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Midnight Stroll

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I went on a little walk the other night on some back country roads. It was late and I knew when I planned this little hike that hardly anyone would be out. My plan included 'going commando' (i.e. no underwear) and wearing an old pair of jeans that had a sizable hole in the back. It was a cool night and I immediately became aroused when the slight breeze hit the sensitive skin on my behind. I had to walk through a suburban neighborhood, so I forced myself to remain calm. It was a four mile walk, so I wanted to make the most of it. Once away from the houses and into the farmland, I unzipped my fly and let the cool night air hit my dick. What a sensation! It was all I could do to keep myself from jerking off right there. I refrained as I wanted this feeling to last.

Unfortunately, not all of this area is back roads, there are some developments, farm houses, and such. There was also the slight danger that someone would be driving along these roads. Not wanting to be caught, I had to be cautious about my exposure. I wasn't exposing too much (except in the back) when my jeans hung naturally, so I figured I'd be okay with the zipper down. I reached a spot in the route where nobody would see me and I would know far in advance if a car was coming, so I became more aggressive. I pulled my dick out, gently rubbing it and in no time I was rock hard. It felt so wonderful. Becoming even more daring I pulled my pants down to about mid-thigh. I had to stop walking for a second and just soak in the moment.

Continuing on, I had to pull my pants back up as I approached an area with houses. I had to zip up my fly too as I saw a car pull out on to the road I was walking on right in front of me. When I got passed the development, I told myself I was only allowed to become more exposed. If I unzipped a little, then no zipping back up. If I pulled my pants down a little, I couldn't pull them back up. No matter what, I had to obey these rules, I told myself. Approaching another neighborhood, I had already unzipped a portion of my fly. My jeans were pretty loose too, but my shirt still covered up everything. With each step, I became a little bolder, and would subtly unzip my fly a little bit or gently tug on my pants, lowering them ever so slightly. Not yet out of the neighborhood, I saw the headlights of an car coming around a bend toward me. 'Bravely' disobeying my rules, I pulled my jeans back up and re-situated them so that nothing was exposed. When the car passed by and was out of sight again (not sure what they thought of me on my midnight stroll), I punished myself by ripping the hole in the back of my jeans a little wider, exposing more of my behind. There were only about ten houses I would pass by until I got to another 'dead spot' so I also made myself obey the rules I set up prior, except this time, with my dick totally exposed. Hope nobody was looking out their window!

Once passed that row of houses, I again started to gradually pull my jeans down. Inch by inch, with each step, I pulled just a little, but just enough. It got to the point where any further and they would start to fall down on there own that I stopped. There were some houses to my left that I hadn't noticed and got a bit of a thrill at this realization. With my pants just barely hanging on to my hips, I finally caved in to my desires and started stroking myself. I looked down to see what I looked like. Exposed like this, there would be no doubt if someone saw me as to what I was doing there on that back road. When I looked up again, I saw the headlights of a car about 1/2 a mile away turning onto the road I was on. Not wanting to break my rules again, I didn't do anything for a split second. Should I get off the road and hide? Turn and walk the other direction? How could I keep my promise to myself? Well, I couldn't. I seriously did not want to get caught by someone not expecting to see this. I pulled my pants up and situated them so nothing was exposed, but did not zip up my fly. As it approached me the car slowed down and I started to wonder if they spotted me before I fixed my jeans. When it reached me, it suddenly turned left into a driveway that I hadn't noticed, going into a wooded area. Whew!

I continued walking and while a bit scared of my last encounter, I was still very sexually aroused. I looked back and made sure the lady driving the car was inside her house. Not seeing anything, I punished myself again by ripping more of the hole in the back. Where as before someone might miss it, there would now be no doubt that I had no underwear on. Now, the size of the hole was about the size of a softball. After making one last check behind me at the house, which was good bit away from me, I pulled my dick out and really began stroking. I had pre-cum all over the tip and used a little saliva to lubricate. At that point I completely lost control. Pulling my pants down to my ankles, I kneeled down by the side of the road and jerked off until cum exploded from my dick. What a fantastic feeling! Did I mention that I love summer?



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