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Messing Around With Mike, Part 4

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We were caught twice by my mother. The first was an afternoon when Mike and I were sitting in the den, the main room of my house, in our typical state: nude, with clothes strewn everywhere. Suddenly we heard my mom outside the back door, opening the outer screen and coming in. Oh, fuck! We had totally missed seeing her drive up. The moment she comes through that door, we're dead. She can see into the den from the kitchen door. We have maybe two seconds to clear the room. We grabbed everything and in a complete panic, ran to my bedroom. We started throwing on clothes but we were too late. Instantly my mom was standing outside my bedroom door, wondering what the commotion was. 'Open this door please. What are you boys doing? Open this door right now. I said, open this door!' We got decent enough to finally open my bedroom door and she wanted answers. We had none to give her. We weren't doing anything. She absolutely knew we were up to no good but she didn't know what it was and she couldn't prove anything. Mom kicked Mike out of the house for a week, grounded me for the same, and I was told once more he's a bad influence. Did this stop us? No.

Sometime later, my mom was gone for the whole day and we had the house to ourselves. We were into first class messing around. Mike was tied up by a rope twisted around him half a dozen times, making him unable to move his legs or arms. The den was trashed. Strewn around were Playboys, nudist magazines, rope, towels, clothes, playing cards, soda pop, a roll of toilet paper, and I'm sure at least one household item covered in cum. We were both messy, sweaty, stinking of spunk and having the greatest time of our lives...but for one more second only because during that next moment we both glance out the front window to see my mother driving up, home hours early. In an instant we realized we were totally fucked. It will take me fifteen seconds to untie Mike. We probably have that much time, and with luck we'll also have enough time to grab all of the incriminating evidence lying around. But what do we do then? We won't be able to get cleaned up, dressed and put everything away before she gets in the door and we know she'll call for us immediately. Already damn suspicious, this time she won't wait for me to open my bedroom door. She'll barge right in and find enough wrong to nail our naked asses. We are completely screwed. I untied Mike. At least that got him to stop screaming, 'Untie me! Untie me! Untie me! Untie me!' In desperation we came up with a high risk plan. We'll make a break for the avocado tree to dress and regroup. We ran around nude a lot but this would be our most daring naked run ever. To get to the tree, we'll have to go through the screen porch and across the back lawn, totally exposed for maybe 75 feet. After that we'll be somewhat sheltered, that is if no neighbors are in their backyards to see us. If we can make it to the avocado tree, we'll be OK. It is our safe haven. Plus this is our only hope. Madly, we gathered up clothes, rope, magazines, cum rags, and anything else that would get us jailed for life in two big bundles, and ran, Mike leading the way. I still have the mental movie of a naked boy's ass with body attached, hands filled with crap, ten feet ahead of me and crossing my back lawn in a dead sprint. Somehow we got to the avocado tree without my mom or any neighbors catching us. After the adrenalin rush wore off, we cleaned up with a hose and got dressed, finding I was missing a shoe. Recovering that was child's play by this point, as we went back down to the house with Mike going in the back door to distract Mom while I went in through the screen porch, supposedly to go to the bathroom. We totally got away with it. So do you think this near death experience, escaping discovery and utter humiliation by mere seconds, and only by making a naked panicky dash hundreds of feet through my backyard in the middle of the afternoon while cradling our clothes and sex toys, just to hide under a tree, do you think this might have slow us down? Hell, no.

Backyard campouts were a favorite of ours and had the advantage that my mom wouldn't walk in on one of those. We'd erect my family's tent and play both naked and jerk off games for much of the night. Our favorite naked game was simply running around nude. We both were really into it. Some of our stunts and penalties reflected Mike's fantasies. Others were mine. Naked running came from both of us and we did it a lot. We'd wait for my parents and the neighborhood to go to sleep and then dare each other into progressively longer naked runs. The dares would start with something simple like around the backyard or down to the basketball hoop and back but since I lived at the end of a cul-de-sac and there never was any traffic, they could advance to a lap around the house. With the layout of the lot and location of the gates in the fences, from where we camped, deep in the backyard, that was probably a quarter of a mile run, a long naked sprint for a fourteen year old and we made it maybe three or four times each. One night the dare evolved to running down the street nude and touching the neighbor's mailbox, although that was just the endgame. The staging area was at the end of my driveway, right by my mailbox, where we were visible to anyone on the street. Running to the next mailbox just made us more visible. Taking turns we both advanced to the box three neighbors down before we chickened out. The last one we hit was maybe 200 feet away and we'd been naked on a public street for fifteen minutes by this point. Were we insane? No, just thirteen to fifteen years old. On a later campout, our naked runs down the street stopped when a porch light unexpectedly came on just after Mike passed the house. Nothing came of that but we decided to cool it.

Instead, we dared each other to jerk off on my front lawn. Yeah, that sounds safer. I remember jacking on the lawn twice, once to the side where it was sheltered, but another time in the open. My turn first, I lay down on the lawn and jerked off while Mike stood over me, a naked sentry. Then we switched positions. And this doesn't count the time when we lay down head to toe smack dab in the middle of my front lawn, as exposed as hell, and jacked each other off. I was on the street side. The only reason I remember is because I was propped up on my left elbow with an eye on the front windows of the house, watching for a light to come on should by chance my parents wake up and decide to check on the boys. Mike was up on his left arm, too, looking down the street for cars and neighbors. This was just as stupid as the night we sat naked on the front steps of Mike's house. He lived on a major residential street and even in the middle of the night we were easily visible from it. We didn't stay on his steps for long. Though it was very late, cars were passing by. All anybody had to do was turn their head to see us. I'm amazed we were smart enough to not beat off there, too.

Since we couldn't jack off on Mike's street, then how about mine? During one campout we dared each other to do just that. We must have had at least one working brain cell apiece since we did it clothed, dropping our pants and sitting next to each other on the curb in front of my house for our jack. As we were somewhat hidden by a large juniper bush, only three of the neighbors and my parents could have seen us in action. What a couple of chicken shits. If we weren't brave enough to get naked, you'd think at least we could have performed our show for the entire block.

There was one naked dare that was the wildest. We lived in a hilly area and there was a concrete flood control drainage ditch nearby that was almost six feet deep, about that wide and flat bottomed. It was dry most days and as kids, we'd explore it up and down for miles. There was an easy entry and exit point two blocks away but local kids would normally drop in at a point behind my house to start their play. Mike said the next dare should be to hang out naked in the ditch for half an hour in the middle of the day. This was really upping the ante. Entering at the local spot meant crawling under a small bridge over the ditch. Protected by the bridge, one of us would then strip and lower himself into the culvert. Once in the ditch, we were barely sheltered by the bridge at all. It would keep us out of the rain but not out of the light. I said no and we argued for weeks over this. I finally gave in when Mike said he'd do it first, the time to stay down there was reduced to just five minutes, and a reward of getting seven hand jobs was added. The culvert was an insanely public place to be naked during the day. We could be seen by people on a bridge a block away and in yards on either side of the ditch, or caught by other kids who used this entry point all the time. The real problem, though, was we needed help from the other guy to get back out. The ditch was too deep to climb out by yourself. Mike needed me to pull him up and vice versa. I remember looking down on a naked Mike in the ditch, telling him I wanted to see some jumping jacks or I wouldn't help him back up. I was only teasing and he knew it, but I was grinning when he gave me a few since part of the dare was you had to keep moving around. You couldn't just sit in a fetal ball for five minutes. I tried to back out of doing the dare but Mike wouldn't let me. It took me many days to build up the nerve and when it was my turn, not only did Mike make me fully expose myself to the world by stretching my arms and legs wide across the ditch after I'd refused to do any damn jumping jacks, and do it both up and downstream when that fucker only had to do jumping jacks in one direction, but after my five minutes was up he made me sing the Star Spangled Banner before giving me a hand up. I dressed and ran back to the avocado tree, whooping and hollering, ready for the first installment of my reward. It's a sign of the faith Mike and I had in each other that we'd do such crazy stunts. We only did this one once but we did it. To this day, I do not know why. It did prove we trusted each other absolutely.

We didn't camp out in the backyard just to get naked in public. We did it so we could have long stretches of uninterrupted sex. Normally it involved simple dares like jerking off around the backyard, maybe on my old swing set or under one of the many citrus trees. Losing a game, we'd be forced to jack off in wide open areas like by the gate to the back alley, shooting through the chain link fence into that alley, only shielded by the darkness of the night. Sometimes instead of being public, our sex would be quite intimate. One of our backyard campouts was dominated by a mutual rub off that went on forever. We were two snakes entwined, slithering over each other's body. This night I experienced every part of Mike as deeply as I could. The most important thing in my life right then was to run my fingers through his toes, feel the bumps from his spine running down his back, trace the curve of his calf, comparing that to his biceps, and count all the hairs on his balls. I needed to pet Mike's face and nuzzle his crotch deeply, rubbing my cheek up and down his hard dick and smelling his pungent odor, even if it meant getting an accidental facial. Halfway through, we joked this would be the night that finally happened. Neither of us cared where the sperm shot, as long as we were moaning away before, during and after. Somehow I avoided getting my face creamed, as did Mike. How we kept from sucking, licking and kissing each other during this campout is beyond me except that it wasn't going to occur. I don't remember having to resist the temptation. The acts simply weren't on the table. Instead, we massaged our bodies together and caressed each other's skin. Plus we came a bunch. It was wonderful.

Our most memorable backyard campout was the night Mike successfully arranged to get the neighborhood tramp to come over. Calling Shelly the tramp isn't fair. We were three neighborhood tramps. Shelly snuck out of her house around midnight, walking the two blocks over and coming in through the back alley. We first played strip poker-what else?-and I could tell Mike was deliberately trying to lose. He was the first one naked, nervously pushing the hair from his forehead as he sat there, exposed. Shelly was next and as the winner, I made them both stand up outside the tent and show off their nude bodies to me and to each other. I'd never seen a live nude girl my age before. At thirteen, Shelly only had small patch of fuzz on her pussy and the little mounds that were the beginning of boobs but that was enough for me. Back in the tent, Shelly agreed to let us shine a flash light on her to check her out as long as she could do the same to us. Off came the rest of my clothes. This was a tough trade for me. I'd never been naked in front of a girl. My little head made the decision. We sat in a circle, our legs spread wide for each other. We all had flash-lights. Mike was still soft. I was hard. Shelly looked beautiful.

After a while of shining lights onto each others' privates, Mike and I got up close to Shelly's pussy, my face inches away from it. He spread her almost non-existent pussy lips. Fuck shit fuck, there's her hole! How would you ever stick a dick through that? Shelly had to point out her clit to us. What did we know? Mike continued to fondle Shelly's pussy - he tried to stick a finger in her and she stopped him, saying that hurt - while I was too scared to touch her. Shelly demanded equal time. First she went to Mike, getting right over his dick. After she played with it and his balls - even she thought they were huge - Mike was as hard as I was. Then Shelly switched her attention to my cock. She started handling it, not doing much other than pulling it from side to side and checking things out, but that was all I took. Saying, 'No, no, no, no, no,' I told her was going to blast. She backed away and I shot up like a geyser. I'd never spurted so much. A puddle lay on the floor of the tent. A few seconds later we all were laughing. OK, they were laughing a lot more than me. After investigating my sperm, Shelly returned to my softening cock. Her touch still made it jump. An hour before, no girl had seen me naked. Ten minutes ago, one had made me cum. Now she was playing with my dick. To say I was in a daze is an understatement.

But it was Mike who needed her attention. He'd brought along some rubbers this night and he put one on. He wanted to fuck Shelly, and she said she wanted him to, but even I could sense that Shelly was still a virgin. None of us wanted to take the brutal steps required to change that. I'm not sure we even knew how. There would be no fucking tonight. Instead, Mike lay on top of her and rubbed his dick against her tummy. He started humping her and quickly came in the condom. During this time I noticed Shelly had reached down with her hand and was rubbing her pussy. After Mike got off her, I asked Shelly about what she'd been doing. She said she was playing with herself. You mean girls can beat off, too? Wow! Mike and I stared bug-eyed as Shelly went back to masturbating, switching off between her hands, both fingering her clit and rubbing her whole crotch with her hand, making high pitched, little girl squeaks, and soon climaxing with a squeal. I simply could not believe I was seeing this. (I am supremely fortunate to be able to carry around my brain the movie of a thirteen year old girl rubbing her pussy and having an orgasm. I play it every now and then and it always makes me feel all fuzzy inside.)

Afterwards, Mike said he needed to pee and that he wanted to get rid of the spent condom so he put on pants and left. While he was gone, at his insistence because I was still too scared to make a move on my own, Shelly and I lay together and felt each other up. God bless you, Mike. I got brave enough to touch her boobs and pussy. Her slit was still wet. Whoa! She played with my dick and balls, getting me hard again. At least this time I didn't spurt at her touch. After a bit, Mike returned and he and Shelly made out for a while, kissing and letting their hands explore each other. Damn it, we didn't kiss. When they finished, I made some crack about how I didn't get a kiss and Shelly leaned over and gave me a tongueful, which, after overcoming the initial shock, I returned. It was my first French kiss. Shelly left after that. Mike and I were both so turned on by the evening, we immediately dove into an especially explosive mutual jack off session. We jacked, rubbed and humped the night away, cumming with passion multiple times, recounting the night back to each other in great detail, all while making little girl squeals and then laughing. I had never been so sexually alive in my thirteen year old life.



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