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Men and Boners, Part 2

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He came back to return the tuxedo today


Please see my earlier story, but I just had to tell you that 'Jon' returned his tuxedo today. I waited all afternoon for him, and he came in five minutes before closing. I fantasized all day about him, what he might be wearing, how I might ask him out, how I wanted to see him naked, etc. I can't explain it, but Jon is the hottest guy I've ever met. I see guys in here all the time, but he is the best looking guy.

Anyway, he came in to return the tuxedo-he must have gone home to change first, because he was clean-dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. I immediately noticed Jon's legs-tanned and brushed with hair. The hair on his legs is lighter than his hair color, which turns me on. Anyway, I am not usually a bold person, but I wanted him so badly.

I'm still not sure if Jon has a girlfriend or anything, but I was determined to get a date with him. Jon placed the tuxedo on the counter and I made some small talk about the wedding, etc. I never took my eyes off those blue eyes! After a couple of minutes, I placed the CLOSED sign out and we continued talking. On the tuxedo side of the store, we also sell two brands of men's suits. Jon mentioned he needed a suit for a party and started looking through our samples. I showed him a couple and he said, 'I'll get one.'

I took out my measuring tape to remeasure him (I didn't need to do it, since I still have his tuxedo measurements). I first did his waist again-that soap smell is so sexy. I was imagining him jacking off a couple days ago in the bathrooom and my head was spinning!

I asked if he wanted to try on a pair of suit pants, which he did (32 waist and 42 outseam/32 inseam). Jon came out with the pants on. I asked to see the waist, and he immediately pulled up that tee shirt and exposed those tanned abs. This time, the shirt came up farther, and I saw the well-defined chest-smooth, except for the hair at his belly button.

I have never done this before, but I bent down telling Jon I needed an inseam measurement. My trembling hand started at the ankle and my other hand inched into his crotch. I could faintly make out his dick, I think, as I brushed my hand across the middle of the pants first. Jon responded like before. I noticed the bulge immediately. I said, 'Jon, let me see how these are fitting in the changing room.' We went in to the full-length mirror. I was determined to at least see his 'weapon.' I wanted a closer look at that growing bulge. I was still scared to death, but proceeded.

I told Jon to change. He ventured into the changing room and shut the door. I then grabbed another pair of dress pants and knocked on the door asking if he wanted to try another pair on. My dream came true: Jon opened the door in his boxers-this time gray form-fitting ones, Joe Boxer brand-and an obvious bulge he didn't hide. I couldn't help but look.

I then asked, 'Can I help?' Jon gave me a light kiss, and I grabbed his dick through his underwear. I worked it up and down, until the head peaked out. I then pushed down his underwear, revealing his hard-on. Jon again had trimmed pubes-he must have been nine inches-and low hanging balls.

Just then, the boss came in to close out the register. I had almost forgotten. Anyway, we couldn't finish. I came out first, followed by Jon. I know I must have been flushed. I hope my boss didn't suspect anything.

I will go out with Jon; he gave me his number. I want to finish my hand-job. Man he is hot!



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