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Me & Laurie

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"Me and laurie"
Well i was 16 and she was 16 too.We where both in love with each other at the time and i remeber the first time she caught me masturbating.Well i told her that i was going to meet her after school at my house and she said cool but she had to do a few things after school that she had to do.I was like cool(at this point we never had sex or talked about masturbation)because i knew that my parents werent going to be home and i was going to get to play with her tits so i was happy.All threw the school day i was just thinking about it all day.
Well the bell rang and i ran to my car got in and went.And when i got home i was so HARD.I took of my pants because each time laurie comes over i always masturbate so i dont get over excited.So i took off my pants and went into my dads room and got the new issue of playboy and went back into my room. I slowly started to feel my rock hard cock(at that time i was like 7inch long)and grabbed my balls and squished them threw my fingers.Ohh that felt good.I then took off the rest off my pants and went at it.
Now what happened next scared the crap out of me.I always lock my fornt door and use it as a warning system.Well that day i must of been honry or something becasue i forgot to lock the door.Well laurie came over and she just walked on in and i didnt hear and she thought i was sleeping or something and she walked into my room and there i was only shirt on, pants and boxers at my legs stroking my cock looking at the playboy.She made a gasp sound and i looked up and pulled my covers over and said in a painting voice your hear ealry.And said in a studdering voice ahh yeah i think and she walked out of my room .Well i picked up my boxers and pants and went after her.I founf her in my den and i sat next to her.I asked her "so do u masturbate"?And she was like"NO THATS DISCUSTING".I said "well dont knock it until u try it".
When i said that i saw her staring at my pants.With out saying a word i pulled down my pants(my dick was aching it was that hard)and i should it to eher.She stared at it for a while and said"can i touch it".I said "sweetie u can do what ever u want with it".She first poked at it for a while and the she grabed on to it and started to storkr it WOW that felt so good.And she started to do it faster and faster.Then i said"im going to cum watch out"and right then and there she put her mouth around it and i cane all over in her mouth and it shot all over her face.She licked it off and said"wow that felt good in my mouth".And i figured hey if she jerked me off the least i can do is finger bangher and eat her out(now i never fingered a girl or ate one out but laurie taught me the way)so i started to kiss her belly and she started to moan.i slowly went down and unbotton her pants and started kiss all over.Now i saw on tv one time so guy eating out his chic with her panites so i figuresd thats the way to so i started to kiss her panties and her panites where these grey cotton kind and i licked all up and down and she moaned but not that good.So i puller her panites to the side and started to lick her clit.And then the moaning got louder.I figured that i must be doing something right or she wouldnt be moaning so i started to lick some more and boy i could taste her jucies so sweet they where.I licked for like a goof 5 min and she final came and when she came she still had her panites on and when i looked down there was a big old wet spot right at her pussy.I got up and sat down and she sat on top of me and i figured wait im not done yet i still have to finger her(i watched alot of porns back then)so i stuck my hands down her pantied and i felt where she came on the back of my hand and i started to finger her.i went up and down all around and when i wasnt watching it i felt her hand over mine and she whispered."i like it when i touch myself hear"and she led both mine and her finger into her pussy to her g spot.AAAHHHH she moaned .I was like ohh yeah u like that ok so i let her finger herself well i played with her tits i slowly massaged them and i would let my fingers do circles all over nipples and she said"matt more please"?So i did it some more and she came again.
We were both lying in my coutch and she got up and said "lets go into your room it feels weird in here".I thought what ever u want sweetie and i walked back into my room and there she was lying with her legs both up and jumped on my bed and dived in and she said "no".I said "whats wrong"?"Nothing dear i just want to save myself for tommorow"."cool cool.But why didnt u tell u masturbated"?She paused and then said"well i thought u might not love me anymore"?I said"even if u didnt i would still love ya but now we something ever more in commom now and we dont have to have sex".She said "thats right but i better be going now".we got up and i went to my closet to get a new pair pf pants because she was sitting on mine and they where all wet so i got a new pair and out the old ones in the hapmer and by then she had hers on.I lied on ly bed still with my second hard on and i laid there and she left my room.She came back and finged her panties across my room and landed right on my face and she laughed and said"hear keeps these so u will always remeber that some girls loves ya".I smelled them and said thanx and started to masturbate again it felt werid with out her i came and laid on my bed and thought i wonder why tommorow is going be like and thats anoher story.
Well me and laurie eventually had sex and r still going out its going to be 3 years this march.We dont have as much sex we pleasure each other more its funnier that way.



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