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Met on the Net

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This really was not supposed to happen!


It all started innocently enough. One September evening I was checking out various gay chat rooms when I happened upon this one where I started chatting with a guy named Josh. I found out he was 17 and bi, he found out I was 40 and gay. We chatted well into the wee hours of the morning and by the time we said good night we were friends. We chatted or played online games together every night there after. It was never sexual between us. Josh had never known his dad and was happy to have an older male in his life. He would ask my opinion on everything and he even asked me to send him some condoms so he could lose his virginity, which I did. I was happy he was going to be safe and felt close enough to me to ask (he was embarrassed to buy them himself). As for me, I looked upon Josh as the little brother I never had.

As the months went by we became very close friends then in January both our lives took unexpected dramatic turns. Josh's path led to a juvenile detention center because of some e-mails he had sent to a girl. He is still banned from the internet for a few more months. My path led me from the cold mid-west to the sunny beaches of Florida! Through it all we stayed in contact with each other via snail mail.

By June we were both settled into our new realities. Josh was out of jail but was still on probation. I was adjusting to a new beginning on the beach. Knowing how crappy the year had been for both of us, especially Josh, I thought it would be nice if we met so I invited Josh down to my place on the beach. I promised Josh my intentions were pure and I was not expecting sex. He was very excited and got permission from both his mom and parole officer to make the trip. The arrangements were made and Josh was on his way.

Before he arrived I placed a hand towel and a small bottle of lube on the pillows in the guest bedroom. When we got to the house Josh noticed the items on his pillow and just turned and looked at me. I explained that I put that there because I knew through our chats that he jacked off at least twice a day and that I did not want him to be embarrassed asking for it. He smiles and says thanks. We spent the days exploring south Florida and the nights just talking about anything. On the third night of his visit, just after we had gone to our rooms for the night, I hear a knock on my bedroom door. In comes Josh wearing his tighty whities with a semi showing, wanting to climb into bed with me and talk some more! I told him he was more than welcome but warned him I was naked! He just smiled and said 'That's OK' as he pulled back the blankets and climbed in.

We lay there in the dimly lit room chatting for a few minutes when all of the sudden our eyes locked and the already present sexual tension rose dramatically. We began kissing passionately. I pushed him away explaining to him that we could not do this because he was only seventeen. He reminded me that he had turned eighteen in May!! Then he moves in real close and starts making out with me. I move in even closer so our bodies are pressed together. Josh purrs 'I want to be with you tonight'. With that said, I reach over and pull off his tighty whities. His hard dick springs free and comes to rest on mine. We start making out again thrusting our hardons together while our hairy ball sacks slap against one another. Being that I had not been with another man in quite some time, especially such a cute boy, and it being his first time, it wasn't long before we both started cumming. We held each other tight and kissed while our hard cocks spasmed together coating our stomachs with wads and wads of our man juices.

Neither of us moved. We just lay there holding each other and kissing while we enjoyed our after orgasm bliss. Soon our dicks began to harden again. I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the lube. I flipped around so we were in a '69' position promising him a handjob he would never forget. I lubed up his beautiful hard dick and started pleasing and teasing. It was the first time I had seen his dick, it was soooo cute!! About six and a half inches long with a nice thick curly bush and a low hanging hairy ball sack. He also had curly hair on his legs and thighs and a trail of hair leading from his navel to the top of his pubes. I continued gently stroking his throbbing cock and petting his hair.

He lubed up my hard dick and started stroking me. Mine is six inches with a blonde/brown bush and hairy low hanging ball sack. He was concerned that he wasn't doing a good job. I assured him he was doing great and told him to jack it like it was his own or if I do something to him that feels really good he should do it to mine. I next went to town on just the engorged pink head of his dick. I flicked it and rubbed it and traced around ridge. Josh started doing the same to me. Soon we were both moaning loudly and squealing with pleasure. Next I moved down to just the hairy base of his cock. Here I massaged his cum tube and petted his hairy ball sack. He did the same to me.

Now it was time to get down to business. I began to stroke his whole cock from tip to base. He did the same to me. We soon had a nice rhythm established and our cocks were in sexual heaven! After about 10 minutes Josh stopped jerking me as he lost all contol. I started stroking harder and playing with his balls as he thrust his hips gyrating all over the bed! His piss slit erupted, spewing stream after stream of cum all over the place. I stroked him through his entire orgasm until he was spent and his dick was limp. Once he calmed down he scooped up some of his cum and used it to refresh my lubed dick. He went right to work on my throbbing boner using both hands to jack me off, just like a pro! Soon my man juice erupted from my piss slit, hitting him right in the face, oops! We hit the shower to wash off then we returned to the bed where we talked and kissed until we drifted off to sleep in each others arms. We were up with the sun and started off the morning by servicing each others' morning wood.

From that point forward the guestroom and its 'supplies' went unused and we did not do anymore sight seeing. We spent our time in bed pleasuring each other for the rest of his visit. All too soon he had to leave. We still keep in touch and our relationship has grown stronger. I hope he can cum and visit again some time because I do love that boy!



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