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Michael's Birthday

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This happend when I was 13.


Just so you know, I am compleltly straight, but from one time or another I do have a thing for chubby asians.

Anyway, when I was 13 I had a slight obssesion with such a boy called Michael. He was so cute. The year before he had been ugly, but after he joined the football team and started working out, his body became more developed. Back to the story, one day during the summer of that year, I was invited to come over for a birthday party at his house. It said that it would be boys only and that there would be swimming, so I thought it would on the invitation be a cool party. Little did I know what kind of party it would be. When I arrived I was amazed at the size of his house, it was HUGE! I heard splashing, so I assumed that was a pool party. When I got inside, I saw a huge pool, that contained about 15-20 boys I knew. As I went out to the pool, that was overflowing from the activity inside of it, my greatest desire finally came true. Michael, who was busy collecting some balls for the pool, came out and greeted me SHIRTLESS, and his camoflouage swinsuit on. I immedeaitly thanked myself for coming for this event would help me jack off for many months , and I had a lot of fun in the pool with the other guys too, but I had no idea was in store for me next.

It was about 7:00 pm and all the guys were inside, most of them were still in their swimsuits which would come in handy later. We were all busy playing video games when someone brought up the subject of hot girls. From there the topic of masturbation or jacking off came up and it wasn't long before some of the guys started to suggest that we all jack off together for Michael's parents had left to go to a concert. Most guys hated the idea cause they thought it was gay, though I personally felt excited about the idea. Finally we all decided the decesion would be left to Michael, for it was his birthday. Michael, who thankfully was still in his swimsuit, thought about it and finally said that he thought it was good, for we could see who was the best. So it was on. We sat in a circle and for about and hour or so, everyone took out their young manhood and banged it like they had never banged it before. Some had pubic hair, some didn't. Some cummed, some didn't. Finally,what I had been waiting for happend, it was Michael's turn to jack off. As he took out his meduim sized brown cock, I felt mine starting to rise at great speed. He used the fist technique which excited me more. Everyone started cheering as he started to pump faster and faster. I could see that he was really enjoying it, and when he finally did cum, his orgasm came with a collapse onto his back and cum squirting onto his stomach which he rubbed onto his chest. 'Dude, what a mess' he said as he took his hand and cleaned up. Everyone laughed and when it was my turn, little did anyone know that when I was jacking off, I was jackin off to the thought of someone not that far away.

We did more things after that, but that's another story.



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