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Mirror Mirror

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Having some fun after reading Solo Touch stories!


The other morning I was, as usual, starting out my day reading Solo Touch. My routine is to get up early, read my e-mails, then go to this site in order to get the old juices flowing. My wife, while nowhere near a prude, doesn't mind my reading or watching adult-orientated material, but she isn't interested in it herself. So, if she comes into my office while I'm looking at adult material, I will usually close down the window in order not to throw it in her face. Monday, however, when she came into my office for the usual morning kiss, I didn't minimize the screen. She glanced at the screen and then went downstairs.

After reading the final story, I went downstairs to get a drink. She was there and, just for fun, as I walked outside I undid my pants and let them fall, revealing my semi-erect cock. She squeezed it, rubbed it up and down once, and then went back to her chores.

It's probably appropriate to say that I am a constant masturbator. Even at 47, it's a daily ritual. I love to be watched (and watch as well!). So it is not uncommon for my wife to look over while we're watching TV and see me stroking myself, or for us to be in bed and having me jacking while she's reading. I don't, however, usually do what I did Monday morning.

I looked at her and said 'I'm going upstairs to take care of this,' pointing to my pants-covered dick. 'If you want to, come up and watch.' She didn't say anything as I went inside. As I got into the bedroom, I took my pants off, went into the bathroom, and stood in front of the mirror above the sink. I grasped my now-soft dick, wrapping my right hand around the shaft while placing my thumb against the top ridge of its head, and began to work it. Soft, my dick is about two and a half inches long; when hard, it's about seven inches plus. At this point, being soft, my hand engulfed it.

I stood there for a few minutes stroking, my gaze alternating from looking down at my stiffening dick to the mirror where I could see it pointing at me. If I let my mind wander, I can imagine another guy standing there facing me, the two of us jacking toward each other. Since I consider myself bi-sexual, meaning that I get aroused playing around and watching others of either sex, this got my dick up to full attention.

I heard the door open and watched as my wife entered the bathroom. Fully dressed and ready for work. She walked up to me and put her hand on my naked ass. As her hand caressed the cheeks, her left hand went to my balls and lightly cupped them. I used to have nice, hang-down type of balls, but ever since my vasectomy, they are tight and high-slung when I get excited. Which is how they were at this moment. This meant that, as she cupped them, her fingers were touching the base of my shaft.

I continued stroking, tightening my grip, watching myself in the mirror and looking at her. Her head was bent down, her focus on my hand sliding up and down on my now rock-hard cock. We stood like that, her right hand sliding up and down my ass, the left squeezing my nuts, me jacking faster and faster, her focus never leaving my dick.

Within a couple of minutes, my breathing got harder. I leaned inward so my dick was over the sink. She began to urge me on, telling me to come and 'let me see you shoot.' That was all it took. With her standing pressed against me, totally clothed, me totally naked, I shot my load into the sink. The first stream just plopped into the sink beneath my cockhead. The subsequent emissions shot onto the hardware and against the back of the sink.

I was drained.

My wife took her hand from my balls, moved up to squeeze the head of my cock, and then she licked the cum from her palm. She kissed me, said have a good day at work, and left. I got dressed again, shaved, and headed off to work, still horny, but well-satisfied at the same time.



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