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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Mirror, mirror on the wall (or in my hand)...By Kristen (CuriousO)
Masturbation! One of my very favorite things! Iā??ve been reading about other womenā??s experiences and thought Iā??d add some of my own. Just the idea that other women will be reading this is a big turn-on. A couple of days ago I read a post on the discussion board about using a mirror when you masturbate and I decided to share some of my experiences. If any other girls would like to share e-mails about masturbation, Iā??d really love to hear from you.
Watching myself in a mirror, including holding a hand-mirror between my legs, while I masturbate is a big turn-on for me. Iā??m a bit of an exhibitionist anyway and doing it in front of a mirror and fantasizing that the girl in the mirror is doing it right along with me and watching is something I just love to do. I have a chair in just the right position near the full-length mirror in the bedroom and I have made good use of it on many occasions. I also love looking at my cunt while holding a hand-mirror and seeing all the changes.
When I was going through puberty I used a mirror almost every day to examine my cunt, noting the changes as I developed and my pubes were growing in. From simply 'examining' it was just a short step to watching myself masturbate, using either a hand mirror or standing in front of a full-length mirror. When I did it in front of the full-length mirror I would fantasize that someone (usually a girlfriend, but sometimes a group of guys) was standing on the other side of the mirror watching me and that fantasy always brought me to orgasm in a matter of just a few minutes.
I now have a two-sided hand-mirror and the mirror on one side magnifies. Itā??s absolutely awesome to see my inner lips go from a real pale pink to a much darker shade and get all swollen, along with my labia that get really 'puffy' and to see my wetness increase as I continue to stimulate myself with either my fingers or my favorite toy, an electric massager. Itā??s hard for me to keep my eyes open and focused at the moment of orgasm and when I can afford it Iā??m going to get a camcorder to record myself masturbating and having an orgasm...or many orgasms.
I love having sex in front of a mirror and watching myself and my partner; another big turn-on. Iā??ve used my magnifying mirror several times so I could get a really good view of his cock sliding in and out of me and thatā??s another big turn-on.
I very much like being watched masturbating by my bf (and watching him, too) and have had this experience (watching and being watched) with several guys, the first time when I was about 14. Guys seem to really get turned-on watching a girl masturbate and they also get off by jacking-off in front of a girl, at least in my experience.
One of my major fantasies (but, so far, it hasnā??t happened in real life) is to masturbate with another girl and very often I will fantasize while Iā??m masturbating that some girl I know is there with me, both of us masturbating and watching each other. Another fantasy is that Iā??m lying on the floor, naked and masturbating, and a group of about 6-8 people, both guys and chicks, are kneeling around me, all of them naked and masturbating, too. We pace ourselves and all cum at the same time, the guys shooting on my boobs (something else I like a lot).
I think that Iā??ve been really curious about masturbation since I first learned how when I was 10. I talked with my girlfriends about how good it felt and some of them were just totally grossed out but I know that at least some of them, and probably all (but they wouldnā??t admit it) tried it out and liked it as much as I did.
I learned about masturbating and orgasms both by just experimenting, like I suppose most girls do, touching myself 'down there' and liking the feelings and also from reading. When I was young I read all the time (and still do, which probably explains my being a journalism/lit major in college). My parents had a small (but to me very interesting) collection of sex books in their bedroom. They didnā??t really hide them and I discovered them about the same time I discovered the wonderful world of masturbating. I learned that what I was doing was called masturbation and the feeling I got was an orgasm. I learned a lot more, too, and was very eager to try out a lot of things.
One of the books was 'The Joy of Sex' (if you havenā??t read it, I strongly recommend it). The explicit drawings are just incredibly erotic and I think that ever since I became sexually active at 14 Iā??ve probably tried all the positions and activities at least once with more than a few partners, including mutual masturbation.
Iā??ve tried a lot of different methods, including inserting various things in my vagina when I was younger. This wasnā??t all that much of a sexual turn-on, other than it being kind of 'naughty' and, other than my fingers, I very seldom use anything inside me when I masturbate. Iā??ve tried 'humping' and when I was younger that was somewhat of a turn-on and I could make myself cum that way, but it took awhile. The shower massager definitely works for me, as do the water jets in a swimming pool. Iā??ve experimented with a few other methods - leaning up against the corner of a washing machine during the spin cycle (hey, it works!), rubbing against the arm of a sofa, electric toothbrush (that works pretty good, too).
I discovered toys about the same time I discovered my parentsā?? library of sex books. My mother had a vibrator hidden under some stuff in her bedstand and it knew immediately what it was for. I remember that my reactions to this discovery were mixed...I felt guilty about snooping, aroused and, at the same time, I had a reaction of 'ewwwww.' I mean I knew that my parents had sex. They were pretty open about sex and on occasion I would hear them doing it - there was really no doubt about what the noises meant. But the idea of my mother masturbating and having a vibrator...well, that was a revelation. Yes, I did try it out (her vibrator) and it was just incredible. At the same time, I felt really weird about using it - I mean, it was my motherā??s! But that didnā??t stop me and I 'borrowed' it on many occasions and couldnā??t wait to get my own.
When I was 16 I had an 18 year old bf for awhile and he was only too happy to go into a sex store and get me my first vibrator. It was the same kind my mother had - the bullet-shaped battery-operated type - and I put it to good use. At the same time I was looking for something that was 'stronger' and I was still 16 when I discovered what I consider to be the best toy of all, an electric massager (I now have two different ones).
This discovery came about when I was babysitting for a couple in their 30s who I thought were pretty hot and did a little snooping (OK, I know, that probably sounds really terrible and I guess it is, but Iā??ll bet there are a lot of other people who have done it, too). I actually found it in their bathroom - it was called a 'muscle relaxer.' Well, of course I had to plug it in and when I started it, holding it against my hand, I knew instantly that I absolutely must see what it was like in other places (like my clit).
At first I just held it against my cunt through my jeans and that was just intense enough to make me want to find out what this thing could really do.Well, as you can probably imagine, it took me about 2 secs to get my jeans and panties off and when I touched the massager to my clit I about went through the roof. I had never felt anything so intense in my entire life. By this time I had been sexually active for a couple of years (longer than that if you donā??t count just intercourse) and had experienced fingers, tongues, cocks and, of course, my vibrator. None of them even came close to the intensity of the sensations I felt with that massager. I came not once or twice but what seemed like innumerable times, one after another, until I couldnā??t cum any more.
The massager was a 'Magic Wand' and it is truly awesome. The only thing is that it was a little bit noisy and kind of big to be able to hide easily. I wanted one of my own so badly, but there was just no way I could figure out how to get one and keep it hidden. If my mom had found it I wouldā??ve died of embarrassment. But I babysat for this same couple on the average of once a week and the massager got a good workout every time. There was also a hand-mirror there that I could use and many times I used it along with the wand and the experience was fantastic. Part of the thrill was doing something so 'naughty' - using another womanā??s sex toy - and I definitely enjoyed myself.
OK, back to the mirror thing for a minute...Iā??ve made use of mirrors in several different places. Dressing rooms in stores for one, especially those that have a bench you can sit on facing the mirror. Usually Iā??ll only do it if the dressing room has a door, not a curtain like in a lot of places. Once I took the chance with a curtain and almost got caught...a woman walked by and I could see her feet as she stopped for a few seconds outside the dressing room I was in and I suddenly realized that she could probably see me reflected in the mirror. I was tempted to just go ahead and finish (Iā??ve had a lot of fantasies about being caught and whoever it was that caught me joining in) but I chickened out and was dressed and out of there in about 2 minutes.
Iā??ve masturbated in many other places, and on two occasions that I can remember, more to be just a little wild more than anything else, Iā??ve used a makeup mirror - in a ladies room once and once in a secluded area in a park. I was sitting with my back against a tree, wearing jogging shorts and just started feeling horny. So I took my mirror out of my purse and pulled my shorts aside and went for it.
Other places? A lot, really. In front of the full-length mirror in my dorm room last year (I was a freshman and had to live on campus), but that was always kinda risky because my roomie might walk in any minute.
I donā??t want to give the impression that the only times or ways I masturbate is when I can watch myself. Actually, thatā??s only a really small percentage of the time. I usually masturbate at least once a day, pretty often more than that. I have a boyfriend and we do it in front of each other a lot, too. One of these days I hope that I can experience my fantasy of doing it with another girl. In the meantime, the 'other girl' will be in the mirror, doing it right along with me.
Iā??d love to hear from any other girls whoā??d like to talk about their experiences or curiosities or whatever. You can e-mail me at: CuriousO



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