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Missed My Chances

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I missed 2 chances for a 'sexual awakening' when I was growing up. I think if I would have had these experiences they would be the wildest stories on solo.


The first time I was in 2nd grade and the school that I went to had quite a large playground and field. Large enough that you could go to the far ends of the play area and do what you wanted to do without being noticed by the teachers. One day I ventured into the far end of the playground only to see one of my best friends sitting on the ground cross legged, with his penis sticking out of the fly of his pants. Showing it to some girls. I asked him what he was doing and he said that if I showed the 3 girls my private like he had done I would get to see and touch their private. One of the girls laid on the grass and allowed my friend to pull her pants back and touch her in the private area for about 5 seconds. Then I was asked if I wanted to show my penis and I would of course be allowed to do what my friend had done. Well instead of showing my 2.5-incher I told a teacher and got the four of them in big trouble and committed social suicide because when they all got back in school they were out to get me.
Fast Forward----> I'm 14 and my friend was 13, I remember that he was exactly a year younger than I was because our birthdays happened to fall on exactly the same day. I'll call him Spencer. Spencer was cool but a little weird and I actually took a lot of flack for hanging out with him sometime. He was mixed African American and Caucasian, he had green eyes and he was fairly thin. He was a great skateboarder and always wore some faded jeans and a T-shirt. The reason people thought he was weird though was that there were rumors all over about him, mostly that he liked other boys, he always denied it and he even had a girlfriend for a while. So I did not put to much faith in those rumors. Now one night he was spending the night at my house and asked 'out of the blue' if I wanted to masturbate with him. No 'do you wanna play truth or dare?', no 'let's wrestle', no 'let's play strip poker?' just straight out 'Do you wanna masturbate with me?' Absolutely no pretenses, he then insisted that it wasn't gay and then he showed me all the porn he had brought with him, all straight porn he had even marked over the guys penis's with a black marker and all you could see was naked girls. Then he unzipped his pants and put his penis over the spandex of his underwear. It was huge for his body size, he was about 5'3 inches tall but his semi erect penis was at least 6 inches and his foreskin covered his head, he had a patch of dark brown pubic hair. He walked toward me and put his penis on my hand and when I felt it I recoiled as if it was a poisonous snake, I jumped back as if it was the nastiest thing I had seen. I called him a freak and washed my hand excessively. He backed up and his semi erection was gone. He then put his penis away and asked if I would make fun of him and I told him that I wouldn't if he stayed away from me from then on. The next morning he left and we didn't speak again.
Fast Forward-----> I was almost 16 and Spencer had since moved and I was just really getting into pleasuring myself and continued bringing myself to orgasm thinking about what could have happened that night. I had the chance to see Spencer and I got his new address but was disappointed to find that he no longer had any interest in mutual masturbation he had a girlfriend and said it was better with her and that he grew out of it.
Fast Forward-----> I am now 23, almost 24, and still thinking about what could have happened both times.



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