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I'm not really one that would seem to be a very sexually oriented type of person. I like sex a lot but am fairly traditional when it comes to doing it. I have masturbated occasionally when I was younger but quit doing it several years ago when sex once in a while became satisfying enough. That all changed last week...

I'm an aesthetician in a small clinic with one other person as partner. One of my specialties is bikini waxing, although it's a common procedure for any aesthetician. I do a good job, very gently and I will also trim and style your whole pubic area if you desire. Last week I noticed my next client was a complete pubic shave booked under a man's name, which doesn't happen very often. Seems most men think it's some sort of taboo to keep their privates tidy. My partner said he was already in my room and she had instructed him to strip and had given him a gown (cheap things we rarely use).

I entered the room behind him to see him sitting on the table, an old doctor's examination table I find very handy for positioning clients properly as it has stirrups. He was lying back with the table set semi reclined, feet in the stirrups, naked except for the gown, which he had on backwards (tied at the front). His eyes were closed and it appeared he was listening to music through his ear buds. As I moved in front of him and glanced down at his crotch I was taken aback at what I saw. He had this brown, wrinkly tube resting on top of his ball sack that at first didn't even look like a penis. I pulled my stool up and set down in front of him to get a close look at the thing, as though I was inspecting the job. It had so many wrinkles from the base to the protruding purplish pink head. I giggled under my breath at the thought of how it reminded me of one of those paper snakes. It appeared about the size of a hot dog bun.

I tapped him on the leg and motioned that I was ready to begin. He removed an ear bud and simply stated to go ahead, do my thing and to take it all off right up to his belly button. He put the bud back in. Ok I thought; first better shear the hair down then I would shave it with a razor. As I began to shave off his pubic hair, starting up near his belly button and working down toward the base of his penis I guess the vibrations stirred up his libido. At first it started to swell into its girth, and then I watched as its length began to grow, and grow! It stretched straight out between his spread eagle legs, lifting off his balls and beginning to bounce up and down as it pulsed. I kind of started to hurry with the shaving, thinking he would be embarrassed and uncomfortable with me shaving while he got an erection. I had to shave his balls also and once I began moving the vibrating tool across the area, his now semi erect 'cock' pulsed more rapidly and bobbed its way upward, continuing to grow longer and thicker. It was fascinating to watch up so close. I had never seen such a thing, always being in the dark having sex. This was kind of cool. My own libido was beginning to stir. By time I was done with the shear he was fully erect. This cock was the largest I'd ever seen, real life, pictures, imagination, you name it!

Now it was time to shave him smooth. The area behind his cock would be a bit tougher now with this big thing in the way. Even though I was becoming somewhat aroused, I consider myself a professional and would never entertain inappropriate touching, which is what touching an erection would be in this case. I had my latex gloves on, but used a shaving brush to apply the cream anyway. I lathered up everywhere there used to be long hair and began to shave off the stubble. Again I began near his belly button. Soon I noticed that coming from the tip of his cock was an unusual amount of emission. There was nearly a constant flow of clear, slimy fluid... pre-cum. As that term entered my mind so did the realization of the 'pre' part reminding me of what 'cums' afterward. Could that happen just from me shaving him I thought? Well, needless to say this was becoming more of a logistical problem than a personal one. The amount of pre-cum pooling up in his belly button and running down past the base of his cock and between his legs and balls was causing my razor to plug up and not work very well. I tapped his leg and he again removed an ear bud to speak to me.

'Is there anything you can do about the... ah...stuff?' I said pointing at the fluid. He simply stated 'sure' placing the bud back in his ear and leaning back. Thanks, I thought, then realizing there was no way he could control this with his thoughts, what could he really do?

I kept cleaning the razor and shaving then all of a sudden he reached down and began collecting the fluid on his right index finger each time it would just about drip down, then he would spread it over his glans and shaft. This thing was still rock hard, huge and now it was glistening under the fluorescent lights with all the pre-cum he had smeared over it. He kept collecting and smearing as I completed the job and got everything trim and smoothly shaved.

One last thing to do; I always apply some lotion to the areas I shave to stop the little bleeds and moisten the skin which helps stop itching. I had to go into the next room to get the lotion, I was only gone a minute. I returned and to my surprise, astonishment, and then interest this man was now fully stroking his sopping, slimy wet cock, top to bottom. He was making subtle little grunts on each stroke as his right hand slid up over the fat head then back down right to the base. I was soon mesmerised. I just stood there staring. It was amazing. He continued for what seemed forever as he slowly and lightly massaged his manhood, beginning to breath heavier and heavier. Little 'ohs' were coming from his voice each time his hand moved over the tip. I saw his balls moving around inside the sack as though they were looking for a way out. It was swelled up too, tight and sticking out touching the insides of both his legs. He really started to breath heavy (I was too) and said so softly, 'I'm cumming, got...to...cum'.

Just then, all of a sudden a stream of cum shot out right up over his head onto the floor, leaving a strip of it on his face and in his hair. Then another splashed his face again, then a third and forth made it up his chest and a few more poured out onto his belly. Wow! There was a lot of cum. I was wet between the legs, but needed to stay composed. I handed him the lotion, told him to apply some on the shaved area and that he could clean up with the gown and my partner would accept his payment. I had to get out of there and masturbate too, which I did in the bathroom and loved every minute of it.



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