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Mom and Daughter Go To Nude Beach

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My name is Sue and I am a single mom with one daughter. My daughter Jenny who has just turned 19 is beautiful and is developing an incredible body. This story starts when my daughter Jenny started getting really curious about boys. So we would talk about all sorts of things related to men. Finally one day I remember that not to far away was a nude beach that I used to go to when I was single. It was a great place to check out guys. I thought maybe this would be a great way for my daughter and I to bond and get a great view at the same time. So one day I asked her if she would be interested in going to the beach. When I told her it was a nude beach her eyes lit up in shock. Then she asked if there were a lot of guys there. I told her that's why I wanted to go with her, because it would be a great way to check out men. Jenny asked me if she minded if she was naked in front of men like that. I told her not to worry about it and that with a body like hers I'm sure she would turn some heads.

When Saturday morning came she was already packed and ready to go. We both dressed very sexy, but she had me beat as always. I wore a short sun dress and a bikini under that. Jenny was wearing a short tee shirt that showed off her big chest and a short mini skirt. We got ourself together and got in the car. On the way to the beach Jenny and I had a chance to talk. I told her that she will see a lot of men there. They tend to outnumber girls by about 2 to 1. Don't be surprised if some of them stop and talk to you. That's when Jenny asked a few questions. She asked if men just walk around with their penis' hanging their, or do they cover themselves when they move around the beach? I told her most men just walk around naked all day. I told her it's a lot of fun checking out their packages. You will see men of all different sizes. As I looked over at her I could see her blush a little. She said I want to ask you another question, I just don't know how. Will there be guys their walking around happy? I knew what she was getting at by the smile on her face. Do you mean will guys have erections? Ya, she said, that's what I'm getting at. I told her that most men will not, but that it's a natural thing especially when there are naked women around. I actually think it's really sexy seeing a guy who's not ashamed to walk around with a hard-on. Jenny looked a little surprised at what I was saying but she was hanging on every word.

As we got to the parking lot we gathered our stuff and started walking. Soon we approached a sign that said that from this point on you may encounter nude sunbathers. As we looked out toward the beach we could see the beach was very crowded. As we started getting closer we started to see naked people, and as I told Jenny most were men. I could see Jenny's eyes taking in the sights. As we looked for a spot to put our blanket down Jenny said how about over there, as she pointed to an area where several men were laying out. I could tell she was liking this already. I told her sure and we walked in that direction. As we got closer, one of the men sat up and noticed us setting up our area. As Jenny and I started putting our blanket out I told her that we already have an audience. Jenny asked me if I was going to be able to take my clothes off knowing we might be watched. I said sure, why not?

As we were both about to start to take our clothes off I noticed the one guy rolled over onto his back and leaned up on his arms to get a better look at us. I didn't bother telling Jenny fearing it would make her self conscious. Instead I started pulling off my sun dress as Jenny took off her shorts and t-shirt. We were both wearing bikini's but the one Jenny had on was the skimpiest thing I ever saw. I didn't even know she wore things like that. It was small on top and barely covered her chest. The bottoms were nothing but a string that went right up her butt and only had a small patch of fabric covering her private areas. As she was about to sit down she reached behind and undid her top. That's when I did the same. As we were both standing there topless I looked over to see if we were still being watched, and sure enough we were. As I took a better look at him I could see he had a good body and a nice penis. It was just sort of laying on his thigh giving me a great look at his balls. Jenny was too busy putting her bathing suit top in her bag to check things out, but I'm sure she would take it all in soon enough.

As I started to sit down Jenny asked me if she minded if she took off her bikini bottoms and went completely nude. I told her sure honey, what ever your comfortable with. And with that she stood back up to take off her bottoms. Because they were just strings, all she had to do was just untie them. As she went for the side tie I noticed that the man watching us had his eyes fixed on my daughter. As she started to take off her bottoms I could see his penis start to grow, but it was still resting on his thigh. As she pulled the bottoms off her body I could see just how nice her body was. As Jenny was standing there I looked over at our friend and saw that he was getting turned on. His penis started to lift off his leg slowly. That's when I told Jenny what I was watching. As she was about to sit down I told her that a guy has been watching her strip and was starting to get a hard-on. So she looked over toward the group of guys and noticed the one guy facing us. By this time he had got a full erection that was standing straight up. Jennifer just said, WOW! and covered her mouth. I told her she'll probably see a lot of that today.

As we sat down we started talking about all the men. Jenny said it was really exciting being completely nude in front of so many men. Well, it wasn't long before we spotted the next guy with an erection. This time it was Jenny who said something. She said, look mom, and pointed to a guy walking straight toward us. Jenny sure had a good eye. Sure enough he was walking straight at us and he had an impressive hard-on. As he walked closer we could see how big he was. His cock stood straight out from his body and was about 7 inches in length. As I looked over at Jenny I could see she had her eyes fixed right on his hard-on. Then as he was just about to walk past us Jenny smiled at him and said hello. The next thing I know this great looking guy with his huge erection stopped right in front of us and said hello back. That's when he asked us what our names were. I told him I was Sue and that this is my daughter Jenny. He said his name was Chris. As he stood in front of us his fully erect cock was pointing straight at us. That's when Jenny said to him, my mom and I couldn't help but notice how much you were enjoying yourself. He apologized and told us it was his first time here. I told him not to worry about it. I said it was my daughters first time here too. I was telling her that it wasn't unusual to see a guy with an erection but now I'll have to explain that not all men are as big as you. When I said that my daughter looked completely embarrassed. Then he said thanks for the compliment and that maybe we would see each other later. With that he walked away.

When he was far enough away Jenny said to me I can't believe you just told him he had a big penis. Why, he did, right? Ya he did, Jenny answered. I couldn't believe he just stood their talking to us with that huge thing pointing right at us. I think he enjoyed showing himself off to us. I thought it was hot how his cock stood straight out like it did. And even though he was so hard, his balls seemed to be hanging low. I knew Jenny was getting a good look at him as he was talking to us. You were really checking him out weren't you, I said. How could I not with his massive hard-on only a few feet from my face? Then she thanked me for coming up with such a great idea. I told her I was going to get some drinks and would be right back.

As I was walking back to our blanket I noticed that there was another guy talking to Jenny. As I got closer I could see he was young and had to be about my daughters age. As I was about to sit down Jenny introduced me to him and told me I was her mother. He said his name was Brian. As I sat back down Jenny asked Brian if he would mind rubbing lotion on her back. He said sure and Jen stood up in front of him. I started to like watching the effect my daughter had on men. As she stood up her firm tits stood straight out and I could see Brian was taking it all in. She handed him the lotion and turn her back to him. He started with her shoulders then worked his way down her back. As he started to get to her ass he stopped and put more lotion in his hand. As I was watching them I noticed his cock start to grow. I think he was to into what he was doing to realize what was happening.

By the time he got done rubbing lotion on Jen's ass he was standing at attention. I didn't want to embarrass him so I didn't say anything. But when my daughter turned around she saw it right away. She said, Oh my god did I do that to you? That's when he got real embarrassed and put his hands over his erection. Jenny handled the situation well and told him not to worry about it. That it didn't offend either of us. He said he was too shy to walk down the beach like this and could he just sit with us until he settled down. I said sure and Jenny moved over so he could sit with us. As he sat down and lay back I could see the affect Jenny was having on him. His penis was so hard that it was throbbing to his heartbeat. As he lay there I noticed Jenny checking him out. So I said to her why don't you offer to put some sun screen on him because he looks like he is starting to burn.

So she smiled and turned to him and asked if she could put lotion on him. He of course said yes. So Jenny started rubbing lotion on his chest and slowly worked her way down to his waist. As she got down to his erection I was curious as to what she was going to do. She spent a few minutes working the lotion all around his cock, but didn't touch it. That's when she looked back at me and I told her you should do his penis so it doesn't burn. She said, are you sure you don't mind mom? And I told her not at all and to enjoy herself. So I watched as my daughter put more lotion in her hands and started rubbing it all over his hard cock. I was glad to see her having such a good time. I watched as she started rubbing his balls and playing with then. Then she started stroking the entire length of his shaft. I could tell she has done this before. That's when I told her she should make him cum so his hard-on subsides. He just looked at me in amazement as I gave my daughter permission to jerk him off. That's when Jennifer started stroking him so fast that her big boobs were bouncing with her rythym. Brian told her he was about to shoot. So Jenny told him to kneel near the edge of the blanket that way he didn't shoot all over our blanket. As he got into position she grabbed his shaft again and started jerking him. Just as he was about to cum two women walked by. That's when he started shooting his load. They were both surprised to see that he was cumming and put their hands over their mouth as they watched what was happening. When he was done shooting they both clapped and kept walking. He said thanks for the help and said he didn't want to impose any more. We both waved goodbye as he left.

I could see Jenny was a little embarrassed at what just took place. I told her it looked like she was having fun. Jenny said that she couldn't believe she just gave a guy a hand job at a beach in front of her mother. I told her I knew she would have fun here. We spent the next few hours talking and checking out all the naked men. Jenny even pointed out one guy in the distance who was jerking off. I told her that by the end of the day most guys are ready to explode and that it's not that unusual. She asked if I would mind if she asked him to come over and give us a show. I told her sure go have fun. I watched as she walked in his direction. As she started getting closer he stopped touching himself. But within just a few short moments of talking to him he got up and was walking back over to our spot. As he started getting closer I could see once again she had a good eye. He was a young guy with a great body. But what really surprised me was the size his cock. It was about 8 inches long and very thick. As he walked it stood straight out from his body and was very stiff. His balls were bouncing back and forth as he walked. As they got back to our blanket he introduced himself. I told Jenny she really knows how to pick'em. Jenny said she already told him he had the biggest hard-on they have seen all day.

We both sat back and watched as he stood in front of us and started stroking himself. We both watched as his balls kept bouncing back and forth with his rythym. As he started getting into it Jenny sat up and kneeled in front of him. At first I thought she wanted a closer look, but she reached out and cupped his balls as he kept going at it. I watched as my daughters face was within inches of his enormous shaft. Before long she had his cock in her hand and was stroking him. That's when she stopped stroking him and took her finger tip and started playing with the tip of his cock. The head of his cock was swollen and red. His stomach muscles jumped as she did this. She was having a great time playing with this guys big unit. Then she looked at me and motioned for me to join her. So I went over a knelt down next to her. Jenny said feel how hard he is. Then I reached up and held his cock in my hand. I could barely get my fingers around it.

As I started to stroke him Jenny whispered in my ear that she wanted to make him come, and would that be o.k. with me? I said sure. Knowing what was going to happen I just stroked him a few more times. As I let go of his shaft Jenny moved in closer and started stroking him again. She held his hard-on up and started rubbing and squeezing his balls. Before long she was running her young fingers up and down the length of his entire shaft. When she got to the tip of his cock she slowly started to pull his skin over the head. Then she started rubbing more and more as his cock got even harder. I was surprised by how well she was handling such a big cock. She started to really go at it. I was watching her rub up and down his shaft as he and I made eye contact. She must have felt that he was about to cum because she started going even faster then he started shooting his load. The first shot went right over my daughters shoulder and hit me on the legs. Then Jenny grabbed his cock and pointed it right at her. By the time the second shot happened it landed right on her chin. Then she pointed his cock down toward her tits and let him cum on them. I have never seen a guy ever shoot such a load. Jenny had this guys cum all over her chest and dripping from her face and he still wasn't done. When he finally stopped cumming she said thanks for the show. As we all said our good byes he walked back to his blanket.

As Jenny started to clean the cum off of her chest I asked her if she had ever seen a guy shoot so much. She said never. You did a damn good job of jacking his dick, I told her. Jenny told me she just wasn't sure if I'd be cool with it or not. I told her that I could see she knew how to handle men. Then we started to pack up and end our day. We went back to that beach a few more times together, but never was it like this day.



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