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Me and My Straight Friend Tony

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How one night turned into many


Ive always enjoyed wanking, I was thirteen when I first came it was one of the most incredible feelings in the world.

I suppose my curiosity of masturbating came about when I had to turn the pages of a porn mag for my friend, who would put his hand down his trackies and jacked off to the pics, telling me when to turn the pages this must have been about the same time I discovered that I could cum.

But take things forward a few years to when I was 23 and my best friend who I'll call Tony was 21. We had got on for several years and I suppose we were and still are very close. One night, after he had split up with his girlfriend he stayed over mine, we had watched a film and now proceeded to bed, it wasn't a sexy film or anything like that, I just felt he needed some company and some time to try and get over his ex.

When he stayed over I always gave him my bed, and I always kipped on the floor, whilst I was laying on the floor he was talking about his ex and how much he misses her and he begun to get a little bit upset, in the previous year I had told him that I thought I was gay as I used to jerk off with my blonde haired neighbour but that's another story.

Tony was perfectly fine with it, and always was cool with me saying cor he's fit etc. Tony is a great looking guy really fit looking about 5'10 with short brown hair and the deepest blue eyes six pack rippling stomach and really erect nipples and great abs, basically the fittest guy you could hope.

So as Tony was talking and getting more and more upset I decided to go and give him a hug, to comfort him, so I went under the covers whilst kneeling by the bed and put my arms around him he gripped me tight as I felt my cock starting to stir. I tried to put this out of my mind as my friend is my friend and I didn't want to start having feelings for him in a emotional kinda way.

I am about six foot I suppose with blue green eyes and short light brown hair med build and a seven inch cut cock, so anyway this was stirring and I was feeling a tingling in my cock. As I finished giving Tony a hug I released my grip on him and started to bring my arm back to my side, as I did this my hand brushed over his rock hard cock sticking straight up in his boxer shorts, this turned me on so much and he just layed there with a glazed look on his face.

So without saying anything, I took hold of his perfect cut cock in my hand which I freed from the slit in his boxers and begun to massage it whilst my other hand felt his tightly packed balls. I've been with a couple of guys by then and he had the best body, the best cock the best smell of him I have ever seen and smelt. In other words he was the wank of the decade! He slowly began to massage his hands up and down my back as I begun to lick my finger and circle of the tip of his rock solid cock, it was so hard and stood proud heading towards his belly button which has a little 'snail trail' that lead to his thick dark bush of pubic hair, I was using every trick in the book with my hands and licking my whole hands and rubbing them over his shaft, he looked like he was enjoying it.

I got up and got right into bed with him, I still had my boxers on and t shirt, my hard cock was oozing precum by this stage and I so wanted to jerk off it was untrue. Tony then laid on top of me whilst looking into my eyes and kissing me, like no one else has ever done. His mouth was so warm and tasty and we delved our toungues into each others throats and we embraced each other. I then rolled him onto his back where I revealed to him my huge cock in front of him, he reached out and started to jerk me off, like an expert.

He's such a stud, totally straight and always a hit with the ladies, and was now wanking me off and laying in front of me naked. As he was speeding up and slowing down I was rubbing his balls whilst wanking him off, I felt as though I was going to explode, he knew when my cock slightly pulsated to stop for a few seconds then continued, he knew somehow just how to squeeze the head of my cock to make me go wild, he then told me to wank him hard which I did rubbing my other finger around his arse hole he said he was gonna cum, and at that moment I wanked him really hard and slid my finger up his arse.

He shot his hot load with immense force, his first shot hit the wall behind and then he came on his face and the other spurts landed on his chest. He carried on wanking me till I shot all over his tummy. It was one of the greatest nights of my life, and still to this day about three years later we still regularly enjoy sharing our masturbation pleasures. We've tried many other things which don't technically involve masturbation, I'm sure you can imagine! He's so horny and I suppose because I can never have him is what makes our sessions to this day still very hot. Thanks for reading, and Tony you're the greatest! X



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