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Mom and Me

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Masturbation was a natural part of growing up in our family


I never realised it until I became an adult that I have been masturbating all of my life. My cock was always hard and I loved to play with my foreskin especially in bed at night. Being uncircumcised I had the nightly ritual when taking a bath to pull the foreskin back and wash it properly. As a child my Mother always gave me a bath and performed the task for me which felt real good. I think when I was about six or seven I had got a hard on as my Mother was washing my cock. I remember it was kinda cute in that my cock was sticking out of the bath water. My Mother called it 'Up Periscope' From that time on it was automatic each time I took a bath to have the 'Periscope' pop up.

The first time I ejaculated was at the age of 12 and it was during a time when I had thought my Mom had gone shopping with my older sister. I wanted to masturbate so I undressed and got on my bed. My feet were under the covers and I was going along nicely stroking the foreskin back and forth. The bedroom door was open. I didn't hear my Mother come home until she said 'Hi, I'm home' from the doorway. I jumped up and was embarrassed. Mom laughed and came in and sat on my bed. She told me not to be embarrassed, what I was doing was natural and very normal. Mom took my cock in her hand and gave it a little stroke back and forth for me. She started for her room and told me to go ahead and finish if I wanted.

I asked her if I should close the door. She said only if I wanted to, it wasn't necessary, so I kept masturbating. When mom finished changing clothes she stopped in my doorway again. She asked where Sis was and if I wanted lunch when I was done. Again I was surprised but kept slowly masturbating. Mom asked if I was squirting stuff yet. I told her no. She left and was back shortly with a towel. Mom sat down next to me and began to stroke my cock and foreskin back and forth. She asked how it felt and I said it was great. She began to pick up the pace and stroke much faster, something I have never done and it only took a minute and I came all over my stomach and the feeling was fantastic. She explained to me that I just had an orgasm and that is what guys do when they stroke their cocks. I asked if girls did it too and she said yes but it is not the same. She said that she and my sister do it all the time and it is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. It is perfectly natural. She said I should enjoy myself and do it whenever I want, but to not make a mess and to use a towel.

She also said she wanted to talk with my sister and me later. From that point on everyone was very open about masturbation. I saw my Mom and my sister doing it on a regular basis and they saw me too.



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