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Misadventures With Martha 1

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I say misadventures because what happened over a period of years, allowed one or the other of us to take advantage of each other. It was a mutually enjoyable experience.


My friend Martha, a widow about 45, slim, pretty, C-cup, green eyes, dimples (oh I love dimples) and with grown kids, lives out in a woods with a long dirt drive that then went down a hill and had a culvert with a slight rise just before the cement apron to the garage. We had about 10 inches of heavy, wet snow in 24 hours that someone plowed for her. During the night, the storm continued but turned to rain. Because of the ice buildup in the culvert, it dammed the water so it was rising and threatened going into the garage and then the house. Martha called early that morning and as a favor, I drove out to see what I could do. My first thought was to have it plowed, but by then, the water was so high for a normal truck. So I waded through the icy water and grabbed a shovel and a flat spade and chipped away at the ice until water began to flow.

I was shaking cold, wet and muddy when I was done. Martha ushered me into her house through the back door. She told me to strip and she would start the shower. I did and I tried to warm my groin so I was not so shrunken, I decided that I just wanted to get warm. I also found the idea of exposing myself in this way very exhilarating as I walked to the bathroom. Without any modesty, partly because I was cold and partly because I wanted to show myself, I trodded past Martha into into the shower. Martha had started the water and was now getting a towel for me. I got under the water without closing the sliding door and we started chatting.

Martha put the towel on the counter and was telling me how grateful she was for the help. I stood under the warm water as we talked and didn't bother to cover. I washed my hair, and slowly turned the water from warm to warmer, and then to hot as my skin warmed. At the same time, I became more at ease and open. It was fantasy come true to have a lady watch me. My penis went from hiding its head like a turtle to more normal and then to becoming semi hard. At one point, Martha asked if I wanted some privacy and I told her that I didn't matter at this point.

She left to throw my clothes into the washer and returned. She shed more clothes and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Her nipples were visible as it was obvious she was braless. She sat on the toilet next to the shower and picked up the towel and set it on her lap as we continued our conversation. Nothing was discussed about my nakedness and she was definitely looking me over without trying to be obvious. When I stepped out of the shower, I stood facing her and she handed me the towel and l looked at my semi-hard penis growing harder. I started to dry my head and work down. She grabbed a second towel that was hanging on the shower door and began to dry my mid section. It was SO very nice. I continued to grow a bit harder. With the experience of a mother, she had me turn around and rubbed my back down. Oh how that was so invigorating! She then dried my rear, getting my crack thoroughly and then the back of my legs. Oh I was in heaven!

She had me turn around again and as I did, I ended up a bit closer to her. Was it accidental? After a breath and a good look, she dried my groin that included a couple of strokes as she glanced up at me and smiled. She then worked my thighs, drying and rubbing circulation back into them. I told her she didn't have to, but she continued without comment. I told her I liked it and thanked her. My cock continued to grow. She smiled and commented that she could see that I liked it. She bent over to get my lower legs and feet, and scooted forward some so she could reach down. I was now hard and pulsated a couple times as she worked my calves some more, then my feet. She had me pick up my feet to get between my toes. When she sat up, the combination of me being hard as a rock, my step closer and her scooting forward caused her head to hit my testicles and penis resulting in a normal male reach. I was not hurt, just surprised.

Her reaction was more than I could ask for.

She apologized with an emphatic 'Oh, I am so sorry! Did I hurt you?'. At the same time, she dropped the towel, cupped my balls with one hand and the shaft with the other. I assured her I was ok. She looked up at me, right in my eyes while still holding on to me with both hands. I didn't move. The warmth from her hands felt so good. I pulsed once, twice. She licked her lips as she watched my cock. With an experienced hand, she gently massaged my balls. She looked back up at me as I pulsed again in her hand. She smiled and slowly stroked me. Her hands felt hot on my cock and oh so good. She lifted my shaft and peered at my balls as she stroked and massaged. Her hands were magical as she slowly moved her hand up and down and manipulated my balls.

After looking, stroking and massaging a few minutes, she stopped and looked up at me and said thank you. I asked what for now. She said she was thanking me for letting her see me and touch me. I told her that I should be the one to thank her. She just looked at my cock and let her expert hands continue. She began to speed up and I was really enjoying it. I watched her breasts sway as she stroked with her nipples poking the t-shirt material. I had seen her dressed this way before, but none more erotic than now.

She continued to pick up the pace stopping every so often to squeeze and watch some juice come out. She used her finger to spread it around. I reacted to the wonderful sensations. After a few more strokes, she used some of her spit on her hand to get me wetter.

I told her I was close and I didn't want to get her t-shirt messy (Good line to get her top off right? Yeah, right!) She smiled up at me and without hesitation, she pulled it off and dropped it on the floor and resumed her wonderful massage therapy on my cock and balls. Now her tits, and those beautiful, bare nipples caused me to surge and really pulsate. More juice appeared and with her tongue moving in a curl motion, she licked her lips. I looked up after seeing that and thought about shooting into her mouth. I figured that she knew what to expect and was not shying away from that idea.

She looked at my cock and squeezed more juice. I throbbed and I could feel myself get to the point of no return. I felt compelled to warn her. She smiled up at me and continued. Her face was inches away from my cock with a look of anticipation. I looked at her face with her mouth slightly open, tongue licking her lips, and tits swaying with each stroke. I exploded.

The first shot hit her chin and then her chest. She then put her mouth near the head of my cock. OH MY GOD! I shot several more times in her mouth and she milked me for all I had. I was spent. She cleaned both of us with the towel in her hand and stood up. I noticed she had not swallowed yet and was holding my cum in her mouth, gently swishing it back and forth. I thought that was really sexy. She then kissed me on the lips and I could taste my cum. She picked up her t-shirt and left me standing naked.

I grabbed the other towel to wrap myself and wandered out into the living room and plopped on the couch. I was so spent from being in the cold water, hot shower and one of the best orgasms in a long time, I just fell off to sleep. I woke an hour or so later to Martha making eggs and toast. When I was done eating, my clothes were dry and I left giving a huge hug and wet kiss.



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