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Me, Myself, And I Masturbate: Chapter 1

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This is my first contribution, and possibly my last.


I am blind and I masturbate. I lost most of my sight when I was 8, and I figured out (painfully) how to masturbate when I was 13. I have been masturbating with various mind sets ever since.
Last night, when I took a shower, I removed my clothes and began fondling my genitals. I like to feel the hair, thick and black, covering my fleshy 'mound.' I then sat in the tub with hot water running in it, leaned back, spread my legs, propped my feet against the wall behind the faucet and continued toying with myself. To get myself hard, I thought about a story I recently read on an erotic site which involved two young female lovers. The explicitness of their lovemaking was sufficient to give me a strong hard on.
When I masturbate barehanded, I usually wrap 2-3 fingers around the underside of my erection with my thumb on top in a loose grip. I then slide the skin up and down, varying speed, rubbing my index finger and thumb against the head of my penis. Usually, after a few minutes, this will give me a strong orgasm. When my cock is smooth and dry and my hands likewise, I can do this without lubrication and it feels great! Sometimes, however, if I'm in the tub, I use water, or anywhere else, I might use lotion.
I do not eat my cum. I have tried it a couple of times and do not like it. I find the pre cum isn't bad, but the cum sucks, no pun intended. I don't like the texture on my fingers because it clogs my pores, and the smell is unpleasant to me, and I don't like messes so I usually do this in the tub where I can wash off immediately or use a rag to catch the spill. I don't cum in huge quantities or shoot everywhere. It just runs out of my penis and down over the top or bottom side to settle in my hair.
Someday I would really like another opportunity to mutually masturbate with a girl. I came close twice. The first time, I fingered a girl (I don't think she ever came), and she masturbated me until I came, but she didn't know what to do and it was pretty uncomfortable. Of course, I didn't know what I was doing either, so it may have been just as uncomfortable for her, if not more so, although she seemed to enjoy it as she encouraged me to do it frequently during our brief association. And the second time, a girl offered to masturbate me after she'd let me finger her (I think she knew what to do), but for various reasons I turned her down. I'm not sure if those episodes are representative of mutual masturbation altogether sense we never masturbated ourselves, but it was as close as I've ever come.
This is the stuff that usually gets me hot: Reading stories about sex and masturbation, primarily featuring one or more girls, and no guys. 'Phone sex,' although I've never been good at it or even entirely satisfied by it. Playing aif, adult interactive fiction games. Really attractive (or what I find attractive) female voices and their sounds of ecstasy. And, if I ever get the chance to listen to any, movies about mutual female masturbation and sex.
I also try writing my own erotica occasionally with varying results, and I like to think about things that almost happened to me and things that could have happened to me and just think or write about how they should have happened. For example: There was a girl I liked a lot who wore some kind of perfume or lotion or something that smelled fantastic. She came to my house one evening to bring me something or other and while we were talking in my living room, she wanted me to pop her back. Well, I didn't know how, and she showed me: stand behind her, put my arms around her middle and lean back to lift her off her feet. Well, I'm not that sturdy and she was a couple of inches taller than me so it didn't work, but we tried it a couple of times. It was awesome, yet made me very nervous having my arms around her (I've seldom come into direct physical contact with any of the many girls I've been infatuated with). I couldn't help being aware of her breasts right there above my arms...and anyway, what if we stood in front of the couch in case I should fall over, or, better, since my Mom was in her room just off the living room, why not in my room standing at the foot of my bed, and what if I did 'lose' my balance and fall back with her on top of me? Of course, my hand or hands might accidently shift to her breast, and once we both became aware of it, she enjoyed it too much for me to take my hand away...and like that.
I point out the fact that I am blind because it has played a part in my sexual experiences (both the girls I fingered were blind too), and because I've never read anything from another blind person on any site like this one (I might have missed it,) and I'm interested to hear of other blind experiences, also just to know if others besides me frequent these sites. And for all the sighted folks out there, just to let you know blind people do it too! To most of you, perhaps, that may seem obvious, but I always remember a sex ed class I was in (all blind students) in which one girl told how she and another girl went to buy some condoms and the sales person's response was something like, 'Blind people have sex?' Anyway, hopefully, whoever reads my story, for whatever reason, I hope you will find it interesting. I'd post my e-mail address here, in fact, I'd really like to establish some contacts on the subject (who knows, maybe it'd lead to that mutual session I've been wanting), only they won't let me. Please let me know, anyone, some way, if there's a way how I can do that.
In the mean time, happy reading and writing, not to mention jilling and jacking. Take care!
PS: After I wrote my story, I read about the upcoming erotica site with contact information made available. I'll definitely check it out. Until then, however, if you know of any other ways of exchanging contact information for masturbation, etc, please try to let me know. Thanks!



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