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Missed Opportunity

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This happened in the late seventies when I was about 36.


At the time I was a training supervisor for a large company. I taught technicians their craft and my boss rated me pretty highly. One friday he called me into his office and told me he was going to loan me out to the regional staff to set up a training program for a new system that was to be implemented in about six months. I was to report to the man in charge the following monday.

When Monday came I walked into the regional office and was directed to this man's office. We chatted for a while about the project at hand and he gave me some materials that had been developed for it. He assigned me a cubicle to work in and then took me to the next cubicle to meet the person I would be working with. Her name was Susan (not her real name) and she was about my age (a couple years older than me as I recall). She was attractive, short and had a nice figure from what I could see. The boss left us together and we chatted a while and I soon discovered she only lived a couple of miles from me. Although I was a married man, (not very happily actually) I found myself more and more attracted to her. She was about 5' 3' tall, slender but not skinny and rounded in the right places, brown hair that she wore in a very appealing style, and hazel eyes. I found out in chatting with her that she was divorced and was a little bit flirty. After a few days of working together, we decided that since she lived so close, we might as well ride to work together. We took turns, she would drive one week and I would drive the next. One morning when I went to her house to pick her up, she wasn't ready yet and answered the door wearing just a blouse and a pair of panties. She invited me in and proceeded to show me around her house with me taking a good look at her ass as I followed her around. She seemed to make a big point of showing me her bedroom.

On our trips to work (about 20-25 miles each way) we of course would talk and it wasn't long before the conversation turned to sex. I have to say she did most of the talking. Telling me about some of her sexcapades in pretty good detail and even telling me how she had lost her virginity in the back seat of a car and bled all over the vinyl seats. It was difficult (to say the least) to keep my composure at these times, but I managed. Often I would masturbate in the shower at night with her words in my head clearly describing events. Like the time a friend of hers had had sex on her bed in a hotel room they were sharing and left cum and pussy juice all over it and that loved sucking cock. She also told me about another friend that she described as a nymphomaniac. I later met both of these women. The one that had sex on her bed wasn't unattractive but had buck teeth and seemed to me to be a bit of a smartass. The other woman was kind of chubby but not really fat and had a pretty face and gorgeous long brown hair. On the way home that night I told my friend that if the buck toothed girl would fuck more and suck less she might not have buck teeth. She laughed for ten minutes.

Several times we had to take trips out of town to view other locations that had already implemented the new system and usually stayed in adjoining rooms. On one trip in particular I decided to take a little risk and left the door between our rooms open. Later that evening I could hear her moving around in her room but sadly nothing happened. I still kick myself to this day for not having the guts to slip into her room and see what would happen.

I still masturbate to her stories sometimes and often wonder what would have happened if I had seized the opportunity and slipped into her room that night or any of the other opportunities that seemed to come my way from her. I often wonder if those were overt invitations or just conversation between two adults. We lost contact after the project ended and I haven't seen her since.



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