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Mean Aunt Marcie

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At the time my cousin Janice was thirteen and I had just turned thirteen. Janice was fully developed and I was about in the middle of puberty. I was showing the usual puffy, budding nipples, wisps of hair around my vulva and the start of what would turn out to be very nicely sized and shaped breasts.

Both of us being very curious we spent an afternoon up in Janice's unfinished attic checking out each other breasts and vulva's. I was so envious of her big tits and all that hair on her vulva. I remember that Janice was really fascinated by how puffy my nipples were. Anyway, I think that her mom must have tip-toed up the steps because neither of us heard her and then all of a sudden the door opens and we are both sitting on the floor with no tops. Her mom hit the roof and told us to come downstairs immediately. We were both so scared and upset that we were shaking. When we got downstairs I pleaded with aunt Marcie not to tell my mom but she insisted that she would. She then called my mom while we waited for her in Janice's bedroom. AM came in about ten minutes later and said that I would be punished when I got home but first I would be punished here.

She told us to remove our tops. Janice started crying again and I just obeyed. AM then took four bobby pins out of her handbag. She clamped a bobby pin to each of Janice's nipples and then she clamped mine. I can still remember how badly they stung. I tried not to cry but Janice wailed. AM told us that we were to sit in the living room for a half hour with the pins on our nipples. After the half hour AM began to remove the pins from Janice and in the process she snapped each one back onto the nipple before removing it. Janice screamed. She then did the same to me and I broke down and sobbed. I was sent home which was only a couple of blocks away. When I arrived home mom was waiting and I was given a severe spanking.

The events of that afternoon became the mental stimulation for many masturbation sessions and to this day I sometimes put bobby pins on my big nipples and it still hurts. Janice does the same thing. I know this is not nice to say but I honestly think that AM enjoyed doing what she did to us, especially when she snapped the pins back on each nipple. Thanks AM.



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