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Me, My Sister, and Mom

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Follow up to our last encounter.


I wrote a story in December about me and my sisters taking turns riding my sisters Sybian. This is a follow up story that happened last weekend on New Year Eve at my younger sister Kelly's house. If you remember she is pregnant and her husband is away serving in Iraq.

My sister Kelly had asked all of us to stay with her this weekend because she didnt feel well enough to travel and wanted us to all to come over and be with her. My sister Sara who is 30, I am 28, Karen 26, Kelly 24, and my mother who is 55 and is now with out my father since he passed away two years ago decided we would have a girl weekend. We all live in the same state but 30-40 minutes in each direction from Kelly's home.

We arrived on Thursday New Years Eve. Kelly is now close to eight months pregnant and seems much bigger since the last time I had seen her at my sisters house. The last time I had seen her she had a double attachment vibrator suck in her Ass and Vagina. That still was a great weekend but I think this last trip was more intense.

We all sat down for dinner around 6.00pm and caught up on what was going on. Mom looked sad and said she missed Dad during the Holidays. We all said we did too and we had a quick cry. We went watched some TV and it was getting around 10:00 when Kelly asked if I could help her get into the bathtub so she could feel more relaxed since her back was killing her. She took her clothes off and said stay with me while I take a bath. I shut the door and noticed she was very big now. I asked her how she was feeling she said Amy I can't believe to tell you how horny I have been and I can't touch my pussy the right way with her vibrator or hand anymore. She said the reason I asked you in here is I need a big favor. I said what do you need. She said in my dresser is my Magic Wand. I went and got it. 10 minutes later I helped her out and she asked me to sit her on the floor on her bath towel. I sat her down and said are you ok? Yes, hand me the vibrator and plug it in. I handed it to her but the angle was all wrong and she said Amy please press this against me please! I said Kelly I don't feel comfortable doing this she begged please and started to almost cry. She said go get Sara. I said ok. I brought in Sara and told Karen to keep Mom occupied for a little while and I whispered what happened while mom was watching TV.

Sara came in the bathroom and said Kelly what's wrong and explained to her what she told me and asked her to use the toy on her. Sara said to me why not help her out? I said it didn't feel right doing it and she understood. Sara got the vibrator. Sara told her to spread her legs wide and put the vibrator to Kelly's pussy. Her body jerked real quickly and she started to moan right away and was saying Thank you over and over again. She put her hand over her mouth but Sara being who she is was beginning to enjoy taking Kelly to where she was going started to tease her by taking it away from preventing the orgasms from starting. Kelly said Sara I want to cum so bad please push this thing hard into my clit and as she did so Kelly bit her lip and started cumming but held in her sounds and began to shake and twitch, she was rubbing her nipples really hard and finally she let a low moan. She said stop for a second. Sara started to laugh and so did I. I said how did that feel she said good. Kelly said I need one more Sara looked at me and said I am going to make her cum really fucking hard. She pushed it real hard against her pussy which was dripping I could smell her and she just took a bath. Sara turned it up on high and Kelly's face was priceless her eyes were half way opened like she was staring at nothing and she began to twitch and moan and moan and she kept saying oh fuck I'm gonna cum! oh fuck! oh fuck! She grabbed a towel and began to scream into it to muffled her noises which worked great so Mom wouldn't hear. Kelly said thank you so much help me up and she got dressed. She was smiling and said she needed that so bad. She asked Sara would she do it again tomorrow for her and she said yes.

Kelly got dressed and we went out to the living room. I went to the kitchen and Karen got up from the sofa and asked me what happened. I told her the whole story and I told her how horny I was and I may need to rub one out. Mom said where are you going? I said to the bathroom be right out. I ran in pulled down my panties and stood in front of the mirror and rubbed myself furiously as I watched myself cum as my legs buckled. I held in my screams so no one would hear me. I was only gone two minutes and as I was coming out Sara walked in and said she had to get off asap. She pulled me in the bathroom and yanked her skirt up and sat on the toilet and said do you want to join? I said I just came she said give it another try. I pulled down my pants again and Sara ripped into her clit fast and she bit her lip as I was rubbing my clit just as fast as she was. She liked to talk dirty so she was whispering to herself look what a dirty little slut I am rubbing my pussy for you and she slapped her clit three times really hard. She took her other hand sucked on her middle finger and shoved it up her ass. I was in shock but horny, fixated on my sisters face and dirty words. She asked me Amy you like the way I finger my ass. I said yea its hot and she said bend over and stick a finger in your ass. I reached back slid my finger in and moved it around. I looked over my shoulder and Sara was twitching and came. I came so hard right after her. We got dressed and washed up and went back out to the living room. We were gone five minutes tops but it felt like forever. We sat down and winked at Karen letting her know she just missed out she looked at us and whispered you guys suck!

We all started talking again and my father came up again. Karen asked mom I know its only been two years or so but would you ever get back into dating? She said no I am not ready yet to meet a man. My mom is very private woman but Sara said have you been having orgasms at least? My Mother looked shock but we acted like it was a normal question. She said I don't feel comfortable with this conversation. Sara said what's the big deal everyone masturbates. Mom said its not something I talk about with anyone it is private. Sara said we all masturbate and actually everyone in this room but you and Karen just orgasmed within the last hour. I said Sara! Kelly looked so embarrassed. She said what do you mean you all masturbated while I was in the other room? Mom looked at me and said is this true? I said nothing and Kelly said yes. She told my mom about her pregnancy and with her husband being away she was having a hard time relaxing so it helped. Karen said Sara was just helping me out with my toy. Sara explained the reason and what she did and my mom calmed down but thought it was strange. She said its a private thing and she didn't approve. Karen finally said you know mom we all have seen each other have orgasms and there is nothing wrong with it. It is exciting to watch someone have an orgasm. My mom was in shock and said she couldn't believe this. Sara said mom seriously when was the last time you had an orgasm and my mom said a week before your father died the last time we had sex. Kelly said I know what you are going through mom I hadn't had sex in eight months and being pregnant was driving her crazy.

We didn't notice but it was already past midnight and it was now 2010. Mom said she was tired and was going to go to bed and she would see us in the morning. My sisters and I sat there and said I don't think Mom was ready for that conversation. Sara said listen I shared a wall with Mom and Dad when I was younger she likes to talk dirty just like me. She may be acting shy now but I know she is a sexual woman and we need to get her to come out of her shell and get her to be happy with herself again. We were in shock my mom was a dirty talker I never heard her say the F word ever. Sara said where do you think I learned to talk dirty my bed and her bed were on the same wall. We all agreed but how would we get her to get off this weekend. Sara said very simple I am going home first thing in the morning and I am bringing back The Sybian. Karen said do you think its a good idea? Kelly said I thinks its great. No shit we know you want to ride it but this is about Mom. Sara said, I think what we should do is not hide what we are doing and maybe mom will want to take a ride.

We woke up the next morning and Sara was gone already. Mom asked where is Sara. She forgot something at home. An hour later she returned with the box and walked it to Kelly's room with out Mom noticing. Around 3pm that afternoon Kelly started getting antsy saying hey Sara can I get a quickie. Sara got Kelly and walked her to the bedroom. The door shut and I began to feel the vibration in the floor. Mom said where is Sara and Kelly? I said Mom Kelly and Sara are busy now they will be out in a minute. Sara was helping out Kelly. She said what do you mean? What we discussed last night. Are you girls kidding? Karen said no Mom Kelly is not feeling well and needs to release tension her back is really hurting and she is very very horny to the point of tears. My mom said poor thing I know the feeling but I always had Dad around at those times. Mom was starting to open up a bit.

All of a sudden we heard a loud scream and moan come from down the hall we all looked shocked especially mom. Karen and I started laughing. Karen said the Sybian will do that to you. Mom said whats a Sybian? I told her what it was it was a vibrating machine you sit on and it feels great and the orgasms are so strong it is nothing like you will ever feel in your life. Five minutes later Kelly came out with a huge grin on her face and said I feel much better. Mom looked at her in amazement and said where is Sara? She's busy right now she will be out soon. Five minutes later we feel the floor vibrating harder now and we hear Sara cumming really loud screaming Oh Fuck I am cumming! I looked at my mom she looked curious and amazed and kept peaking down the hall. Sara came out her hair was out of place and her face red as she flopped down on the couch next to my mother. She said that was the best feeling ever I am still shaking.

Karen got up and walked down the hall and mom said you too Karen? Karen was the most innocent of us all with the greatest body. 10 minutes later we hear a scream and moan from down the hall. Sara looked at mom who looked flustered and said are you ok Mom? She said I think I need a drink of water. I got her a glass and from what I could tell she was shaking a bit. I don't think cause she was upset but she was horny and nervous all at the same time. Karen was done and sat on the couch sweat still rolling down her face. Karen said Sara what a great investment. Sara said mom you want to go for a ride? Shes like no way! Are you sure Mom? I got up and walked down the hall jumped on the machine and left the door cracked a bit so she could hear me I was really letting myself go. I had my eyes closed real tight and was cumming so hard I looked over towards the door and all my sisters and my mom were looking at me in the doorway. I looked into my moms eyes with pure pleasure I squirmed and squealed my way to a shaking orgasm. I was saying Oh fuck Yes I'm cumming. Oh my God I'm cumming. I jumped off the machine fell on the bed clutching my swollen clit. I said that was awesome.

My mom said I can't believe what I just saw. That looked amazing but I could never do this in front of you girls. We all said why not? She's like I am your mother? Sara said listen Mom I want to show you something. She explained the machine in great detail including how it has different attachments Sara said if I show you it's ok will you at least try it? Sara pulled out the double attachment. I said Sara I think that is too much for her to see right now. She said I don't think so remember what I told you earlier I shared a wall. My mom had no clue what she meant. Mom said what is this for? Pointing to the attachment. It a double penetrator. Sara started to get undressed and got lube and put it on the attachments. She told my mom to sit on the bed. Sara climbed on and put the pussy piece in and than slid down on the ass part. My moms eyes got wide and said I don't believe this! Sara said mom if you only knew and turned the machine on working her way to full speed. Sara began talking really dirty saying to us you like to watch me cum and as I looked over I could see my other sisters getting undressed again. My mom was still glued on Sara as Sara was humping the ass piece saying yea fuck that tight ass! Sara started to slap her ass like the last time I saw her on it saying Im a dirty little girl and started to cum and shake as tears rolled down her face. She jumped off and held her pussy on the floor still shaking.

My mom was looking at Sara and said I didn't know you like to put things in your butt. Sara said yes and I know you do too! What do you mean? I heard you tell Dad to fuck your ass all the time. Me, Karen, and Kelly looked at mom and were in shock. Mom admitted she liked sex a lot with Dad and it was a regular practice in the bedroom. Sara said get undressed now Mom in a demanding voice. Mom was reluctant but started undressing and for an older woman she looked good. She was well groomed her hair was trimmed nice and short. Sara started to clean off the old attachment and began putting it away. Mom said what are you doing? Sara said I thought you would want to use the other attachment the other girls used. Mom looked really horny now and said put that piece back on the machine! I looked at my sisters in shock. The attachment I used as well as my other sisters was much smaller for a double dildo attachment.

Sara used the one for advanced users. Sara got some lube and put it on the attachment and my mom took some lube and put it on her hand and reached back and slid her two fingers slowly in her ass as she let out a low moan. She squated down reverse cowgirl and slid the ass piece in first very slow as she moaned Oh My God! She slid the pussy piece in and already looked in heaven. Sara had the hugest grin on her face because she knew mom was in for the best ride of her life. Sara turned it on the lowest speed and I could tell mom was enjoying herself she was starting to twitch a little and was letting out some moans. Sara increased the speed. I looked at moms face and you can tell she was almost there and than it happened. Her eyes started to flutter and her muscles started contracting and she let out a scream like I never heard from her mouth. She started to scream Fuck Me! Fuck Me! I'm cumming I'm cumming Oh shit! Oh fuck! Sara increased the power. I was watching my own mom bounce reverse cowgirl with two seven inch dildos in each of her holes. She then got on her knees how we like to ride it. She was grinding into this machine screaming.

I looked over at Sara and Sara turned it up sending mom to a shuttering orgasm. She jumped off and fell on the bed clutching her pussy saying Oh my God! I never came so hard in my life. I was already masturbating again and so was Karen and Sara. Kelly was trying but couldn't so she said I need to go again. Sara said what piece do you want and she said the smaller double piece and she sat on it facing all of us. There is something different watching someone get off with their hand instead of a vibrator. You can tell how horny a girl is by how they use their hands rather than a vibrator. As Kelly was riding and cumming we were all using our hands to maturbate. Sara was so quick on her clit more than any of the other sisters. She was squatting behind my sister Kelly as she was riding, controlling the speed with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other talking dirty. My mom was rubbing her swollen clit in and up and down motion not in circles like we did. I noticed her lick her fingers once or twice for some natural lube. Kelly looked right at my mother and said rub that pussy harder! Mom picked up the pace and Kelly began to cum and scream on the machine. I came right after than Karen came. Kelly rolled off onto the floor. Sara and my mom looked to be in a stare off. Mom said I'm going to come soon Sara said me too and they both let out similar moans and shook violently. Sara was slapping her pussy saying yea I'm cumming as mom just rubbed and rubbed as her legs shaked.

We all caught our breath and started to laugh. Karen said mom did you like it? She said that was the best 30 minutes I have had in a long time. I never came so many times at once. My ass feels so good and my Vagina is so sensitive.

We all got dressed and went to the living room to watch TV. We laughed and talked and mom told us about her first time having sex and the first time she had an orgasm. That day brought us closer together. My Mom said if only your two Aunts had the opportunity to ride this they would be much better. We all laughed and Sara said anytime they want they are welcome to ride it as she laughed. The next day Kelly went to the hospital but she didn't have the baby just some false labor pains. She is now monitored and has to be in the Hospital for the remainder of her pregancy. She has two weeks before she can have the baby but the doctors believe she might need a C-section. I don't know what Kelly is going to do with out a helping hand for the rest of her pregnancy. I guess we will have to think of something.



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