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Memories of My First Time With Liz

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This site brings back lots of memories


Liz was my first real girlfriend.

We had met in my Junior year in high school in the choir. I was 17 that year, and she was a mere 15. She was of a mixed California heritage, with a little hispanic, a little caucasian, and who knows what else. Her features were soft, and her skin was a light olive. She was a tad short in stature, standing only about 5'3' tall, and she maybe weighed 100 pounds soaking wet.

I on the other hand am of a mixed Mediterranean decent. At that time, I was 5'10' tall, and had a healthy build of 180 lbs. Puberty had brought on a coat of body hair that would make an ape look twice. I had played some football, and kept somewhat active. My looks would not have been considered great by the day, but Liz seemed to think that I cleaned up well.

I was a bit of a shy guy. I never really dated much before meeting Liz. We started out the right way, as friends, often getting in trouble during choir practice for talking. In the spring of the year, we found ourselves together after school in a theater production.

Liz and I were playing a couple of small parts in the play, so we had a lot of down time. We spent quite a bit of time talking and getting to know each other. Pretty soon, I was giving her rides home from the play, and not long after that we began to date.

I was the last of my parents three children, so they had experience with teenaged hormones in the house. As a result of this, Liz and I were forbidden to go into my house together if my parents were not home. However, this did not stop us from letting our hormones get the better of us.

My parents house was on the edge of town. Over the back fence, the neighborhood gave way to the rolling hills of the Sierra's. The back yard was divided in half by a six foot tall fence. On one side of the fence was the pool and the door from the house to the back yard. On the other side of the fence, there was an access gate to the front driveway, and a couple of junk cars my father kept around for parts. Planted among the cars, was a low growing lemon tree. There was a narrow space between the lemon tree and the fence where two teenagers could lie down in the cool grass of the shade of the lemon tree, and make out to our hearts content without getting caught.

It was there next to the lemon tree that I was introduced to female masturbation.

Liz and I were both virgins when we met. Neither one of us had ever had any experience with pleasuring another person. I don't remember how masturbation came up in conversation, but I do remember her wanting me to demonstrate for her. So one day after school, Liz and I went to my parents house as they would not be home until later in the evening. I went inside and got some lotion, and a towel, and Liz and I went out to the lemon tree.

I was soon seated on the towel with my shorts and underwear around my ankles. She had seen my penis a few times before, and in an aroused state, but still she was fascinated by it. I put some lube into my palm and began to stroke. I was getting up a pretty good pace when I asked her if she could help by showing me a little skin. She obliged my by lifting up here shirt and bra to reveal her nearly perfect 34B breasts. I was on my knees stroking with my right hand as I reached out with my left hand to stroke her breast. It didn't take long for my orgasms to begin to build. I told her I was going to cum, and she looked on in amazement as spurt after spurt of cum left me and was deposited on the grass and towel.

I was pretty spent. Orgasms always make me sleepy. My parents were due home soon, so my request to see her masturbate was put off till the next day.

The next day at school seemed to drag on forever. I could hardly wait to see Liz get off. Until I had met Liz, I had no idea that a girl could be so sexual. Looking back, I think it was nearly as much curiosity about sex that drove Liz and I as much as it was our hormones.

School finally let out at three pm and Liz and I were off in my car to my parents house, and our little area of sanctuary in the back yard by the lemon tree. I got a towel out of the house for her to lay on, and she wasted little time in removing her shorts. I was a bit disappointed that she left her underwear on, but she explained to me that she always masturbated with underwear on because her clit became too sensitive if she rubbed it directly.

To this day, I still remember laying out on that towel with her shorts around her ankles, and her small hand between her legs. She began slowly with an up and down motion with just two fingers in a 'V' on either side of her clit. She closed her eyes and began to breath faster as she picked up the pace with her hand. Soon her breath was coming in shallow gasps as her face began to turn red with her building orgasm.

When her orgasm came, it set in rather suddenly. She arched her chin forward and her legs went straight out from her. She did not scream or let out a cry, but instead let out an animal grunt from between her clenched teeth.

Her orgasm ended just as soon as it began. She laid back on the towel, spent, and looked lovingly at me, and the tent in my pants. She said she would help me with that, but that is for another story.

I dated Liz for nearly two years. We did have sex eventually, and she will always be my first, and one of my favorites.



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