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Mom is a Good Teacher

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I like to read the stories on Solo and I have jacked off at the computer almost everyday while reading. Being able to read these stories has made me feel better about my experiences with my mother. My mom divorced my dad when I was only 12 and when he moved out of state I decided to stay with my mom so I could stay in my school without having to move away. I am 17 now and my mom and I are very good friends. She works hard and she has not really dated alot since my dad divorced her five years ago. My mom has never been a prude about her body and it is not unusual for me to walk in and use the bathroom while she is taking a bath. I didn't think alot about it until one day when I was talking to her and she was shaving her legs. Although I have seen her nice tits before I never stared at her. When she was shaving her legs and raising her legs one at time I was able to see her hairy pussy for the first time up close. I tried not to stare but I could see her pussy lips as she did this and I got a hardon. As she reached for something I walked out of the room and as I went to my room I took out my cock and began to jack off. Even though it was my mom I was excited from seeing a pussy up close for the first time. I came all over my chest and then cleaned myself up. Later that week I had just gotten out of the shower and was standing in front of the mirror naked after just drying off. Mom came in and said she needed to use the bathroom and since we only have one I didn't think anything about it. As I was combing my hair mom laughed at me and told me my butt was really getting hairy lately as she squeezed my ass. Since the bathroom is so small she was only a few inches behind me. Then mom told me I was really getting muscled up and she began to rub on my shoulders. This physical contact caused my cock to grow but I still had my back to her. To my suprise mom reached around and started to stroke my cock as she told me I was obviously growing up to be a big young man. Although it was weird to have my mom touch my cock I was still rock hard. Mom asked me if I masturbated alot and I laughed and told her I did at least once a day. Mom told me that it was nothing to be ashamed of and that it was healthy for me to do. She then asked me to turn around and as I did my throbbing cock was only inches from her face! She continued to stroke my hard cock and she asked me if it turned me on to see her shave her legs the other day. At first I told her no and then she told me she peeked in my room and saw me jacking off to orgasm. As she was stroking my cock she told me it was all right to get hard and then jack off because it was natural for a teenage boy. She asked me if it felt good when she rubbed my cock and I told her yes. She told me it was not right to have intercourse with me but she told me she wanted me to come while she stroked my cock. Mom or not my cock was throbbing now and I told her I was going to come. She kissed the head and then rubbed my cock on her nice tits and I started to come all over her chest and neck. It was so sexy to see my come run down her chest onto her nice firm tits. Mom has jacked me off a number of times since then and she has even sucked on my shaft and balls to get me more excited before she finishes me off with her hands. The other day as I woke up and went down stairs mom was in the kitchen with just a night shirt on and as I came up behind her I massaged her tits from behind and rubbed my cock on her ass. She turned around and got on her knees and gave me a long sloppy blowjob as she was rubbing her pussy with her hand. It was so erotic to look down at her and see her mouth stuffed full of my cock as she massaged my balls. Mom came at least three times and as she looked up at me with my cock still deep in her mouth I came in her mouth for the first time and she swallowed all my come! Talk about sexy! Mom and I never really talk about our sex and sometimes she puts a finger to my mouth after she has got me off as if she just wants to please me and not talk about it. At this time I know will start having sex with other girls but I'm really enjoying my time with my mom as my teacher.



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