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Me and My Friend

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I am straight, but still this is one of my greatest experiences.


Back when I was 13 years old I lived in New York. While I was living there I had a friend named Michael. He was the same age as me with brown hair, about the same height as me which was 5'6', and a skinny body. I was pretty much the same except that I had black hair. This story takes place in my room one night when Michael and I were spending the night together.

It was late at night and we were in my room with a small lamp, and playing video games. We got tired of playing so we turned the game off and just decided to talk. It was hot in my room because the lamp, xbox, and tv had been on for about six hours and they give off heat. We were each in a pair of comfortable pj bottoms and no shirt. We were both skinny so it really didn't matter. Michael had some armpit hair, but I did not at the time.

We began to talk about some of the girls at our school, which ones were hot, and which ones he would like to date, etc. We continued to talk and then I noticed a bulge in his pj bottoms. I did not say anything at first and I don't think he noticed that I saw it because he did not try to hide it. We continued to talk and then I glanced down again and saw his erection. Then I asked him what he was getting so excited about. He looked at me with confusion at first and then I pointed down to his erection and he quickly covered it up.

I asked him if he had ever masturbated before. He said yeah, but kind of shy and with a nervous tone. I told him that I did to. Then we got into a whole conversation about how old we were when we started, how we learned, how often we do it, and so forth. Then I was a bit hesitant but I asked him if he wanted to masturbate with me. He said yes, but then I really did not know what to do because I had never done this with another boy. With anyone actually.

I told him we should get naked, so he did and I followed. Michael had a shorter penis by a little bit but he did have more hair. He had more pubic hair than I expected. He was sitting on the bed and I said that I would jack him off first, and then he would do me. He agreed and let me put my hand on his penis and start moving it up and down. I continued to do this for a while and he started breathing harder and letting out a soft moan every once in a while. After about ten minutes of me masturbating him, he finally shot out warm sperm. It wasn't as much as I could shoot but it was thicker. Then he looked at me and said 'okay, your turn.' So we swapped places and I got into position.

He placed his cold hand onto my penis and started moving it up and down. By this time I was horny beyond measure and very excited. Quickly I was starting to feel that good feeling. I started to breathe harder, my chest rose higher, and I was about there. I came much quicker than Michael. I came within three minutes of when he started. All of a sudden I shot out a lot more sperm than I usually make and it went all over Michael's hand and my body. Michael was very surprised.

After that, we were both tired and we put on our bottoms and went to bed. It was dark in the room, but I could still see that Michael was jacking off again. All of a sudden I was horny again, but I had to hold it. So I fell asleep.

We had about three more of these experiences over the next three months, but then we had to move all the way to South Carolina in the horrible American Heat. I am now 19 and I have not talked to Michael since, but I would love to repeat the experience.



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