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Me and Tanya

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Whilst at University I shared a flat with Jeff and Tanya, friends I had known since school. We all got on together like good friends do and were easy in each others company. Tanya was a short blond with pert breasts and fantastic legs and wasn't afraid to lounge around the flat in long t-shirt and panties. It was late one Sunday night having returned from a visit home our friendship developed another stage.

I let myself into the flat quietly so as not wake the others and crept along the hallway to my room. As I passed Tanya's room a noise caught my attention. It was a squelching, sucking type of noise, so I stopped and listened at the door. It wasn't long before I worked out what it was. Tanya was obviously masterbating and I could hear as her fingers rubbed up and down and in and out of her wet pussy. I listened a little longer picturing her naked on her bed as she frigged herself. I was stirring in the groin area myself and could feel my cock thickening in my pants. I must have moved slightly as a floorboard creaked and Tanya stopped instantly. I crept along the hall not wanting to be caught and was halfway through my doorway when Tanya's door opened. She looked round at me dressed in just her t-shirt as I stared back with innocence on my face. 'Greg', she whispered, 'come here'.

Dropping my bags in my room I crept back to her room. She grabbed my arm, pulled me into her room and closed the door behind her. She started unbuckling my belt and pulling my pants down. 'Whoa', I whispered, 'what's going on'. 'Not what you might think', replied Tanya as she now had my cock out and was pumping it into a full erection. 'Get your clothes off and stand next to my bed', she whispered. I obeyed immediately and was naked within seconds, stood there with my hard cock out. She removed her shirt and was now naked, a state in which I'd never seen her before. Her pert breasts and hard nipples were as tanned as the rest of her body, as was her shaved pussy. She lay on her bed, legs open and continued from where she left off earlier. Her fingers were plunging in and out of her pussy whilst her thumb ground itself across her clit. 'Okay, start pumping that cock and cum over my tits', she ordered.

I began stroking my cock as she stared intently at my motions. Her fingers were rubbing up and down her wet slit occasionally putting two fingers inside herself now. Her other hand was pinching her nipples, first one breast then the other. 'Tell me when you're gonna cum', she whispered. 'Not long at this rate' I thought to myself, watching this beauty jilling herself in front of me. I sped up my stroking and stood with my cock directly over her tits. 'You want me to cum over you'? I asked. 'Oh yes' she replied, 'do it soon'. She must have been nearing orgasm and I could feel that sensation in my scrotum as I approched it myself. 'Oh, cum on me now', she said, her fingers a blur as they run up and down her dripping slit. Now with a couple of fingers of one hand in her pussy, she frigged her clit with the other. I'm cumming ' I said as several strings of thick cum flew across onto her tits and chin. I milked my cock for maximum effect as she stared at it. Her body stiffened as her orgasm rode over her, her fingers deep in her pussy. 'Oh yes' she whispered as she quivered on the bed, her head back and eyes shut.

After a minute or so having recovered from our mutual orgasms, Tanya rose from the bed, pecked me on the cheek and said 'Thank you'. I gathered my clothes and retreated to my own room leaving Tanya to clean up in the bathroom. We had several more experiences like that, but we never went the whole way.



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