,'Hi can I help you?' She just stared though her dark sunglasses. She then reached under her neck and pulled off a very realistic mask and wig to reveal my mom. She just sort of laughed and said,'Fooled you didn't I?' That wasn't the half of it. I began to get very hard, very fast at what had just happened. Hearing that rubber stretch and then hearing a loud, audible snap as the mask pulled away from her face was arousing to say the least.

Mom was trying out her disguise for a Halloween party she was going to a few days away. I told her how incredible the mask and wig was. To say my mom is attractive is an understatment. She has the body most cheerleaders would envy, and a pretty face to match. People always tell her she looks like the actress Anne Archer: short brown hair, pretty smile and perky boobs. Her mask was of a pretty lady's face with a shoulder-length blonde wig in contrast to her own.

I always loved masked women. Seeing women on TV or in person wearing a mask makes me hard instantly. I taped all the old 'Mission Impossible' episodes where there is a female agent pulling a rubber mask of the women she's about to replace over her face, and then peeling it off in a very erotic way at the end of the mission. Watching the actress work the mask back and forth over her face to get a proper fit is my favorite.

Countless times I'd be up in my room the door locked jerking my cock to those shows I had taped. I would repeatedly slow the tape down and enjoy the masking scene to its fullest and then freeze frame it just before I came.I would practice edging for as long as I could. I held it and then shot some enormous loads. To me, it was just as good as having porn tapes in my room and mom would never know the difference.

I could always keep the fantasy fresh by picturing my mom's friends, teachers, and female classmates at school having rubber masks made of their faces and being replaced by other sexy women. Of course, they would have to have the same height and build as the ones they would disguise themselves as, and the sky was the limit. Other variations were endless: teachers masked as other teachers, my aunt masked as a classmate young enough to be her daughter, or mom's best friend masked as the waitress in the local diner. Picturing the mask and wig stretched over a wigstand can get me wet with precum in a flash.

Even if a woman wore a lot of foundation on her face and looked like she was wearing a mask, she could become the focus of my jerk off session that night. The mature ladies that had some loose skin on their neck that made them looked masked was another favorite. My friend at school has a very mask-like face and is very pretty. She has brown eyes and brown hair and wears alot of foundation only and no other makeup. She has a habit of pushing on her face with both hands to smooth out her makeup mask which really gets me going especially in the morning. Once it was a dry winter day and she looked at me and said,'I feel like I'm wearing a mask.' Instantly I got a wet spot in my underwear and a huge cumshot in my room when I got home that day.

From the above, it's not to hard to understand why I ran to my room after mom unmasked and had one of the best and shortest masturbation sessions of my life. I was already wet with precum. I layed on my back and stroked my cock thinking about mom's mask for only about five minutes before I erupted. The cum shot over my stomach on my chest, face and hair and onto the headboard of the bed. That was one for the record books. I had to clean up and shower and be ready for dinner later on.

Mom was down stairs making dinner and asked was there something wrong? I asked her what she was talking about. She said I always gave her a kiss when I got home from school. I told her she was wearing another woman's face at the time. She laughed and said,'Oh that's right I almost forgot.' I sure as hell didn't,I thought to myself. So I gave her a kiss and then it happened: I could still smell the latex on her face from the mask.I had sweatpants on and started to get hard thinking about a dream I had months before.

It involved the lady across the street making a plaster mold of mom's face and making a life-like rubber mask from the mold. She was mom's exact height and build,they even borrowed each other's dresses. This lady had short blonde hair and probably the same size boobs as mom. She bought a wig that matched mom's hairstyle perfectly. So with the mask and wig she was ready to go. I snuck into her bedroom closet and watched her pull mom's rubbery likeness over her face. Seeing though her disguise already I kept silent to see how well she played the role of mom. I grabbed her boobs from behind and she yelled at me in mom's voice. I finally couldn't take it any more once I smelled the latex mask on her face, just like in real life. She promised me a blowjob with or without the mask if I wanted as long as I wouln't tell what she was up to. She was even wearing mom's wedding ring to make switch complete. Needless to say my cock felt like it was about to explode and just then the alarm clock goes off. That figures. But I did get to a shoot three foot long spurt of cum all over the shower curtain that morning thinking of mom's replacement.

I just had to cum on mom's mask and wig she was wearing to that party.The next day I knew she was working late so thought about it all day in school until I got home. I entered her room and saw the mask and wig in plain sight on her wigstand. My cock started to twitch and I felt that familiar wet spot in my pants. I smelled the latex and pulled the mask from the stand. I took it in both hands and started to stretch it back and forth. I pulled my already fully erect cock out and stuck it though the mouth of the mask and stroked furiously with it. Now very close to cumming, I put the mask back on the wigstand along with the wig and stroked just a few inches from it and let loose with eight streams of cum that seemed to just keep shooting forever. I'm glad I didn't get any on the wig but now mom's dresser had cum all over it as did her mask. I cleaned as much of the mask as I could. She was pretty cool about alot of stuff. I sure didn't want her to know I came on her Halloween mask. I know mom masturbates and has a few dildos and sex magazines to boot, but like she said,'You can have fantasies about anything you want, it's bringing it to reality that can get you into trouble.'



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