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Mom's Confession

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Recently mom and I were enjoying a glass or two of wine on a Saturday evening and discussing a variety of subjects. At one point the subject of my mom and dad's divorce of four years came up. Mom told me that she misses dad and that she was primarily the reason for the divorce. This was news to me so I asked for more details. Mom said dad couldn't handle her having sexual relations with women!

You could have knocked me off the couch I was that stunned by what I just heard. Mom informed me that she considers herself bi-sexual and probably likes sex with women better than with a man. In this case, my dad. She went on to tell me how good it is and that it is such an intense experience. I never told mom before but for several years I have harboured thoughts on what it might be like to experience sex with a woman. I'm twenty one and have had sex with three different boys/men for a total of about fifteen or so times. All three experiences were pretty much the same and didn't do a whole lot for me. It seemed that they were just interested in sticking it in me and cumming. I never climaxed at any time.

That night I shared with mom my thoughts on having sex with a female. Mom then said we would discuss this further tomorrow and she said, 'let me see what I can do.' The next afternoon mom told me that she had spoken with one of her friends who was very attractive with a great body and would love to have sex with me. I couldn't believe that my own mother had arranged for me to have sex with a friend of hers. How weird was that??

I called her and we talked for awhile and arranged a time in three days when I would visit her. Her husband would be working then. The next few days all I could think about was what was going to happen at Ginny's house. I was a combination of excited, nervous, apprehensive, and even a bit scared that the experience might not be what I hoped for.

Ginny greeted me at her door and I immediately became even more excited. Ginny was more than just attractive, she was stunning. Long skinny legs, big tits and thick dark hair with nearly black eyes. I would call her exotic. She looked like she might be Spanish or Mediterranian, I'm not sure. Once inside we talked for about a half hour and then she asked me if I were ready. I sure was!!

We went to a spare bedroom and she asked me if I minded if she act as the leader. I was fine with that. Ginny told me to take off my clothes except for my bra and panties. She did the same. I grew even more excited and stimulated as I stood there looking at her body. Forty six and she was built better than me. Even with her dark green bra I could see the dark outline of her areolas which were amazingly wide and seemed to cover nearly a third of her tits. I knew mine looked like those of a boy compared to her.

Once on the bed we began kissing and in seconds our tongues were touching. Feelings of electricity were running through me and down to my groin. I now so much wanted to remove her bra. I'm getting myself all worked up as I write this. Ginny traced lines all over my chest and my belly with her nail. It felt so nice. She reached down and ran her nails along the inside of my leg and up to my crotch but she stopped there. Now I wanted to pull off my panties as well as hers.

She went back to kissing me and I started to hump the air. I sat up and Ginny undid my bra. She immediately began to play with my little nipples and fondle my tits. She then took one nipple in her mouth and teased it with her tongue. I could feel her gently bite the nipple and then stop and then bite again repeatedly. Each time she bit it a little harder. I humped the air harder and Ginny whispered to me, 'soon.' She then stopped and told me to sit up. She got on her back and had me now pleasing her. I tried to take my time but I wanted so much to take off her bra and panties as well as my own. Ginny then sat up and removed her bra. Her tits were quite big and as I said, her areolas were enormous and nearly as dark as her hair.

I immediately grabbed both tits and started squeezing them. I bent down and put a nipple into my mouth. I just kept sucking and then I started rubbing the inside of her leg. She had her legs now wide open. Now she stopped me and again we reversed roles. Ginny grabbed the elastic of my panties. She said, 'do you want me to fuck you?' I just nodded my head. Ginny sat up and went to her night table drawer and pulled out a very thick plastic rod. She rubbed it between my legs and got it real wet and then she kept spitting on it. Then she put it into my pussy hole. My hole was really stretched because I never had anything this thick up me.

At first it hurt a little but she moved it in real slow. Ginny then pumped it in and out while rapidly rubbing my clit with her other hand. She then stopped rubbing me and had me open my legs even wider while she began to rub my clit. I had my knees up in the air as high as they would go. In just a couple of minutes I had a tremendously intense orgasm followed by that feeling of release. I lay there panting while Ginny continued moving the rod in and out. She then slowly pulled it out of me. After a minute of so she got on her back and I did to her what she had done to me.

I was so pleased with myself in that I had made this extremely sexy woman nearly beg me to let her cum. Just when I thought her spasms were getting intense I would stop and let her lie there panting and then I would start again. All the while I kept ramming that rod in and out of her. It went into her real easy and actually seemed somewhat loose. When she finally orgasmed I actually saw stuff (fluid) comming out of her pee hole. There was enough that it made a stain on the sheet. She told me to lick it off her but I wouldn't do it. I knew I would throw up if I did.

This experience was way beyond wonderful and I finally learned what good sex was all about. Ginny and I made plans right then in the bed for when we would get together again. She asked me if I would be interested in having sex with one of her friends and I eagerly said, 'most definitely.'

When I told my mom about how great this experience was she was very happy for me. I'm not quite sure about this next part. Mom got very serious and asked me if I would ever consider having a sexual experience with her. I asked her to let me think about it. I really don't see a problem with this. It's not like she could become pregnant. I would love to see her naked. I'm leaning in that direction. I guess it's not so much an issue about the sexual act as it is about the mental part of doing these things with your mother.

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