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Me and My Sisters

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This happened a week before Thanksgiving


I have three sisters we are all two years apart the oldest is Sara at 30 I am 28, Karen is 26, and Kelly is 24. We all have blonde hair and blue eyes. It was the week before Thanksgiving this year and My husband Jim and Sara and Karen's husbands were away hunting while Kelly's husband is serving in Iraq for the last year. We decided since the Husbands were not around we would spend our time at our older sister Sara's house for the week and hang out. None of us had any chidren yet but our youngest sister Kelly was seven months pregnant so the timing seemed like a great time to bond a little and plan for the new baby and go over how she planned on setting up the Nursery. The first night we were all coming from different areas and we actually got in rather late due to traffic and the rain storm. When we all arrived we sat and chatted for an hour and decided we would all go to bed. My sister husband has a great job so they have a lot of bedrooms in the house so it was great we had our own rooms to sleep in.

During the middle of the night I had to get up to use the bathroom and I heard a low humming sound coming from my older sisters room and I heard some whimpering noises and a few oh yes's I figured she was having some alone time which is always good especially with the husbands away. I went to the bathroom and when I came out the humming noise was loud and I could actually feel the vibration in my feet so I decided to peak through the key hole. When I did this I could see my sister sitting on some kind of device and she looked to be cumming really hard. She was holding her hands over her mouth to not make any noise. I heard her get up so I tip toed away and went back to bed. I was sitting in bed looking at the ceiling tossing and turning and finally got back to sleep.

We awoke the next morning and we sat down for coffee in the morning and my older sister seemed very relaxed and look well rested. I said did you sleep well she said you have no idea I slept like a log. My other two sisters said I don't sleep well unless I am in bed and my younger sister said it's hard to sleep when you are pregnant you can never be comfortable enough. The girls said let's go shopping for some food. I said I think I am going to hang out here I have a stomach ache and I didn't sleep at all. They got showered and dressed and said they would be back in an hour or so. I felt fine but I was so horny and wanted to hop on that machine. No sooner did they leave I began to look around and found it under the bed. I pulled it out plugged it into the wall and turned it up. It has a speed controller on it and it appears you can add attachments for different vibrations. This had a flat rubber piece you just sit on. When I touched down on it it sent a wave of pleasure through my body like I never felt I was shaking all over and I couldn't help from screaming out loud. I was sweating and cumming and shaking multiple times over. I got up cleaned it off since the juices were running down my legs. I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and I looked so relaxed but red faced I jumped in the shower and went to bed and made pretend like I was asleep. After 10 minutes they returned. I came out yawning and said I just took a power nap and feel better that coffee doesn't sit well sometimes in my stomach.

We prepared some chicken cutlets for dinner and started to talk about baby names all stuff girls like to talk about our husbands and how good and bad they are at certain things in bed. Kelly said its been a while since she has had sex. It was the night she got pregnant. She was dying to have sex but her hubby was away. She said she can never get enough of herself. Karen said what do you mean shes like I have to masturbate like twice a day and that doesn't do the trick. My best friend is my Magic Wand Karen laughed she said she rarely masturbated cause her hubby is always giving it to her good but doesn't have intense orgasms like she use to. I said I do once in a while and Sara just smiled and said I know how to handle myself. I said I know you do! She said what do you mean by that? My other sister were like do tell do tell! I heard her vibrator and her whimpering sounds as I was going to the bathroom. She blushed and said I always have a nightcap before bed it makes me sleep well. I said you should sleep well with what you are using. She said how do you know what I am using I said I saw you through the keyhole. She called me a snooping little bitch and blushed. My other sisters are like what do you have and she said my husband bought it for me last year and I love it. I orgasm so hard. I said I know I saw it.

Kelly said lets see this thing what is it called she like The Sybian. Kelly said I think I saw this on the internet this thing is like $1500.00. She pulled it out from under the bed and my Kelly was like yup thats it. She said how often do you use it and Sara said usually at night before bed or whenever she has some time. Kelly said do you mind if I give it a try and we all looked at her and said what! she was like I dont have my vibrator and its hard for me to get off with my hand and I am going to be here all week I cant take it. Sara said you just want it to vibrate right and she like yea. She showed her the controllers. Do you want us to leave? She like no I will need help getting on and off being in this condition. She undressed and for someone who was pregnant looked kinda cute. She sat on it and Sara said I will control the speed for you. She started off real slow the same speed Sara was on last night. Kelly began to moan a little but said to turn it up.

Sara tunred it up half way and this sent Kelly into a bucking mode. We all were looking on with amazement I was getting wet and I looked over at Karen and it looked like she was in amazement of what Kelly was doing. Kelly let out a moan and started to shake more than I did and Sara put together she was sweating and screamed so loud we started to laugh. Karen looked horny cause she was rubbing her breasts through her shirt and Sara looked like she was having fun getting her little sister off. I was getting so turned on I started to get undressed. Karen said what are you doing? I'm next! Your next hell no I'm next! Sara said this is my house I'm next and she jacked the machine up to 100% which sent Kelly screaming, and moaning shes like turn it off turn it off! Sara lowered it and jacked it up to tease her and she started to moan again and she came really really hard.

She shut it off but Kelly was still shaking we helped her up on the bed where she was holding her pussy. She's like look at my clit its swollen holy shit! She was out of breath. Sara that was awesome I needed that. Karen begged to go next you can tell how wet she was. She is very slim with a great body better than anyone else. We all were now undressed as Karen lowered herself on the machine and Sara worked her with the controls. She was in heaven her eyes were fluttering and her stomach muscles were contracting she kept saying Oh fuck! oh fuck! I'm cumming I'm cumming! Sara increased the speed and her moans were vibrating out of her mouth she scream and shook and the wetness was dripping out of her. She jumped off grabbing her pussy saying I am getting one I don't care how much it cost and then flopped down on the bed next to Kelly.

Sara said Amy you feeling a little adventurous would you dare try a different attachment. I said yes since I used this while you guys went out before I will try something else. They all looked you used it already Sara said! Yea sorry I had to cum I was horny. Sara said close your eyes and reach in the bag whatever attachment you pull out you have to use no if, ands, or buts. Do you agree? I said yes. Little did I know what was in the bag. I shut my eyes and pulled out the double attachment. I said what is this for? Sara said for both your Ass and Pussy. I was like no way and they all said you said you would do it. Not only would I being getting off in front of my sisters but I had to put it in my ass too. I had anal sex before once in college and a few times with my husband but I never really enjoyed it. Sara went to the dresser and got some lube and put it on the attachment pieces I sat on the pussy part and worked the ass part in slowly. It hurt a little until I relaxed. I said can I control the speed its my ass? No way Sara said I am the control freak sit back and take what I give you!

She turned it on a little it felt weird at first but my clit was still vibrating on the other piece and the other pussy part was hitting my g-spot. Not only does it vibrate but it can rotate. I started feeling my orgasm approaching and Sara read my signs and jacked up the speed and I started cumming harder than I haver ever came in my life. I was shaking and tears of joy were running down my face. I was in bliss for four minutes cumming multiple times and screaming and saying Oh fuck! I looked over and my sister Kelly was rubbing her swollen clit on the bed and so was Karen. They were horny again just watching me. I could tell Sara needed to cum wacthing her little sisters come all night. I finally said stop and jumped up and fell on the bed. My ass was pulsating my clit was swollen and I was still shaking.

Sara without hesitation couldnt take it anymore reached in the bag and pulled out a bigger double attachment the ass piece was at least seven inches long and fat and the pussy piece was the same. We were amazed at how easy she slid on it. She said my husband fucks my ass all the time I can't get enough of it. She was no beginner when it came to this machine. She turned it up all the way and was literally fucking this machine. She began talking extremely dirty saying to us do you like to see your big sister take it up the ass? Look at my asshole take this cock! All three of us on the bed began rubbing our sensitive clits I came so fast again and Karen and Kelly followed me but they were putting three fingers inside themselves making squishy sounds and they came really hard right after me. Sara must have rode this machine for 10 minutes and must have cum like 10 times back to back. She kept letting the anal piece slide out and back in her asshole. She started to smack her ass and finally she screamed and jumped off.

That was the best week I ever had in my life I must have cum like 50 times riding that machine. Karen and Kelly eventually tried the anal piece for the first time seeing their faces as they first took it in the butt was pricesless but none of us knew what a little slut our older sister turned out to be. She came harder and longer than the three of us probably because she had the thing for a long time.

I cannot wait for hunting season next spring so we can take turns getting off again. Maybe we will invite mom over next time since our dad is no longer alive. I bet she could use a great orgasm to put a smile on her 55 year old face.

I will write a follow up in the spring if it happens.




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